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Gutted Angel?

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So I totally made this account to lurk on people's tamas and to keep an eye out for fakes.


I've been looking to buy an Angel so here's one I found.

It's cute and pink and looks official AND comes with a case, BUT the background is a bunch of flowers. Is this a fake angel, with some other tamagotchi guts in the shell? The seller is in America so it sounds reputable but I'm not willing to throw down $20 for something broken.


(direct link to the pic / pic2)

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Nope. Legit. Real easy to swap background design and place back into cases like that.


I think it's called the Hana-bi.... something like that. It has fireworks on the package.

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    • By AnniChu
      So I went to a white elephant gift exchange, and I actually ended up getting a fake Gigapet (A friend of mine brought it and suggested that I choose her package :p)! It's called a Digapet (they got real creative, I know) but it seems to be just a generic v-pet because the back of the package says it has 160 pets. I opened it up but I haven't tried it out yet because I've heard these things sometimes don't go to sleep, and I don't want to be up all night with it. I read the instructions and they're actually pretty well put together, the English is pretty good and they're pretty well formatted. Although apparently you have to give it laxatives, which is pretty strange, but amusing. XD Has anyone else heard, or owned this fake?
    • By OneSummerDream
      Here’s another oddity, this time found on Mercari. Unfortunately, the listing there already sold, but nevertheless let’s take a looksy. Kids’ smart watches are all over online shops, but this one has a very unique feature packed in.
      (Unfortunately I can't link the listing so credit to Mercari seller "ocean")
      Behold the bootlegness in all its glory!!

      1)Take a look at the living room. It’s practically the same! Not only that, but the panda character is an edit of Kikitchi’s sprite. Admittedly, this doesn’t look half bad. It’s actually kind of cute!
      2)The lock screen is a stolen Bambi drawing! The watch face can be changed between a few different templates.
      3)It also features stolen icons from the official Tamas, well, except for the t-shirt thing. The upscale versions of them are also custom sprites.
      4)There are also some places to go, including a weird one in the bottom that might be a movie theater?
      5)Talking to a weird pink blob 6)Homescreen
      The watch also features a camera, photo gallery, and fitness stuff. There doesn’t appear to be buttons besides lock, volume, and reset, so this is most likely touch controlled. Later versions by A-Watch replace not-Kikitchi with a generic panda. BUT one listing on Amazon still offers this v-pet, and apparently pandas aren’t the only character! What to look for:
      -Blue or pink wristband that reads “A-Watch”
      -Flat surface around the screen with a black border around it and “OK” logo (later versions are a solid blue or pink)
      -Look for mentions of a pet game or cat icon on the main menu
      -No calling/texting/GPS tracking feature (common in other kids’ smart watches)

      Amazon listing:

      This reminds me of the QPet, and it’s nice they actually made (somewhat) original sprites instead of totally aping Bandai’s work. If you already have one, please share your thoughts. Is this knockoff worthy of its $30 pricetag?
    • By Tamago_luckycat02
      So Ive been looking for new Tamas on the internet and I found that a LOOOT of people buy tamagotchis that are FAKE and I also noticed that the fakes cost wayyyy to much. I thought I would point out the main features of fake Tamas for confused collectors so they dont buy fakes, and here they are:
      The amount of buttons- most that have over three are not real, although some reals have over three
      The name- usually if they are just called plainly virtual pet or something like that they will be knock-offs
      The brand on the back- some brands will put Bandai on the back, but still make sure
      Hope this helped some of you Tama fans! If you need any help with this, talk to KidRetro64, she knows her stuff. Thank you for reading,
      Lucky Cat
    • By toxic_Makiko
      The ones who don't know much about Tamagotchi might be like:"Omgosh it's a free Tamagotchi,better buy it before it's offsale :DDDDDD"
      No.Don't you dare.You will regret if you buy a fake Tamagotchi.A lot.They're too noisy and sensitive.
      If you look at some of the other "virtual pets",you can see they all have invented names,right?Right!And,seriously now,who would buy a fake Tamagotchi for 15 dollars(about 12 euros),when you can make and exposition of fakes bought from Ebay and Aliexpress?
      I have never seen and heard of some of the "versions"("house edition","bear edition" etc.) and -oh my gosh!-They look so cheap!Just look at the versions and you will thing you're in heaven-Actually,you're not.-.
      The site looks bad in general,very unorganised,including some pokemon(yay!)t-shirts that,to be honest,don't impress me at all.
      Ok,you can give it a try,but,please,don't tell me later "Why did you tell me about this site?".I didn't create this site.It's not my fault.Those cost as much as actual Connections.
      Und jetzt mache ich Schluss(And I'm ending this)
      P.S.:Don't take this too seriously.I don't try to be rude and "bully" the sellers.Again,you can buy the fakes and t-shirts if you want to,I won't stop you from doing that.
      Again,CAUTION ON THOSE FAKES!(and in any cheap,fake 'gotchis in general)
      Note:This was written when they were free,the data might change when you acces the link
    • By ashi.thyst
      I am pretty sure it is completely unopened. Will the batteries have corroded and rendered it unplayable?
      And a side question. Can I use a #0 Phillips screwdriver or do I need to prioritize searching for a JIS one?
    • By Dordtchild
      I am so proud of getting this one.
      I combed through so many pages on Ebay trying to get something that was mint and wasn't going to drain me
      Now I have a MINT Tamagotchi Angel English, what a find