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Moriritchi - ears up or down?


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  1. 1. Do you like Moriritchi's hair / ears up or down?

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    • Down

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Since I have a Random Sudden Obsession with Moriritchi, here's a poll. Do you prefer Moriritchi with her ears tied up in a beehive hairstyle or down?

Up: 82px-Moriritchi.PNG


Down: Moriritchi_hair.PNG


I like both but for some reason I prefer her hair tied up...she looks cuter with that crazy hairstyle :P Plus she doesn't look like a dog that way B) I don't like dogs much oops.


What do you think? :3

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Both I wish it was down more in the anime and I wish they had an up sprite in the toy I hope the 4u wil have a sprite where her hair is up but when you wear an accesory her hair will be down so the accesory looks good.

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Up. I don't know why but there's something that makes her looks waaay more adorable with her ears tied up like that.

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Up. She looks like a poodle with them down. And they look like they'll get in the way when they're down.

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I usually call her whipped cream cone (with ears up)

I like the whipped cream head more.

Oh...I think Moriritchi is another cute Fluffy Bunny

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I really love both ovo

I adore how she looks like a dog with her ears down hehe ^__^

But her fluffy hairstyle with her ears tied up is still my favorite~

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Ya I wish her iD L sprite had her ears up without having the Hensin Jo transformation. But because her hair is so high, it makes the sprite tiny ono

I wonder what her 4U sprite looks like.

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