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Japanese Import V3 Fakes?

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(Apologies if the title is misleading!!)

I'm interested in getting a Tamagotchi V3 because, in my opinion, it's the best "basic" Tamagotchi toy out there; I lost the Blue Camo one I purchased years ago and I've regretted it ever since.

I've been extremely diligent in trying to find one that is brand new and in a shell color/design that I'd be happy with using every day, the thrilling feeling of cracking into the packaging of your brand new friend is amazing and rewarding, but finding one in English has been a pain only made worse by the limited amount of sellers willing to ship items to Canada.

However, there are several sealed, unused, and affordable V3s on eBay boasting "JAPAN IMPORT" in their ad titles. I understand that these will be in the Japanese language (I am interested in learning, and Tamagotchis are generally user-friendly, as they use symbols, actions, sounds, and expressions to convey most of their needs; text and language are secondary to this, as all of you know) but I am concerned about their legitimacy, as I am not well read into the differences between the Japanese and North American releases.

So, I am reaching out in hopes of some guidance so I do not waste my already dwindling funds on a leisure toy that will certainly bring me happiness and a good dose of nostalgia.


Here are a few examples of the V3s I've found that I am also interested in:










(Note that I am assuming they are V3s due to the antenna(?) decoration present on their shells)


Thank you in advance to anyone who can provide me with some comprehensive information on this topic, and to all those who are reading.

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Those are "Keitai": and Hanerutchi, and were released much before the V3 in the U.S.


They're legit, go ahead and buy them but be aware they are in Japanese and are not compatible with American versions

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So they are legitimate, but not V3s. Thanks for the clarification!

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They are less fun than Version 3s (in my opinion). They only have three games and there is no shop; a vendor appears at certain times of the day.Good luck on finding a V3!

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I figured they'd have less features knowing now that they were pre-V2, and as much as I'm interested in a Japan-exclusive version, I think I'll keep searching for a V3. Thanks for the good wishes!

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