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Bluebearrie's iD L log!

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Finally, after waiting what seemed like forever, I finally have my iD L! Going from P1 to this is a bit of a stretch, but I think I know what I'm doing :D


The main focus of this log is to improve my Japanese, and to help out any others who opted not to get the English version of the iD L. While the menus are fairly easy to navigate, it is always nice to put English words to Hiragana and Katakana. In advance, I know I will make some spelling errors with both the English and Japanese to please bear with me!


Anyway, let's begin!!


DAY 1:

I had missed the postman yesterday, so on my lunch break at work day I had to run to the post office to pick up the package containing my iD L. I knew I wouldn't have much time to play, but thankfully the baby stage on the iD L only lasts for an hour.


After putting in the batteries, I was prompted to set the date and time (mm/dd format for the date) and enter in my own birthday. Then, the egg appeared on screen! It only took maybe a minute to hatch; I was genuinely surprised at how quickly I had a baby Tamagotchi. It was a girl, ももいろっち Momoirotchi. She surprisingly wasn't too terribly needy. She both ate and pooped a lot, so I made sure that she was well fed and fairly happy before I clocked back in to work. Oh, she did get sick from eating too much candy, so I had to use the clover icon on her to cure her. Oops.


At work, I had little ももいろっち on one of those DX lanyards around my neck, tucked under my uniform's shirt so my managers wouldn't see her :D The DX lanyard is excellent, by the way. I highly recommend it. Anyway, after maybe 15 minutes or so I heard her beeping for attention. Unfortunately, I was on shift so there wasn't much I could do. Then, around an hour from her hatching, I heard a different beeping sound! Some of my team members and I were about to start a meeting, so I took a quick bathroom break before everything started and checked on her. She had grown! She was now a ろーるっち Rorutchi! I had never seen one before- she is SO FREAKING CUTE OMG. She had unfortunately pooped twice and gotten sick, but those were easily taken care of with the shower and clover icons. She was depressed and starving, so I fed her some うめぼしごはん umeboshi gohan (pickled plum rice) and candy (I can't work out how to type in Katakana yet, sorry!) so she was content again, and I went back to work.


After my shift was over, I headed back home and got out little ろーるっち to play and explore the iD L's features. First thing I worked out was how to get to the games, which is through the door icon and selecting the first option (Again, it and the games are in Katakana and I can so far only type Hiragana. Sorry!). There are only two games available at the moment, one where you play as Mametchi and jump over obstacles, and another where you play as Kuchipatchi trying to eat hamburgers and avoid eating skulls. Morbid, I know. The Mametchi game is the easiest of the two, even though both only last thirty seconds and get progressively faster as the game nears the thirty second time limit. It's easy to get 100-200 Gotchi Points each time you play, and they don't get boring. Next, I visited the Donut Park, next option down from the Game Center, where the Tama Market was taking place. A girl there offered to sell me a single discounted item, or to buy an item I had from me. The item she had for sale was a little pink purse, thirty percent off regular price. I went ahead and bought it, since I had some points to spare. Lastly, I went to the TamaDepa department store, the fourth option. I bought two items, a たわし which I am not sure the translation of but it looks like a sponge, from the にちようひん nichiyouhin daily duty category. I bought a spotted patterned board, too, which I already knew from googling stuff about the iD L was actually a packet of seeds.


To use the seed packet, you need to scroll down to the treasure chest icon, and select it from the second option. One of the symbols on there I can't figure out... Anyway, that is where your useable items are. Select the seed packet, and you'll be given a dialogue option. The first answer is always going to be yes, so choose it and you'll see a little cutscene where your Tama goes outside and plants the tree, and it starts to sprout! I thought this was super cute :)


That's pretty much all I've done with the iD L today, and I am SOOO glad I made the decision to get back into Tamagotchis and play this one, after all the fun I had with my P1! This is basically the style I'll write this log in, feedback is much appreciated if anyone wishes to give it :D




I need to figure out Katakana on this keyboard. I'm currently using my iPad, but I might switch over to the laptop for my next post. I have the option to select Katakana, but the actual keyboard never appears. Too weird.


The iD L is freaking precious; I ready decked it out in stickers that came with the DX lanyard, and I can't wait to carry it around with me on a daily basis! What caught my attention the most was actually the weather changing as I played! After going from playing games, to over at the Donut Park, I noticed that the weather had gone from sunny to raining. It's a simple, yet charmingly elegant touch. I am wondering if a Tamagotchi could catch a cold if it does too many outdoor things while it's raining! Hmmm...

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DAY 2:
Typing in Hiragana is difficult and I am feeling lazy, so I am going to keep it to a minimum today because not much happened with my iD L! :P

So little ろーるっち went to bed at 7:30 last night. Yeowza! I had to be up for work at 5 this morning so I actually didn't get to see her wake, which was unfortunate. From what I've heard Tamagotchis have a twelve hour sleep cycle, but I could've sworn it was from 8pm to 8am. Oh well. My lunch break was at ten, and when I checked on her, she was brown with dirt! I sent her off to the shower and cleaned the single bit of poo that was on the screen. Funny, I still haven't actually caught her pooping yet. I would really like to so I can train her to use the toilet!

Surprisingly enough, her stats hadn't dropped all that much during the time she woke up and I was working. Her happiness meter was roughly half-full, and she still had three rice bowls of hunger filled. I fed her, played a bunch of games, and then back to work it was!

My shift ended at three, and not at all to my surprise, my little ろーるっち was a teenager! She is now a peppy little ひねおねっち Hineonetchi! ひねおねっち is another character I've never seen before, and she is super adorable! I love that fact that her hair changes color depending on her mood. That was a really cute touch that I never would've expected to be a feature on a Tamagotchi. Her hair is normally yellow, but turns pink when she is happy and blue when she is sad! I've read that it also turns red when she is angry, but I haven't seen her angry yet.

Now that I have a teen character, I noticed that I have unlocked my first new destination! This one is a sweets shop, located within the food menu (the fork icon, not the standard destination door icon). This shop sells items like sundaes and pies, very very cute.

Speaking of items on the iD L, the little pictures that go with each item are so well drawn and beautiful to look at! Even without knowing Japanese you can still tell what many of the items are just by looking at them, which is awesome.

Anyway, we played many games, bought some more cleaning supplies and seed packs at the TamaDepa, and visited the Doughnut Park and even met a pet! It looked like a little television set with legs, not sure of the name. I changed the backgrounds in the bathroom and bedroom, too. They're fluffy cloud-themed now! Speaking of seed packs, I had ひねおねっち check on the seed I had her plant yesterday, and it grew into a flower and gave me a grape!! I'm not entirely sure how that makes sense, but I'll just roll with it for the time being. I fed ひねおねっち the grape and it filled a rice bowl of hunger. I had her plant another seed, I believe it was from one of the striped packages.

I made sure to have ひねおねっち take a shower before she went to bed tonight, so hopefully she won't be filthy in the morning. I didn't see the exact time she went to bed, but it was some time between 7:30 and 8. So far I haven't had to get her to clean the rooms, which will also get dirty over time. We will see what tomorrow brings, though!!


I seem to be heading toward the "poor care" character side of things, which doesn't necessarily bother me. For the first round, I am intentionally not pausing my iD L just to see what happens. At work, I have not once heard her beep for attention, but then again I am busy 99% of the time and focusing on other things. We will see what adult she grows into within the next few days though!!

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