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Christmas in July! (A Santagotch log)

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So I've decided to put my iD L on pause mainly because I'm getting sick of how needy the dang thing is, and my P1 needs a companion because I'm only running my Angel, Lemon, at night. So I present for everyone's enjoyment...








Santagotch!! This is the first time I'm doing jolly old Saint Santaclautch, and there isn't too much information on him so I'm pretty much going into this completely blind. I'm hoping this log will be informative for anyone else out there wanting to get a Santagotch!!

Ok, Let's start this thing!!






First thing you'll notice is you have to set the date. Month is on the top, day is on the bottom. The Santagotch needs the date because of the advent calendar, which I'll explain later.




Next you'll set the time. So far Santa hasn't gone to sleep yet and I'm writing this log at 11:20pm. Maybe he doesn't sleep? There is no light icon on the Santagotch that I can find.




And then we wait! It takes 5 minutes for Santa to emerge from his bouncy house. The animation on the house is super cute. It bounces up and down, and the chimney makes little puffs of smoke. Once the 5 minutes are up though, the first couple lines from Jingle Bells play and...






Santaclautch has arrived!! The icons on the main screen are as follows, from top left to bottom right (these are not exact translations, by the way, I'm just calling them these based on what they do):

1. Stats

2. Food

3. Game

4. Inventory

5. Super Kutchipatchi

6. Advent Calendar

7. TV

8. Attention

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The stats icon gives you two options. The first one is how Santa is doing, and the second is his food storage. Apparently this Tamagotchi eats when it wants to and DOESN'T POOP OMG HALLELUJAH!!! :D :D :D




My Santa is currently 100 years old and weighs 101... g? Surely that isn't grams, but whatever.




This apparently is distance traveled. The exact translation is simply, "way." I'm assuming at some point I'll see a cutscene where he visits the house of a Tamagotchi and gives them a present. There isn't a praise icon on this unit, so I'm going to guess he will just do it automatically. He knows it's his duty as Santaclautch!!




This is how close he is to being the actual Santa Claus. From what I've read, every time Santaclautch uses an item from the Advent Calendar and creates a piece of clothing that makes him more like Santa, a bell is filled. So far, nothing on this little guy.




I'm not sure the exact translation on this one, but I'm assuming it's the happiness meter.

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And this is the hunger meter. The direct translation is "stomach," which is adorable. Apparently this guy eats when he wants to, as stated before. When you feed him the first bit of food he actually eats it, then he stores the rest away for later. THIS IS SO CONVENIENT I LOVE IT OMG






When you go to the food storage option on the stats icon, you can see how much food and candy Santa has stored away. The food is little rice bowls, and the candy is cake. The usual.




And here little Santaclautch is!! Ain't he precious. And naked. Oh my.

After stocking up his fridge, I decided we should play the game for a bit. Santagotch has one game: you go down one of three chimneys to try to find the sleeping Tamagotchi.

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Pick a chimney...




Down he goes!!




Success!! No presents were left for the sleeping little Memetchi, but Santa was certainly happy that he found someone!


But wait... what happens if you pick the wrong chimney??




Oops! Covered in soot!!

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I decided to check the Advent Calendar next. Each day you get an item, and Santaclautch can use the item to make something useless, or something that will make him look more like Santa Claus. I'm pretty sure the item you get is random, and you can have more than one of the same item in Santa's inventory.






Success! A thing! (I'm guessing it's a ball of yarn)




I checked his inventory to see if he could use the item to make something Santa-like.






Work that magic, boy!!




He made a beanie cap!!




And now he's a rad, rad, snowboarding dude. Not quite Santa Claus, but oh well. We shall try again tomorrow!!


I went and checked the TV next, but not much was going on there.




A cute little fella is looking at his wreath. Super cute!!


At 11:30pm on the dot, Santa went to bed in a tent. The lights went dark automatically. Cool!




Sweet dreams, buddy!!

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Wow, never seen one of these before. Dang, that's neat! :newmametchi:

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Wow, never seen one of these before. Dang, that's neat! :newmametchi:

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Wow, never seen one of these before. Dang, that's neat! :newmametchi:


Thanks!! :D I am super excited to have him. He's been a really fun, unique Tamagotchi so far!

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Day 2!! I love this little Santaclautch. Love love love LOVE!!! :D :D :D


He was up and waking around when I checked him this morning, and it was around 9:25 am so I'm assuming he woke up at 9 or earlier. His Happy was only missing two hearts and he was down to one Hunger heart, but his fridge was full so I figured I'd wait for him to eat and play the chimney game for a bit instead. After the game, I was up and about and heard some jingling!! (The beeps on the Santagotch aren't beeps, they're more like bells, which is extremely fitting.)






He was eating! (And yes, I let him sleep in my little knitted Tamagotchi nest for the night. He is actually still in it because I'm afraid to touch the case and scuff the paint ;^; )


Next, I checked on the TV.




The baby was now a toddler, and he is putting up a tree! The animation made it look like he was throwing glitter at it; it was kind of weird. I can only guess he was actually supposed to be watering it or something.


Then I went to the Advent Calendar and got today's item! It was a roll of wrapping paper? I think?








He made a little tunic!!

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Now he's a- wait. I actually have no idea what this could be. He looks the same as he did in his first form, but his pants are striped and there's a little string coming out of the back of his head. You can also tell that he's wearing tiny little shoes.




Yeah I've got nothing. Also, if you'll notice in the first bit the pictures of him eating are actually in this new form. I couldn't get to my camera fast enough when he started eating the first time. Sorry for the continuity error!! :(


So I went about my day as usual (Thankfully I didn't have to work today, as Tuesdays are when my boyfriend gets a group of us together at my house for our Vampire the Masquerade game! We're nerds, I know :P ) and after a couple hours heard a rapid jingle! I, having never heard the Santagotch make that sound before, grabbed my camera and rushed over...




He was gone!!! :o

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Thankfully I had read about this and was prepared. See, sometimes Santa doesn't want to be Santa! That's where the icon on the bottom left comes in. That icon summons Super Kuchipatchi to fetch Santaclautch and bring him back on screen.








The only thing hurt was his pride.


He actually disappeared three times today!! Once early morning, again in the mid afternoon, and again about an hour before he went to bed. This dude is a TERRIBLE Santa!! :o Thankfully, every time he leaves the jingle plays to let you know something's up. I've read that if you don't call Super Kuchipatchi in time, Santaclautch will actually leave for good and return to his cabin, forcing you to start the unit all over again. So, basically, you have to have the sound on and be listening for it at all times. For that reason I'm hoping I can leave him on pause for most of the time while I'm at work tomorrow. Other than that, he is the most self-sufficient Tamagotchi I've ever seen!


So for today I basically let him do his thing. We played the game a couple times when his Happiness hearts got low, and I had to restock his food storage three times (it was either two or three, I don't remember to be honest). No bells on the Santa meter yet. At some point around noon, I noticed that he had a single point on his distance meter. I'm not sure if that's from playing the game so much or just the general passage of time though. Hopefully I can figure out that soon.


Speaking of the game, I've read that you can get items from playing the game, but I haven't had that happen on my particular Santagotch yet. It could be that there is an incredibly low chance of getting an item, but I'll keep playing it and just see what happens.


Santaclautch went to bed some time between 9 and 9:25 pm tonight. I wasn't paying attention but it's good to know that the first night he fell asleep so late just from me turning him on late.




Final Stats:


Distance: 1

Age: 101 years

Weight: 103 g

Hunger: 2/4

Happy: 3/4

Bells: 0


Food: 4/4

Candy: 4/4

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Day three!!


Santaclautch and I have had a slow but eventful day today, if that even makes sense. I was worried I wouldn't catch him if he decided to run away, so I left him at home and on pause while I was at work this morning. I was SO glad to find out that you can pause the Santagotch! I also discovered that you can change the time from standard to military time by holding A and C for a moment longer while getting to the "set" on the time screen. As far as I know, this is the only Tamagotchi that can do military time, which is neat. So far, he's only been awake for half an hour.




We finally found an item while playing the chimney game, and as it turns out we got the same item from today's Advent Calendar! It kinda looks like a fork with an absurdly large handle. No clue what it is actually supposed to be.






Success!! The first Santa item!! He made himself a little sled with a little fork. Who would have thought of that!?






And now he's Sledding Santa!!




Ain't he precious??? :D :D I guess I'm just going to save the other fork for later. I am wondering if he makes a useless item tomorrow, that his sled form will go away and he'll lose a bell. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens!




Finally, a bell on the Santa meter!! Still only one mark on distance traveled. Oh well.


Final bit of business for now was to check the TV.




He's on a stepstool throwing glitter now, and the tree has gotten a tiny bit bigger. Neat!


That's all for now, but I'll make more posts throughout the day as things happen, and I'll do a final stats list tonight before I go to bed.

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WOAH! So Santa and I have had an exciting evening!


We played the chimney game a lot, and ended up getting a few items from it!!




Another ball of yarn...




Another wrapping paper...




And a fork again.


I decided to let him use the wrapping paper first and see what happened...






Success!! Yet ANOTHER Santa item!! :D




He has his little napsack and everything!! So cute!!


I figured I would try my luck again and let him have the ball of yarn next...

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So in an entire day I've gotten Sled Santa, Suit Santa, and Hat Santa! (Those definitely aren't the official names, in case anyone was wondering. I may or may not have just made them up on the spot haha)




Now we're up to three bells filled on the Santa-ness meter!! Only one more to go!! (If you screw this up, Santaclautch, I swear I'll-)




So here's where the game gets interesting. What happens if he botches the next item I give him? Will a bell go down? Will nothing happen at all?


Also, according to the ?s in the inventory, there are three items that Santaclautch hasn't found yet. Three items, and only one bell. Hmm... I'm going to bet my money on two secret characters here. It's just a theory, though, but I'm hoping I'm right!! :)


Anyway, aside from all the item-getting, not much has happened today. Santa has eaten twice and surprisingly only run away once! Perhaps now that he looks more like Santa Claus he is settling into his new role! Speaking of eating, I noticed that he hasn't touched his cake pieces yet. Perhaps he eats the food first and if he hets hungry again and the food hasn't been restocked he moves to the cake? Just a theory. I would test it, but I don't want his weight to skyrocket. People are trying to figure out how the weight affects Santaclautch's growth, but from what I've read there isn't a definite consensus yet. I'm going to keep it low just to be on the safe side.


It's 9:12 pm and Santaclautch has gone to sleep! I'm going to assume his bedtime is 9 then. Everyone, have a great evening!!




Final Stats:


Distance: 1

Age: 102 years

Weight: 100 g

Hunger: 1/4

Happy: 4/4

Bells: 3 :D


Food: 4/4

Candy: 4/4

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      I decided to try an experiment, since Tyson's buttons are particularly hard to press. I would raise Tyson's happiness only by feeding candy, and Takao's happiness only by playing games. Let's see how they evolve!
      THAO's Koromon evolved to Agumon and I was able to start another egg! I picked the horizontal stripey one because I knew it could evolve into Kunemon eventually, which is my favorite Digimon. I had to be careful to neglect Tokomon just the right amount to get three care mistakes. I didn't want to hurt the poor thing any more than that. Once I got the mistakes, I took good care of him well.
      MAY 21st - DIGIMON DAY
      Normally I wake up around 10-11AM, but on this day, Tokomon decided to cry at 730AM! I can't believe the Digimon wake up so early! Thankfully, the cry did not wake up my husband, who is a pretty deep sleeper. I waited 10 minutes to get my final care mistake I needed, and then started taking good care of Tokomon. Later in the day, he evolved into a beautiful Kunemon.
      Earlier in the afternoon, my package arrived with META, my purple Digivice. I was originally going to put this one away and just play with one of the Black or White ones when they came in, for a total of two Digimon. But while waiting for my package to come with the rest of my Digimon, I got so anxious to play that I ended up opening up the purple one anyway. I neglected Koromon just enough to get him to evolve into Betamon (so I could have two different mons).
      Later in the afternoon, my other package came in with the rest of my Digimon. I still wanted to have a type A or B digivice running, so I decided to open POD. Hubs was taking a nap, so I decided to stay in the guest bedroom and take care of my pets while playing phone games. This way the sound wouldn't bother him while he slept. Without much else to do, I was checking my pets constantly, and felt like there wasn't enough to do with the pets. So I decided to open TRAN. Maybe I was making a big mistake, running so many pets at once...
      I was having so much fun with my pets, but the buttons on Tyson and Takao were kind of hard to press, making me have to exert my thumb more than I would like. So I decided... why not get even more pets? So I ordered a P1 and P2 rerelease to be delivered on the 23rd...
      And that catches us up to today  Outside of getting the Child/Rookie stages of the Digimon I wanted (since I really wanted Betamon and Kunemon), I'm trying not to use any guides or help. I did look at a P1 growth chart to make a checklist of all the forms you can possibly get on the P1. I'll try to update if anything major happens from here on out.
      Babytchi - Tyson 5/19/21 Marutchi - Tyson 5/19/21 Tamatchi - Not Found Kutchitamatchi - Not Found Mametchi - Not Found Ginjirotchi - Not Found Masktchi - Not Found Kuchipatchi - Not Found Nyorochi - Not Found Tarakotchi - Not Found Oyajitchi - Not Found Bill - Not Found