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The Choice Story

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Here's how to make this team story!


First a person says what happens, and that makes a list of three choices for the next person.

The next person chooses one of those things, says what happens afterwards, and that makes some more choices for the next person.


Open the spoiler for an example.



Person 1: Kuchipatchi is going for a walk and bumps into a tree. What falls out of the tree?

A. A beehive

B. A piano

C. A baby bird


Person 2:

A beehive.


The bees come out and sting all over Kuchipatchi's body until he runs away and hides inside his house. Where does Kuchipatchi go now?

A. To the bathroom

B. To the hospital

C. To Mametchi's house




I'll start.



Mametchi was feeling lonely because his family wasn't at home. He decided to go and find his friends. He walks outside but little does he know, there's a hole in the backyard! He accidentally steps into the hole and falls through a deep deep tunnel... what does he find at the end of the tunnel?

A. A room with nobody in it

B. A dark and dirty cave

C. Wonderland

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When Mametchi went to Wonderland, what did he see?


A. White Rabbit

B. Queen of Hearts

C. A chipmunk

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After he ends up in Wonderland, what creature does he first come in contact with? A: A cat B: A Rabbit C: A mad tamagotchi in a hat

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After he comes in contact with the mad tamagotchi in a hat, he


A. Has a tea party with it

B. Becomes scared of it and runs away

C. Just stands there, not knowing what to do

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He just stands there


The tamagotchi starts trying to eat Mametchi! What does he do?!


A. Pour chicken noodle soup on it


B. try to climb up the hole


C. run into a small tunnel that is to your right

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Mametchi makes a run for it and dives into a small tunnel. Inside, he discovers millions of Coffretchi clones. What does he do?


A. Try to start a casual conversation.


B. Try to defeat the clones.


C. Breakdance intensely.

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Mametchi defeats the clones, but then suddenly gets kidnapped by a monster! Who saves him?


A: Gotchiman


B: Himespetchi


C: He saves himself

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Himespetchi saves him and then they get married.


How many kids do they have?


A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

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What did they name their kid?


A: Himemitchi


B: Clara


C: Something else

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C. They named her Mamespetchi.


Mamespetchi grew up and got a job. What job did she get?


A. Astronaut

B. Nurse

C. Teacher

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Mamespetchi goes to space. But her rocket gets hit by debris. What does she do?


A. Crash lands on an unknown planet.


B. Floats around in space.


C. Fixes the ship.

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Mamespetchi crash lands on the planet, but suddenly gets tied up because the creatures on that planet though she was going to harm them!


What happens next?


A: She meets the king and is free from being tied up


B: She is thrown into a prison because the king thinks she's a threat to his people


C: The people discover that she's actually a nice person that only wants to explore outer space, but the king refuses to believe that

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B: After much crying and struggling, Mamespetchi still ends up in prison. However, she sees another Tamagotchi from Tamagotchi Planet in the prison too! Whom is it?


A. Gozarutchi :gozarutchi:

B. Violetchi :furawatchi:

C. Androtchi :wacko:

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Later on, they somehow escaped prison! But how did they do it?


A: Unlocking the cell


B: The king decides to let them go


C: They got out through a window

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Androtchi was able to pick the lock with his robotic fingers. But once they step out of the cell, the guard see them! What do they do?


A. Run in the opposite direction and the guard follows them.


B. Knock him out


C. Get him into the cell and lock him in.

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Androtchi accidently walks onto a puddle and-


A. Gets electrocuted

B. Slips over

C. Makes the water into tea and drinks it

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      Hi there! I'm BoredRabbit who has a passion on character design on Twitter and DeviantArt. Now I was introduced to Tamagotchi in the early 2010s by my cousins. I know it's a virtual pet toy, but I did knew there was an anime when I was on the internet watching videos on YouTube. But yes, I'm one of the few who doesn't own a Tamagotchi, but was introduced to the franchise since the early 2010s.
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      Here's my pitch for this LBP x Tamagotchi DLC concpet:
      11 costumes for Sackboy & Friends (DLC Costume Pack) Sackboy: Mametchi, Spacytchi Sackgirl: Memetchi, Lovelitchi, Himespetchi  Oddsock: Pochtchi  Swoop: Hinatchi Small Toggle: Kutchipaitchi, Pipospetchi, Akaspetchi Big Toggle: Gotchi King The DLC Level Kit pitch:
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      Now it's time for the Tamagotchi fathers as Primis Crew:

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      I've wanted to post this and yes I'm joined this site just today. So hopefully I read your replies on your thoughts on these crossovers. I'd been posting positive and wholesome art  just to make people happy as 2020 was getting rough. So stay stay everyone!
    • By SpagheTea
      I was wondering if anyone knows where I could buy a DVD copy of Tamagotchi: The Movie online in Canada. The only place I can find it is on the Australian version of eBay.
    • By Penguin-keeper
      Back in the 1990s, I collected LCD game-watches and character-themed digital watches, and I always dreamed of buying a watch-format Tamagotchi to go with them. Though other competing brands offered watch virtual pets, Bandai did not - they only licensed out the Tamagotchi livery for use on themed versions of standard analogue and digital watches. So, 23 years later, I've decided to make my own;

      Presenting the "Tamawatchi"!
      Though the name "Tamawatchi" was officially used for a line of Tamagotchi-themed non-virtual pet watches in, I believe, the Connection era, back in 1997 I always imagined it as the name that they would use for a watch version of the iconic virtual pet.
      Since this was based on an imagined product from my childhood, I specifically wanted a very 1990s look for this project, so that it would fit in with the watches that I have from that era. So, I purchased the newly-released bright-green Neon Tamagotchi Original Gen 1 and a dark-green fabric watch-strap on Amazon UK, since the two combined gave me exactly the look that I wanted.

      As with my "Tamagotchi Pinny" custom project, I attached brooch-bars to the back of the device using Gorilla Super Glue. Since I've got past experience now, the back of this one looks a lot tidier - not that it matters too much, since it won't be seen when it's in use. I used three brooch-bars so as to evenly distribute the weight of the device when it's attached to its strap (two are on the battery-door, and one is at the top of the device itself), although unlike the Tamagotchi Pinny, the Tamawatchi is a bit too heavy to wear as a pin. Also, unfortunately, for this project, I had to remove the iconic ball-chain, because on a watch it would just get in the way!
      There are better ways of making a Tamagotchi into a watch, but since I handle my things carefully, this quick-and-easy method will hold up just fine for my use-case.

      Here's the Tamawatchi with a 1990s Tamagotchi Fantasy Dome bubble-watch. The Tamawatchi doesn't look especially out-of-place, which I'm happy about.
      If Bandai ever makes an official watch-format Tamagotchi, I'll be right there pre-ordering one at the earliest opportunity, but for now, at least I finally have some semblance of the "Tamawatchi" that I always wanted to own.
    • By GlennMorales
      I couldn't find a solution to this problem so i hope to find it here.
      When i had 4 gen i wanted to view family history but i couldn't i thought that i maybe need higher generation to view it.
      But now im on 7 gen and it's still unavailable...
      I remember that when I played this tamagotchi last year i had another family and i could view family history on 4 gen.
      Help me please!!
    • By CookieNomie
      So I recently got the pacman tamagotchi, didnt realize it was a tamagotchi nano since its been a while since ive ever touched another tamagotchi ever since i was a kid, but i dont mind.

      The only thing thats got me confused is the "death" of my tamagotchi much? the pacman tamagotchi death only explains, death, departure, and running away. When i checked my tamagotchi, it seemed as if it was completely normal, however i wasnt looking much at the screen tbh and just pressed the A button. But after i pressed the A button, it made me reset to the time screen to put in the time again to hatch a new egg? I dont know what happened?
      Doesn't it reset when you press A and the C button? Is there more "deaths" to a tamagotchi that i didnt know of? I did leave it for a few hours, so im guessing my neglect killed it, but what im confused is that it doesnt match up to the deaths mentioned in the wiki.. cause it didnt have a gravestone as far as i saw, didnt have gusts of wind, and the one idling on the screen was my tamagotchi instead of pacman? what happened?
      This has happened twice in a row, but the first time i only saw the time screen, so i mustve clicked a button somehow while i was walking around. 
      I cant find anything on this since it seems the pacman tamagotchi is fairly new..

      If anything happens to my third tamagotchi and i find more new information, ill update this. i just want to know what happened to my tamagotchi..
    • By Noxumbra
      I really love the way my Tama evolved! It inspired me to draw a piece with them and their dog(?), Frost.