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Tama Ancestors: Useful Topics Index / Information

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Based on the suggestion here:
Feel free to contribute! :lol:

General Information
What is a Tamagotchi Ancestor?
Project TamaShell: a compiliation of known shell designs
Instruction manuals

Posts about...
...JIS screws (the screws in vintage Tamagotchi)
Substitute for JIS: a small Phillips, the sort found in eyeglass kits; larger Phillips sizes more noticeably round out more toward the edges and rub against the sharper edges of JIS screws. some have also used small flatheads

these methods also work for internal corrosion: if, for example, a button doesn't work, corrosion may be the issue: open the Tamagotchi and clean the button contacts

Protecting against...
Cleaning up scratches: Displex, or those pads for polishing machinery

removing scratches from screens

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P1 and P2

Distinguishing P1 from P2: the former has a checkered background image, latter has swirled background

Growth chart for all P1 and P2 releases (Tama Zone)

Explanation of the increased care requirements in relation to age

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