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AwesomeGotchi's Awesome Log!

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Blake turned 5 today, which, from memory, is unusually old for a teenager. Anyway, before school we played with some items such as the Cuckoo Clock which we got from the secret shop codes. Another cool note is that on the hour, the cuckoo makes a small beep for the amount of hours (eg. 1:00 = 1 beep).


IMAG0285.jpg IMAG0286.jpg


Then, while I was at school, Blake evolved! A Tsunotchi, which I was really happy about. Even though he is a bad care character (which kind of shocked me, as I took pretty good care of him) I still love him and remember him being one of the first Tamagotchi adults I ever had. Immediately I brought out all the items I had purchased at his earlier stages. Firstly, we played with the royal costume...




...and some darts


aa.jpg cc.jpg


...and the TV.





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Its been awhile.


Last time I was updating this log, I had a lot of free time and ability to care for my tamagotchi's. Now however, I'm probably the busiest I've been in my whole life. So re-starting this log has got to be one of the stupidest ideas yet.


I have been lazily looking around both Tamatalk and TamaZone recently, and have thought about starting up a 'gotchi again. The old feeling that comes and goes, but never completely disappears. I understand that if I do start this log up again, that I would have to take one day at a time, and balance out all of the things I have to do at the moment. Its going to be difficult. I have a huge test coming up a week from today, which I am in no way ready for. However, Tamagotchi may provide a sort of companion and stress reliever. Which is what tamagotchi's have always provided for me.


When I do completely restart the log, updates would contain events of each day but not all at once. For example, one post might have 3 days worth of updates on my tamagotchi's growth. I hope that schedule will suit best for my agenda anyway.


So today, I pulled out all of the Tamagotchi's I currently have in my possession.



Yep, right now I only have these three, a devilgotchi, an EnTama, and a 4U. All of which happen to be Japanese releases. All my other tamagotchi's are in another country and I won't be getting them until next year. :P

This Devilgotchi I was most leaning towards running, but am not too sure how keen I am on the simplicity of it. However, I haven't given It a proper run yet and am slightly curious.


The other Tama I am leaning towards running is the Entama. I've run it a few times and loved it. Animations as well were fantastic. That version also feature the robot butler, which would allow me to have my tamagotchi cared for whilst at school etc. Lastly I probably wont be running my 4U. I've gotten nearly all the characters on it and have been looking forward to running an original black 'n white release for a change.


If anyone has any suggestions on what to run, you are most welcome to comment. Otherwise, I'll be back in a day or so with an update on what the log will be featuring in the future. Thanks for reading.




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Hi. I might be a biased vintage lover but I'd really love to see you run the devil! They are too expensive for me to get one so it would be cool to see. Good luck with balancing Tamagotchi and life! It's not too hard :)

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Thanks Psychotama, I decided to start up the devilgotchi. I myself know little about it so I guess it'll be a first for both of us. :D




Today I took my devilgotchi out of its packaging and pulled the tab. The shell itself is in mint condition and still has slight glare. There are no visible scratches either. I found the colours to be perfect also, the white and purple go so well together. When I was opening the packaging also, a pamphlet popped out which turned out to be the instruction manual. It is written in somewhat basic Japanese which I can understand most of.




After pulling the tab, I was greeted by a black devil which I assume is the 'egg' stage? Anyway, this thing hung around for about 1 minute, pretty much confirming my suspicions. I wonder if this is similar to the angel version, where you have an angel bobbing around instead of an egg?




After this, he turned into a Deviltchi. I looked up some growth charts, and it seems that nobody has a complete understanding of the growth process. However, i'll be aiming for Futago-Debiru. Which basically looks like a combination of the V3 babies, with devil wings.




I like the fact that the growth process is still not completely understood. It gives a little randomness to the evolutions and makes it a little more 'real'. I quickly scrolled through the menus and fed him up. I also fed him some chocolate to cure his unhappiness. Shortly afterwards, my new companion fell asleep. It probably wasn't best to start him up at 9 in the evening anyways... :P




So, I'm off to read some logs on the Devilgotchi and to see what else I can learn about this little guy. I'll see you in the next update, thanks for reading.

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Those are a great three to have with you! Excited to follow your log as it goes on :)

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Thanks Pauly! It worked out well didn't it? One vintage, one normal, and one modern release.




I got the chance to read up a little more on the Devilgotchi. I researched both group hatches and logs, mainly finding out about the very long life span. I believe it was multiple days between each stage and nearly a week before getting a special character. So, I'll have plenty of time to get used to this little guy then.


One of the first events I had with Deviltchi today was his attention call. The screen flashes black, whilst the attention light turns on. I also want to note how loud the sound is, making it almost impossible to miss a call.


IMG_20161130_133604.jpg IMG_20161130_133604_1.jpg


Later that day, I saw a poo on the screen. The cycle must be different from more modern releases because he only went twice from memory.


IMG_20161130_133520.jpg IMG_20161130_133535.jpg


By the end of the day, I managed to get his DP meter (kind of like a fluctuating training bar) down to 50. This was also achieved by choosing the 'handshake' icon when he calls. This happens every few hours.







Today was the first day of December, and my devilgotchi spent the morning at home with a wound back clock whilst I was at school. He seems to be aging normally so I hope tampering with the clock doesn't stunt his growth.




I spent the afternoon answering his calls.This allowed me to bring his DP all the way down to 15, which I was quite proud of.




Something I learnt the hard way on the first night however, is that every so often whilst sleeping, the tamagotchi beeps to life and bats fly across the screen. I had never heard of anything like this before with a tamagotchi so it amazed and annoyed me at the same time. He is now sleeping with his sound off. :D


Thanks for reading, 'till next time.

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Got a little caught up with school and tests, I'll fill in as much as I can.




Today my little devil turned three days old, and is still at the child age. You really get used to seeing the same character bobbing around the screen. Unfortunately, I made the worst mistake ever in forgetting to set its clock back whilst at school. However, it also happened to be a half-day, so I came home at lunchtime to feed and play with him. This didn't stop his DP (which I always try to keep as low as possible) from creeping up to 60.




I filled his hunger and happy hearts before playing a game or two with him. This bought his DP down to around 40, thanks to the discipline option as well. Over the course of the day, I managed to drop it all the way to 15.




This was a record low for me too, I hope I can still raise the secret character.





It was Saturday today, allowing me to care for him all day. At around 8-9am, I checked on him to see that he had evolved into a Bakedebirutchi.


IMG_20161203_205702.jpg IMG_20161203_205740.jpg


I was quite pleased to see this character, he really symbolises the Devilgotchi. I immediately tried out all of his animations by eating and playing games. He's an awesome character. I also noticed that he turned 4.




Tomorrow I have a big test but couldn't help playing some more games with him and bringing his DP down even further. I noticed that every 5th perfect game or so, he refuses to play, resulting in a time-out. By abusing this feature, I managed to drop the meter to 5, before maxing it out at 0.


IMG_20161205_104657.jpg IMG_20161205_111235.jpg


I was pretty happy with that, however it didn't take long for it to creep back up. Oh well.


Thanks for reading, I know I'm still a few days behind. I'll try catching up tomorrow. ;)



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Dropping the DP quickly tip: feed tons of chocolate; it'll occasionally refuse it


Love this log! Pleasure to read :D

Edited by Pauly
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Hi, just dropping in after a short 4-year hiatus. 0.o

Last time I logged here, I was an exchange student in Japan. Now I'm back and just about to graduate from University. I haven't had a lot of time for tamagotchi, and I don't usually like showing them off to anyone (my dirty little secret :P). About a week back, I decided to start up my favourite V3 and see how long I lasted with it. I wasn't sure what to expect, but it's still running so I thought I'd start logging some progress. For the next month, I'll be doing summer school but this shouldn't be as stressful as my regular studies over the past few years. I recently purchased the iPhone 12, so I'll be taking all my photos with that! If only having a nice camera meant you took nice photos.


Today, my V3: Jal, evolved into a Masktchi after a week of sub-par care. I was a little disappointed - but it'll push me to take better care for the next generation. 

spacer.png spacer.png  

I earned quite a few points from playing bump - which is one of the simplest games on the surface, but really has a lot going on. It takes into consideration your tamagotchi's current weight level, and the timing on the button press. I remember mashing the button as a kid, and just hoping for the best. :rolleyes: On top of that - you actually get more points based on how low your characters weight class is (so many cool mechanics). 

 spacer.png spacer.png

We purchased a bow with all the money we earnt! Jal then gave me a hand with my summer school work - which I really need to get into after writing this. Still getting the hang of Imgur - hope to improve on the photo resizing. I'm losing so much quality through it. :( 






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Hi ya'll, just a quick-ish update for the past two days.


Today I took Jal to work with me. Nothing notable happened really, just the usual care. Expecting a matchmaker arrival either tomorrow or the day after.



Slightly more eventful day today, as I was home. We kicked off the day with a glass of juice, which may be from a pervious generation? I didn't remember buying it. 

spacer.png spacer.png

I then broke out my old notebook with all my growth charts and codes that I made when I was younger. I decided to enter in some of the shop codes. I was a little disappointed they didn't continue this feature in future versions, it feels almost like an easter egg! 

spacer.png spacer.png spacer.png

In particular, we played with the 'RC CAR 2', which makes some funny sounds. Jal was not impressed when it tipped over. Maybe he shouldn't be driving it so fast then.

spacer.png spacer.png spacer.png


...and then, just as I was writing this, we were visited (or rudely approached by) the thanksgiving turkey! Jal was chased all over the screen as I watched on and took photos. :D

spacer.png spacer.png



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Hey guys! :babytchi:


Not a super eventful day today, Jal joined me at work again. After that, I went on a short road trip for the weekend and took him with me. Other than the fact he turned 6, there wasn't anything super notable that happened. 

spacer.png spacer.png

I found a cool toy robot in the store, and let Jal play with it on the way (don't worry - I wasn't driving while taking these). Maybe this will come in handy for Jal's offspring...


Today Jal turned 7...which means...

spacer.png spacer.png

Matchmaker visit! I usually miss these photo opportunities, so I may have had a little tinkering around with time travel...

spacer.png spacer.png

The matchmaker bought along Androtchi who Jal promptly agreed to marry. 

spacer.png spacer.png

...and after all the ceremonies, we were left with a baby boy! This is perfect as I just bought the action figure/toy robot (which I believe is the toy that male tamagotchi's prefer). Tomorrow should be Jal's last day with the baby before I can start the next generation. Now to start thinking of more boy names!

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Short update today - as I'm heading back home. :puroperatchi:


Today, the small new family and I worked on getting Jal's weight down. I played a ton of bump and worked it down below 50lbs eventually. 

spacer.png spacer.png

I did all this while working through my summer school stuff, not long to go now. I tried 'Sprint' after getting his weight down low, but I still didn't have much luck winning, any ideas?



Because I probably won't have much more time today to post an update - here is the next generation. I assume he'll awaken at Jal's normal wake time (10:00am). Stay tuned!


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23/11/20 - Cont.

Today marks the start of the second generation! I was left a baby Kuroteletchi. I decided to name him Mouse. :marumimitchi:

spacer.png spacer.png spacer.png

After the usual hour of care, Mouse expectedly evolved into a Mizutamatchi as Jal was a bad care character. We played bump to exploit the points he could earn at his low weight class. My best game got us all the way to the 8th round! Unfortunately, we came just short of the overall victory.  

spacer.png spacer.png spacer.png

That being said, coming in 2nd place overall still gave us a handsome sum:




Today was bittersweet. We started the day off normally, I caught Mouse rolling around on the floor.


Despite taking near perfect care of him (or what I thought was perfect care?) he evolved later on in the day to a Hashitamatchi. I adore this character, but according to my growth chart, he's 'horrible care'. Going back over my care in the past 24 hours, his hearts never got below 3, and his poo never stacked multiples. I did take an extra hour or so to turn off his light - but I didn't think that would affect care that drastically? There must be more to care than I remember...

Anyway, here's Mouse! I caught him taking a bath this evening. 

spacer.png spacer.png

Time to look at some new growth charts perhaps! :kuribotchi:

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      Hello everyone and welcome to my log! 
      I would like to start this log by saying happy new year to all of you and wish you all the best in 2021. I'm sure last year was rough and we all struggled during the unexpected pandemic so please stay strong and safe because clearly the fight is not over, and I hope that this year is going to be the end of it and a beginning for all good things.  
      As you can see from the title that I'm going to log here about my Magical Witch and the Devilgotchi which I am so excited about and for some reason worried at the same time! I will be logging while I'm exploring these two fascinating toys and yes it took me SO long playing with them for what is going on in world, but the time has finally come and I hope you guys will enjoy this post. 
      So today is the day that I finally decided to put some batteries into my new evil babies and the excitement I felt when I turned them on! 
      Starting with the Devilgotchi:
      when I removed the tab I immediately saw to what appears to be  like a smoke that lasted for a few seconds until the bat showed up as you can see below:

      the bat just kept flying and flashing for about 2-3 minutes and then it evolved to Deviltchi:

      a new Devil is born, without really realizing the consequences of raising a devil has just begun! 😈
      I took sometime figuring out the menu and of course fed him and tried to fill his both Hunger and Happy meter. Right after that I played the 'Catch' game, all you have to do is throw a star for your devil to catch it. You need to collect 4 stars in each round to win. As far as I know the game doesn't end unless you press C or lose but I'm not sure about that. 
      I actually spent good amount of time playing the game until... he.. slept during one of the rounds and made a very evil sound, not gonna lie I was caught off guard when I saw him sleeping and then suddenly he started smiling while the screen was inverting. Took me a while when I realized that this is him being mischievous and he wouldn't let me continue playing! By that time he stopped doing it so when I went and checked his Devil Power or DP is increased to 50, that means 10 more points were added because I didn't take any action quicker! 
      After that happened I thought I need to keep an eye on this little devil because I'm not allowing this to happen again, so I did that and made sure that every time he misbehaved and tried to be mischievous I will discipline him which is exactly what happened  
      This is him being naughty and not allowing me checking his health status after he beeped: 

      that was the only time I was able to take a pic of how often and quickly he will pull pranks on me which makes me laugh every time I see him sabotaging the games, not allowing me to check his status or even rejecting the food when he calls for it!  
      That helped me reduce his Devil Power a lot a long with 'Shaking Hands' with him. Randomly he will beep while looking at me and giving me a lovely little evil smirk which basically means that he is being friendly and wants peace:

      Ultimately, all I want to trigger is a 'Good End' and a good looking character when he reaches his final stage, all that can be done if I manage to discipline him and make sure the friendship level between us is good. Only time could tell we should just wait and see...
      The Magical Witch:
      After inserting the batteries oh my I couldn't believe I'm actually starting my very first Magical Witch that happens to be the air witch, also called Baluluna. After setting the time I waited for about 5 minutes to finally have my witch arrive! Also I would like to say that the animation is beautiful when there is a moon on the side of the screen that keeps rotating until your witch arrive, thought that was a perfect intro that suits the theme of the toy  

      She was hungry and wasn't feeling well (as she should be I mean who take 5 minutes to show up) I fed her some seeds and snacks to fill her meters up.
      After settling her down, I went and searched about mixing the ingredients to create potions because that's what Magical Witches are about, using magic to either curse or cure another witch. I tried the first time mixing the very first potion that you can make and things did not turn out well...

      the first attempt as you can see above didn't end well, while using the mixing bowl my witch looked funny when suddenly the potion exploded at her haha! She looked a bit sick and it took me a lot of time to actually figure out how to cure her from the explosion and turned out one of the seeds she has in store can actually cure her but needed to be used multiple times. I decided to give her a break for few minutes and go for another try one more time. This time she did well by mixing the ingredients well and we got what we wanted for our very first mix which is mushrooms:

      Each time you successfully mix the ingredients you will get three pieces from the same mix. I gave my witch another break and made sure she is fed and healthy before going for the second potion she has to make. 
      The second mix went very well and it took only one attempt:

      As can be seen, the second item she obtained is a broom, which will help us obtain the third item/food that we will try to mix tomorrow.  
      Paying attecntion to her MP or Magical Power could give us a really good results with the witch behavior and how well she could produce different mixtures, if there's another witch involved that will help it increase even faster but we should be alright with just one.
      The End:
      That was all it for today, I personally am enjoying them both equally and I believe the more is yet to come. Although my Devil keeps beeping while it's asleep as I'm writing this it beeped more than 5 times (now it's 3am where I live) I've always loved the fact that you need to take care of a Devil and that didn't disappoint especially that I have terrible history with vintage tamagotchis but this one is different I can tell.  The Magical witches don't necessarily function as a Tamagotchi but they do look alike. For example the icons are similar, the buttons and how they respond is the same and I think the overall it's simpler gameplay wise. Definitely excited to see what we can do tomorrow so stay tuned.  
      this is the end of today's log, hope you guys enjoyed it please feel free to comment about anything.