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Kuchipatchi VS. Memetchi

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In the midst of the epic battle between Mimitchi and Mametchi, two opponents have risen. Kuchipatchi and Memetchi!

If you like Kuchipatchi, go down by 1. If you like Memetchi, go up by 1. If it reaches 500, Memetchi wins. If it reaches 0, Kuchipatchi wins.

Here's a pic if you don't know what they look like:


Good luck!



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252 ^_^

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      It all started when I found a Japanese DVD rip of episode 104 of Tamagotchi! online. Then, 10 minutes into the video, I found this screenshot right here, and I thought, "This looks very useful for a meme." (NOTE: If any of you guys want to use this for a meme, go ahead.)

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      At one point, I decided to watch an episode of the Tamagotchi anime on YouTube. After a while having done so, I forgot the name and episode number of it.
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