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Aus V4? Tamagotchi pattern

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Hi, I know my tamagotchi is a real one as i bought it years ago with my sister and I know hers is real since i have seen hers online before, but I have never come across mine before. Do any of you have this pattern or have seen it?

(the pink is my sisters, and the green one is mine) bcvv9.jpg

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The tamagotchi on the right of the photo certainly looks like a rare shell design to me.


Perhaps it's not an Australian version, but a design from the Hong Kong releases which made their way (in small numbers) both to the Aus/Pacific region and to the UK? (except that I think the HK versions usually had the small metal bead key ring, not the larger deco bead key chain).. :(

(The tamagotchi on the left of the photo looks like a Japanese Entama design to me).

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