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Tamagotchi v4 games and skill points help

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Hi. I just put batteries on my tamagotchi v4 and I have this question. When the tamagotchi is a teenager, do the 3 remaining games (shape, dance, flag) appear? I have this questions since I'm wondering how can I get the adult character I want because there doesn't seem to be any other way to get specific skill points. Sorry, I know it's a dumb question, I haven't use a v4 in ages. Thank you for reading.

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*Topic moved from Tips & Tricks forum to 'Help for New Tamagotchi Pet Owners'*



You might want to check the Tips & Tricks forum for the pinned topics.

V4 - Useful Topics Index gives links to various topics on the TamaTalk forums that are specific to V4 (eg. games / characters, etc.) and if you scroll down to the bottom of the list there's quite a lot on the various games on V4 :)

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