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Showtime! The Magnificent Adventures of Salad and Friends!

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Ladies, gentlemen, and everybody in between and beyond, I am pleased to announce my FABULOUS return to logging, and by extension, to TamaTalk!

You can call me SALAD!


I'll get all of this up and running in no time! But for now, allow me to introduce the star of our show!


Tamagotchi iD L

Name: Ainsley

Character: Choribotchi


She was just left all alone by her mother, a Furawatchi.


While we're on the topic of babies, has anyone ever stopped to question the confusing emphasis the tamagotchi world places on fecal matter?

Like, it's an obstacle in many of the games, and sometimes on the v4 and v4.5 people would just...mail you their own poo.

Don't get me wrong, darlings, I'd be quite miffed if I received someone's droppings in the mail too, but...

You have to wonder who sent it, and why.

What are they achieving?


Anywho, I'm going to let Ainsley introduce herself here.


Ainsley: Hello, everyone. Pleased to make your acquaintance!

Salad: Isn't she adorable? Give her a hand, ladies and gentlemen!

Ainsley: Uhm...who is it that you're...talking to?

Salad: Why, our lovely audience of course!

Ainsley: O-Oh! Are people...watching this?

Salad: Well, of course, darling! This is a show, after all!

Ainsley: Oh, goodness... I hope I do alright.

Salad: You're doing FABULOUSLY. Just keep being you!

Ainsley: O-Okay! I'll do my best!


Isn't she a doll? I'll update when something happens, ladies and gentlemen!

Things can only get more complicated from here!


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Hello! I'm back again! This time with another announcement!

Ainsley has evolved into the lovely KINGYOBOTCHI!


D'aww... it looks like she has a fish tank for a head!


Ainsley: Oh gosh...I feel silly now...

Salad: Oh, come on, darling, you look adorable!

Ainsley: You keep saying that, but...

Salad: Psh! You doubt yourself too much.

Ainsley: S-Sorry...

Salad: Don't feel bad! Why don't I take you out to the Tama Cafe, where we can hang out quietly?

Ainsley: Quietly?

Salad: Yes, quietly!

Ainsley: Uhm...I offense...but are you...uhm...capable of that?

Salad: Whaaaaaaaaat? Of course I'm capable of being quiet! Just watch me!

Ainsley: Oh! Uhm...alright.
Salad: ...

Ainsley: ...

Salad: ...

Ainsley: ...

Salad: ...

Ainsley: ...You're doing a great jo-

Salad: AHHA! I WIN! I told you I could be quiet, darling!

Ainsley: Uhm, I guess...that is...a said...

Salad: Right, well. I'd better wrap this up for now.


Until next time, my lovely reader!


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Ladies, gents, and everybody else, I'm pleased to announce that I've fired up the ol' music star!

This brings our repertoire of active tamas to a staggering TWO!


The egg's hatched, and it's a boy named Dylas!


iD L

Name: Ainsley

Character: Kingyobotchi

Age: 0


Music Star

Name: Dylas

Character: Petitchi

Tone: 25

Rhythm: 0

Original: 0


Salad: Now there's two of you! Why don't you introduce yourselves to one another?

Ainsley: O-Oh...he's quite cute, isn't he?

Dylas: Straigh outta the egg and already I'm endearing!

Salad: Hah! That's the spirit, kid! You're gonna entertain millions!

Dylas: Millions?

Ainsley: M-Millions?

Salad: Millions! Ainsley, darling, move over. You two are going to need to share the spotlight from now on.

Ainsley: Spotlight?

Salad: Now, quick, everyone! Look into the camera for a promotional photo!

Ainsley: Camera??

Dylas: Wow! This sure is fun! Even if you're just making stuff up.

Salad: Making stuff up? Goodness, no! You have an audience!

Ainsley: Eep! D-Don't remind me...

Dylas: What's the matter? Camera shy?

Ainsley: A bit...

Dylas: Haha! That's hilarious! Seems like you're on the wrong log, then, huh?

Ainsley: I mean...uhm...I suppose...

Dylas: Don't sweat it, pal. I'll keep the spotlight off you. After all, I'm going to be doing things actually worth seeing.

Ainsley: Thank you...I think...?

Dylas: No problem!


Until next time, TamaTalk! Be good!


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Our lovely friend Dylas evolved into a Kuchitamatchi! Good on him.


iD L

Name: Ainsley

Character: Kingyobotchi

Age: 0


Music Star

Name: Dylas

Character: Kuchitamatchi

Tone: 25

Rhythm: 30

Original: 30


Dylas: Aha! Yes! I can feel myself growing into my awesome bod!

Ainsley: don't look very different...that is, to me...

Dylas: Who asked you?

Ainsley: Oh! Uhm...You're right...S-Sorry...

Dylas: Nah, don't sweat it! Seriously! You don't need to be such a wimp!

Ainsley: ...Sorry...

Dylas: Eh, forget it. Salad, when will I be starting preschool?

Salad: As soon as the preschool teacher comes around! Dylas, my boy, you're going to be a musical superstar!

Dylas: Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Salad: Ainsley, darling, you're going to become co-host of this show.

Ainsley: Huh?! What?! W-Why?!

Salad: Well, since Dylas is going to become a successful musician, I figured you could help me host!

Ainsley: I...uhm! I mean! Uhm! I guess??

Salad: That's the...spirit? Are you alright?

Ainsley: I'll do my best!

Salad: Ah. That's the spirit! I'd like you to try introducing the next post, okay?

Ainsley: UHM! OKAY!

Salad: Why are you yelling?
Ainsley: SORRY! I'm just nervous...

Salad: Oh, I'm sure you'll do wonderfully! I'll be right with you the entire time!

Ainsley: Okay...!


Now end the post.


Only kidding, darling.

Until next time, folks!


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Uhm...H-Hello, l-ladies and gentlemen...Oh! And...everyone else!

Dylas had his f-first day of...uhm...preschool...

He...uhm...he lasted longer in...uhm...jump rope...than the other kids...

I don't know how that helped his music skills...but who am I to say...I d-don't know anything about music...or show business...or anything, really...I'm pretty useless...

B-But that's okay! I have to help Salad host the log!


We're also looking into s-something called...uhm..."Downloads"...for me...

Oh, goodness...I don't know why Salad wants to...get things...uhm...for me, that is...

But it would be k-kinda fun to have some more g-games...and, uhm, toys...


See? I told you that you'd do fine! That was positively FABULOUS, darling!


...Th-Thank you...


Anywho, here are the numbers:


iD L

Name: Ainsley

Character: Kingyobotchi

Age: 1


Music Star

Name: Dylas

Character: Kuchitamatchi

Age: 0 (still?)

Tone: 71

Rhythm: 50

Originality: 89


Dylas: You know, I'm really gettin' a feel for this music stuff! I'm coming up with tons of melodies!

Salad: That's excellent, Dylas!

Dylas: Dang straight, it is! I'm gonna be a star in no time!

Salad: I'm so proud to hear that! Kid, you're really going to make our ratings shoot through the roof!

Ainsley: Uhm...ratings?

Salad: That's right, darling! Ratings! Once we get big enough, we'll be rated!

Ainsley: Oh, g-goodness...that sounds...scary...

Salad: It's really nothing to be worried about. You're a natural!

Dylas: And I'm already great! So start pulling your weight!

Ainsley: Eep! I'm s-sorry!

Salad: no heed to Dylas, darling, he's only messing with you.

Ainsley: Okay...Sorry...he's right, though...

Salad: Oh, hush. I'm off for a drink. Be good, you two!

Dylas: Byyyye...

Ainsley: ...

Dylas: ...Hehahhahahah! Good God, can you not stutter for five seconds?

Ainsley: I mean...uhm...p-probably not...

Dylas: That intro was laughable! Dude. You really need to work on your stage voice.

Ainsley: ...s-sorry...

Dylas: I just don't understand how you can have stage fright with an audience this small!

Ainsley: I just g-get nervous...

Dylas: About what?!

Ainsley: ...messing up...

Dylas: Oh, come on! There's barely a precedent for messing up to begin with! All we've established so far in this log is that everything's showy.

Ainsley: But what if I mess up...being showy...?

Dylas: Man, you really shouldn't worry about it. Or, maybe you should. That stutter is pretty bad! Hahahaha!

Ainsley: Oh...uhm...yes...I know...


Dylas: Hi, again!

Salad: Sadly, I've come back to end this post.

Dylas: Dang!


Until next time, my lovely audience! Adieu!


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Alright, ladies, gentlemen, and everybody in between and beyond, I know that it's annoying, but literally RIGHT after I posted that last update, Ainsley evolved into Sabosabotchi.

In other news, the Gotchi King himself has grown interested in our little blooming star, Dylas, and sent him 2000gp of investment money! Gosh! Thanks, your royal majesty!


iD L

Name: Ainsley

Character: Sabosabotchi

Age: 1


Music Star

Name: Dylas

Character: Kuchitamatchi

Age: 0

Tone: 72

Rhythm: 53

Originality: 90

Salad: So, Ainsley, darling, how does it feel being a prickly little cactus?
Ainsley: Uhm...alright...I guess...I don't feel too different...

Salad: Ah, but you are so adorable!
Ainsley: Th-Thank you...

Salad: Little flowers bloom when you're happy! My heart...can't take this!

Ainsley: P-Please! You're...embarassing me...!

Salad: Very well, very well. I'll move on to Dylas, then.

Dylas: Yeah!

Salad: So, Dylas, how does it feel knowing the Gotchi King can see your talent?

Dylas: It feels awesome, man! I'm gonna be the greatest keyboarder of all time!

Salad: Well said, kid. You heard it here, folks! Keep an eye out for Dylas!


Salad: Alright, alright, simmer down, now. Congratulations to both of you.

Dylas: HELLA.

Salad: Dylas, shh.


Ainsley: You don't...uhm...have any arms...


Ainsley: Eep!

Until next time, folks! I'm sure it won't be long!


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UPDATE! Oh, my lovely reader, you'll never guess what's happened!

Th-That's right! won't...uhm...need to guess...since...we're gonna tell you...

Dylas has evolved! Into a Kikitchi! Humorously, I don't think I've ever raised a male teen that was anything other than Kikitchi on the Music Star!

Does that get annoying...?

Certainly, darling! But I won't love him any less, of course!

R-Right! I d-didn't mean...

Oh, I know, Ainsley. are our stats right now...


iD L

Name: Ainsley (that's me)

Character: Sabosabotchi

Age: 1


Music Star

Name: Dylas

Character: Kikitchi

Age: 0 (b-but he's...uhm...still a teen...)

Tone: 161

Rhythm: 133

Originality: 179


Dylas: I'm getting so dang good on my keyboard! Listen to this!

Salad: Let's hear it, kid!

Dylas: *plays yankee doodle*

Salad: Very nice, very nice! Your skills are progressing at an impressive rate, considering you were born last night!

Dylas: Yeah, I'm pretty great.

Ainsley: That sounded p-pretty good, D-Dylas...

Dylas: Yeah. I know. Salad just said that.

Ainsley: Eep! S-Sorry!

Salad: Ainsley, darling, it's fine, it's fine! So, pretty soon you'll be entering music school, hm, Dylas? Exciting!
Dylas: I'll get myself a band and we'll practice every day in the garage!

Salad: ...Actually, you know what, I think I can wait on that.

Ainsley: Oh, gosh...I trust you won't p-practice at night?
Dylas: Ha! We're gonna practice 23/7! With one-hour snack breaks!

Ainsley: Oh...okay...guess I can kiss sleeping goodbye...

Salad: Now, Ainsley...haha... It won't be that bad! I hope!

Ainsley: Th-That's not very reassuring!


Ahem. We'll see, I suppose! Hahaha... *gulp*

~Salad...and Ainsley...!//

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GREETINGS! From scenic my kitchen!




Aha! I look totally cool! This picture'll make ANYONE want to be friends with me!

Oh, goodness...I hope I look alright...

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Ah, but it is so good to see you again, my lovely reader!

Dylas went to Music School and met a Nonopatchi named Louis and a Chamametchi named Jenny!

Together they formed a band, and, well... Dylas can tell you the rest.


iD L

Name: Ainsley

Character: Sabosabotchi

Age: 2


Music Star

Name: Dylas

Character: Kikitchi

Age: 1

Tone: 249
Rhythm: 213

Originality: 282

Band: "MILK!"

Louis the Nonopatchi
Jenny the Chamametchi


Salad: So! Dylas! Band...people... Care to introduce yourselves?

Louis: Yeah, man. I'm Louis, and I'm here to play some music!

Jenny: Ha! Here for the music? I'm here for the free food!

Salad: Howzat?

Dylas: In exchange for making me band leader, you have to provide snacks for us while we practice in your garage.

Salad: ...

Louis: I don't care if I'm leader or not, long as I get to tap-tap-tap on these timpani's...

Jenny: Being a leader means nothing if it means I'm having to provide the food!

Salad: You really like food?

Jenny: Nah, I really like free stuff!

Ainsley: S-So...what is your band called...?

Dylas: Oh, yeah! Ok, guys, count of 3. 1, 2, 3...

*incoherent discordant yelling*

Dylas: Hm. Guess I shoulda told you guys what to say, first.

Louis: How about "We're MILK!"?

Dylas: Aw, man, Louis, you gave away the name...

Louis: Oh...dang!

Ainsley: Uhm...Milk? ...not that I'm in a place to judge...but...

Jenny: Oh my god?? Is that your sister that you were talking about??

Dylas: Hah! Yeah.

Jenny: You made her sound so annoying! She's so cute!

Ainsley: Oh, gosh...I mean...uhm...oh gosh...

Jenny: Dude, I'd totally give you a hug if you weren't completely covered in spines.

Ainsley: Thanks...I think...

Louis: Anyway, we call ourselves "MILK!" because we want to share the importance of having dairy in your diet through our music...

Dylas: Armed with two keyboarders and a timpanist, we're going to change the world!

Louis: I can feel the timpani's resonating in my soul, man! We have to play! I'm all fired up!

Jenny: Oh, dang! Louis is fired up! Dylas, to the garage! Oh, and Missster....Missuss....? Whatever. Yo, Salad, have some chips and soda out there in a bit!

Salad: ...Eheheh... Of course.

Ainsley: You're not annoyed that you have to f-feed them?

Salad: Maybe a bit, darling, but I'm glad Dylas seems like he's having fun!

Ainsley: Oh...that's nice... Thanks for taking care of us...S-Sal...

Salad: It's no trouble at all, darling! After all, I'd be quite lonely without anyone else here to keep me company, you know!

Ainsley: Still...


Why don't you end the post for me, hm?


Until n-next time...everybody...!

~Ainsley// (and Salad)

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Ahhhh! Guess who just became an adult?! It's okay, my lovely reader, you need not guess, for I will tell you!

Ainsley just evolved into an adorable Pichipitchi!


I'm sorry, darling, but I just can't contain myself!

Oh, g-goodness...

I immediately took her out to the restaurant and ordered Ikuradon for her!

It's...It's my favorite meal... And you also b-bought me a Frappe from the cafe...uhm...I love those t-too...

Only for you, darling!

G-Gosh...what d-did I do to deserve all this?

Being your wonderful self, Ainsley, darling!

Aw, geez...

In fact, I've attached some lovely candid shots of Ainsley!





Wh-Why did you take those?! people could see how cute you were!

G-G-Goodness me, d-d-don't say that...! I'm really not cute at all...I'm quite ugly, really...

Oh, darling, I'm sorry you see yourself that way. It breaks my heart, really.


Ainsley, darling, there's no need for you to apologize.


iD L

Name: Ainsley

Character: Pichipitchi (Hehe...I look like a mermaid...)

Age: 2

TamaTomo Stamps: 3/4


Music Star

Name: Dylas

Character: Kikitchi

Age: 1

Tone: 255
Rhythm: 219

Originality: 294

Band: "MILK!" (?)

Louis the Nonopatchi
Jenny the Chamametchi

Jenny: Oh my god?? You're so cute??

Ainsley: Why d-do you keep saying that?

Jenny: Because you totally are??

Ainsley: G-Gosh...

Dylas: Jenny, why are you so hung up on Ainsley? She isn't THAT cute.

Jenny: Uh, yeah she is?? Shut up??

Ainsley: He's really right...I'm not cute...

Jenny: Uh, yeah you are?? Shut up??

Ainsley: S-Sorry...

Louis: Man, I don't get it. What's cute?

Dylas: I don't get it either, dude! She's definitely just, like...average...

Louis: But that's the thing. Everyone's average! No one looks better than anyone else. Everyone's just...equal.

Dylas: Whaaaaat? No way, dude! There are some really cute people out there!

Louis: Sure, I guess, but what actually makes them different from the people you think aren't cute?

Dylas: ...Uh?

Louis: All I'm sayin' is, I don't get the whole "cute" thing.

Jenny: Well, good on you, Louis. Your life's gonna be a whole lot easier that way.

Louis: Actually, you know what, my drums are kinda cute...

Dylas: Uh???

Jenny: Dylas, I might have to marry you so that Ainsley and I can be sisters!

Dylas: UH???

Jenny: I'm kidding, dude! Chill.

Dylas: Pff. I knew that.

Jenny: Whatever, man!

Ainsley: ...Wait, sister?

I've run out of things to say! Haha! Until next time, my lovely reader!


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Reader! My lovely reader, you're here! Let me update you on what's happened in the past 18 hours or so.


So, firstly, Dylas and his bandmates evolved! Dylas became a Mametchi, Jenny became a Makiko, and Louis became a Dorotchi.

Secondly, they failed their first encounter with the judges, so they'll need to keep practicing. In my garage. *sigh*

Thirdly! Ainsley befriended a Hapihapitchi at Donuts Park, and she then became Ainsley's pet! Her name is Cream Puff! (Puff for short!)

Fourthly! Hm! Well! There is no fourthly! I am sorry to have led you on, my beloved reader!


iD L

Name: Ainsley

Character: Pichipitchi

Age: 3

TamaTomo Stamps: 3/4

Pet: Hapihapitchi


Music Star

Name: Dylas

Character: Mametchi

Age: 2

Tone: 415
Rhythm: 377

Originality: 488

Band: "MILK!"

Louis the Dorotchi
Jenny the Makiko

Salad: So, Dylas, how's adulthood?

Dylas: It sucks! We're poor, struggling musicians and I've eaten nothing but cereal for my entire adult life thus far!

Jenny: Dude, it's not THAT bad! At least it's cereal and not, like, baby food or something...

Dylas: It may as well be! I'm so sick of cereal! We've REALLY gotta make it big soon so I can buy whatever food I want!

Jenny: I'd better get an even cut of that cash, capisce?

Dylas: Uh, haha, duh. What, do you think I'd cheat you guys out of money we all helped make?

Jenny: I wouldn't put it past you.

Dylas: You have such little faith in me! I'd never do that! Louis, back me up!

Louis: Hey. I don't like conflict. Leave me out of this. I'm cleaning the timpanis.

Dylas: Pff...friggin' pacifist...

Louis: Whatever, man.

Dylas: Ainsley?

Ainsley: Eh? Wh-What?

Dylas: I'm trustworthy, right?

Ainsley: W-Well, I m-mean...uhm...I d-don't...know you very w-well...I c-couldn't t-tell you...

Jenny: Hahaha! Oh my god, Dylas, you're terrifying her. Quit it!

Dylas: Huh? Oh, come on, she's always like that.

Jenny: Pff. Right. It's okay, Ainsley, you don't have to answer the mean man.

Ainsley: You're p-petting me...? Why?

Jenny: Shhh. The mean man can't get you while I'm here.

Dylas: Oh, for pete's sake...

Salad: Hm. Y'know, Ainsley, your behavior is certainly confusing. As far as I can tell, we've shown you nothing but kindness...for the most part.

Dylas: Eheheh...

Salad: So why is it you seem so nervous all the time?

Ainsley: W-Well, you know...I'm's just who I am...I guess...

Salad: Hm. I find that hard to believe.

Ainsley: ...S-Sorry...

Salad: Ah, no matter, darling. Finish letting Jenny pat you and we'll go to Donuts Park.

Ainsley: you...

And so, my dear reader, it would seem our time has once again come to an end. But I will soon see you again!



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MY LOVELY READER! You'll never guess it! I know I couldn't have!

It's wonderfully huge news! All problems are solved! Everything is spectacular! Ainsley, tell our lovely reader!

Ah! Well! Uhm! It's quite m-marvelous news indeed! "MILK!" have m-made their pro d-debut already!

Isn't it absolutely stupendous? Stats nowhere near 999 and yet here they are! Oh, I'm so proud I could cry! are crying...

That I am, Ainsley! I'm glad you noticed!


Anywho, I'm simply going to cut to the chase and let them celebrate!


iD L

Name: Ainsley

Character: Pichipitchi

Age: 3

TamaTomo Stamps: 3/4

Pet: Hapihapitchi


Music Star

Name: Dylas

Character: Mametchi

Age: 2

Tone: 480
Rhythm: 463

Originality: 536

Band: "MILK!" (Pro!)

Louis the Dorotchi
Jenny the Makiko


Dylas: Told you guys we'd nail it on the first try!

Louis: Not to be "that guy" but it WAS the second try.

Dylas: Oh, shut up, man!

Louis: Hehehheahaha! Ahh, I'm so glad we're pro timpanis are gonna make so many people happy...

Jenny: More than that, Louis, we're gonna be rich! Rich, rich, rich!! Ohh, I'll be able to buy anything I want! What a life!

Dylas: I'm gonna be so popular...everyone's gonna love me! I'm so excited!

Jenny: Hahaha! Dylas, I could KISS you right now!

Dylas: Heh. Uh. Yeah. You too! I mean, uh, yeah! Music!

Louis: Yeah! Music!

Dylas: Shut up!

Louis: Nah! I'm gonna drink a 2-Liter of Dr. Pepper®!

Jenny: That's a great idea! Nothing cools you off on a hot summer day like a refreshing bottle of Dr. Pepper®!

Ainsley: ...It's autumn...

Dylas: Can it, fishface! That's right, folks, Dr. Pepper® is the cool cola that everyone loves! Always one of a kind!

Salad: Why are you all talking about Dr. Pepper?

Jenny: Because, good Salad, we're sponsored now! By the delicious taste of ice-cold Dr. Pepper®!

Salad: ...Right. Shouldn't you guys be getting ready for your first concert?

Dylas: We're always ready, thanks to the uniquely satisfying flavor of Dr. Pepper®.

Salad: No, seriously.

Dylas: ...Yeah, we're gonna get dressed up in a minute.


That's right, my sweet reader! The band's gone pro! And evidently they've caught the attention of Dr. Pepper...

Stay golden, my lovelies! Adieu!



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Salad: Hm. Suppose I'll scramble some eggs for breakfast...or, uh, lunch, as it seems.

Ainsley: Oh! Uhm...hello! I d-didn't know you were already cooking something. I'll just, uhm...

Salad: Ah, Ainsley, darling! Would you like to share the stove? It's not as if we both can't cook at the same time!

Ainsley: Uhm...alright...that w-will be fine...I suppose...

Salad: Something the matter, darling?

Ainsley: N-No! Nothing!

Salad: ...As usual, it seems like there's something wrong. Ainsley, you can't just keep acting like this forever.

Ainsley:'s just not your p-problem...

Salad: Well, erm...yes, it is. You're practically my daughter. Your problems are mine!

Ainsley: Urk...! S-Salad...!

Salad: Honestly, darling, if there's something wrong, you can tell me!

Ainsley:'s t-time I told someone...

Salad: Only if you're comfortable with it, of course.

Ainsley: Yes...I think...I should tell you...

Salad: Mhm?

Ainsley: Back in Flower parents had...uhm...expectations...for me to uphold.

Salad: Expectations?

Ainsley: My family wealthy...

Salad: Mhm. I should know. I made them that way!

Ainsley: ...Right, well...they wanted me to be...well, quite perfect...and that just...wasn't possible for someone imperfect as me!

Salad: Well, I mean, isn't everyone imperfect?

Ainsley: Oh, parents are perfect...

Salad: Daffy?! Ahahahaha! No, Ainsley, I can assure you, Daffodil was in no way perfect.

Ainsley: M-Mom? How so?

Salad: Well, I mean, she had quite the temper!

Ainsley:'re t-telling that...imperfection? Temperament?

Salad: Surely! Och, I'm sorry, darling. It sounds like you had quite the time of it!

Ainsley: I m-mean...they really hurt me! They hurt me!

Salad: Gh...I'd have never allowed Daffy to marry had I known they'd treat you this way, Ainsley!

Ainsley: ...Well...uhm...I'm, living with you.

Salad: I should hope so, darling! I've tried quite hard to make this a nice place to be! I've even hidden all remnants of the dark evils that once surrounded me!

Ainsley: ...What?

Salad: Nothing, Ainsley, dear! I have a proposition for you, then.

Ainsley: A p-proposition?

Salad: Perhaps instead of going back to Flower Hills, you could remain here, with me?

Ainsley: In Tamatown?

Salad: Why not?

Ainsley: M-Maybe that would be...f-fun...

Salad: Yeah?
Ainsley: I'll certainly n-need to think...uhm...about it, that is...

Salad: Take as much time as you need!

Ainsley: Mhm...


Ah! Would you look at that! You've just gotten your fourth TamaTomo stamp!

Was that...f-from our conversation?

Who knows, darling? Anyway, I've burnt my eggs.


You needn't worry. Care to give our lovely reader the numbers?

Of c-course!


iD L

Name: Ainsley

Character: Pichipitchi

Age: 4

TamaTomo Stamps: 4/4

Pet: Hapihapitchi


Music Star

Name: Dylas

Character: Mametchi

Age: 3

Instrument: Keyboard

Tone: 622

Rhythm: 581

Originality: 680

Band: "MILK!"

Star Ranking: 10th

Tama Fans: 75,085,518


Jenny the Makiko - Keyboardist

Louis the Dorotchi - Timpanist


Until next t-time, lovely reader!

~Ainsley and Salad//

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Not much happening...the adult phase sure is dull. But I'm sure we can find something interesting to report for you, my lovely reader!

Uh...Dylas peaked at #1 star ranking. Nice work, Dylas!




iD L

Name: Ainsley

Character: Pichipitchi

Age: 5

TamaTomo Stamps: 4/4

Pet: Hapihapitchi


Music Star

Name: Dylas

Character: Mametchi

Age: 4

Instrument: Keyboard

Tone: 946

Rhythm: 947

Originality: 956

Band: "MILK!" (Pro)

Genre: R&B

Star Ranking: 1st

Tama Fans: 233,023,859


Jenny the Makiko

Louis the Dorotchi


Louis: So. We finally made it to the top, huh, guys? It's been quite a wild ride.

Dylas: Hahahaha! You got that right, bud! I mean, geez! Over 200 million people think we're cool!

Jenny: Not only that, but we've got easily more than 1000000GP right now as pocket change! This is the life!

Louis: It only makes sense. We put forth the hard work into our music. Anything is possible through determination and perseverance!

Dylas: Shut up, you nerd! You're saying nerd things. We got this far because we're all rad!

Jenny: Ehehehe! I mean, we have practiced together a lot...

Dylas: Well, sure. Look, to be honest, I didn't hear what Louis said.

Louis: That makes a surprising amount of sense! How often DO you hear anything I say?

Dylas: Yeah, dude, totally!

Louis: Uh, what?

Jenny: He just means that he almost never hears anything you say.

Louis: Pff. Figures as much.

Ainsley: Hey, gang,! Band. Hey, band, congratulations on hitting number one.

Jenny: Oh, Ainsley! It means so much to hear you say that! I knew you harbored feelings for me the whole time!

Ainsley: Wh-What?! Oh, g-gosh, I hope I d-didn't give you that feeling...

Jenny: Kidding! I'm kidding! Everyone knows that it's gonna be Dylas and I.

Dylas: What?

Jenny: Oh, you know it too.

Dylas: Fair. Who wouldn't want this hot bod?

Jenny: Pfft. Anyone but me.

Dylas: Hey! That's emotionally manipulative.

Jenny: Hahaha, whatever. Like you aren't totally into me too.

Dylas: Well, I mean, I am.

Louis: You guys are really disgusting.

Dylas: Shut up, Louis!!

Louis: Have fun lockin' lips or whatever you romantics do...

Dylas: Oh my god, Louis, shut up. Why do you always talk and never stop? When do you shut up?

Louis: Mwah.

Dylas: Hehheahahhah! Why'd you kiss my cheek, man?

Louis: You were getting heated, dear.

Dylas: Sorry, dear.

Salad: Excuse me, but just to confirm with our lovely reader, which of you is in a relationship with who?

Jenny: Dylas and I are a thing, and Louis is a designated third wheel who's probably gonna end up being a roommate with us for the rest of their life.

Louis: Boom. We're gonna split the rent forever and just get richer.

Salad: Right...And you're all okay with this?

Dylas: Of course! Louis is like my best friend.

Jenny: Mine too.

Salad: Louis, who's your best friend?

Louis: Ainsley.

Ainsley: Eh?!

Louis: She's my best friend by default, since I bear an indestructible hatred of both Dylas and Jenny.

Salad: Good to hear. You guys wanna go out to eat to celebrate your topping of the charts?

Jenny: As long as you're paying!

Salad: Hahaha...of course.

Jenny: Sounds great!

Dylas: Dude? Just to mess with you, I'm gonna order, like, the most expensive thing there. Like, filet mignon or something.

Salad: Thanks, Dylas.

Dylas: No, thank you for the filet mignon.

Ainsley: If it isn't too much trouble, may I come along as well?

Salad: Of course, Ainsley! I didn't think you enjoyed going out with large groups.

Ainsley: Well, if you only ever do the same thing, life would become...uhm...static, you know?

Salad: Huh! Well-said, darling! Let's be off, then, eh?

Dylas: YEAH!


Life is but a dream, dear reader! Be sure not to forget that. Live it as one!


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Hello, again, my lovely reader! It's good to see you again. I was rather exhausted yesterday and was not able to update you.

At 8 o'clock last night, Dylas and Jenny made it "official" and had a baby girl. He's named her Night. But, to be honest, I'm not sure I can deal with another musician...I may leave her in their care.


Meanwhile, Ainsley met a wonderfully charming young man, from what I've heard. Perhaps she'll not be staying with me, after all.

Ah...while it would be a shame to see her go, I'd not want to keep her here were it that she wanted to leave!


Goodness, I'm so dreadfully tired...

Pay me no heed, my lovely reader! Here are the numbers for you, in case you care.


iD L

Name: Ainsley

Character: Pichipitchi

Age: 7

TamaTomo Stamps: 4/4

Pet: Hapihapitchi


Music Star

Name: Dylas and Night
Character: Mametchi and Petitchi
Age: 6
Instrument: Keyboard
Tone: 999
Rhythm: 999
Originality: 999
Band: "MILK!" (Pro)
Genre: R&B
Star Ranking: 1st
Tama Fans: 386,088,134
Jenny the Makiko (Incidentally also his wife)
Louis the Dorotchi
Ainsley: Oh my goodness! Look at her -- she's adorable, Dylas!
Dylas: Hahah, yeah! She got it from me.
Jenny: Hilarious.
Ainsley: What've you named her?
Dylas: Night! Because...the night is cool!
Ainsley: Well, that's as good a reason as any.
Louis: If that thing starts screaming in the middle of the night and it wakes me up, I'm allowing myself to drink milk straight from the jug.
Jenny: That's not fair! That's guaranteed to happen!
Louis: Looks like I'm gonna be a jug-drinker, then.
Ainsley: Oh, guys make it look like so much fun!
Dylas: Make what?
Ainsley: Parenthood! I always thought it would be awful.
Jenny: What gave you that idea?
Ainsley: I didn't have the best examples, to be quite honest.
Jenny: Say no more, dear. Take it from me, it's simultaneously the best and worst thing in the world. I mean, Night screams. A lot.
Ainsley: Still...
Louis: You're getting pretty old, aren't you, Ainsley? 7 years...just 2 more and you'll be an oldie.
Ainsley: Oh, g-goodness...that sounds...less than favorable...excuse me! There's something I have to do!

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While I appreciate your offer more than you could possibly know, I have elected to instead marry Hideki, the Gozarutchi I've been seeing. No one has ever listened to me quite like he does. We're going to move to Gozaru Village and live near his family. I've met them already and they treat me as their own. It feels so nice to have a real family. Not that you aren't family to me, of course! But I'm sure you know what I mean. His mother was showing me a neat trick involving pointed darts just earlier today! So, while I've enjoyed my stay with you, it's time I move on and have a family with my husband. Of course, I can count on you to care for my daughter, can't I? Her name is Celeste.


Oh...this is so much harder than I thought it would be. I wanted to write you a letter so I wouldn't start crying like a baby in front of you. You've been a wonderful caretaker, and an even more wonderful friend to me. I'll be sure to visit from time to time, of course!

Thank you for being the parent I didn't have.


Your Friend,


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Hm. Looks like I've a Momoirotchi to take care of.


...Oh. Hello, my dear reader. I didn't realize you were watching.

It's nice to see you still around.

Unfortunately, there isn't much to report. But I'm glad you came by.

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    • By Deru-sama
      Well, here I am, writing a log. I'm currently running the DMPC PC game, version 3, and plan on buying some Tamagotchis next time I get my money.

      I chose the Machine-type egg, and it hatched into this:

      It's cute, but it's been a few hours and it still hasn't evolved. I'm getting pretty impatient...

      Will let y'all know when it does.


      I'm setting up a Wing Guardians 'mon for it to battle against.
    • By Silverwolf30
      Hello there well i got my very first tamagotchi today. I got the fairy pink one. The video i saw of it got me exited to try  and raise one of my own. Cant wait to see what adventures we will get in. Ill keep posting and updating as much as possible.💖 Well my egg hatched into shizukutchi  he is adorable I fed him the baby food then i gave him a bath. he went to the bathroom for the first time now im playing with him to get his happiness higher. he is my first generation tamagotchi. I think at seven he will fall asleep im not sure tho. Just now I just had to use the first aid kit on him. His happiness level is four bars so thats good. Ill also be posting pictures of his growth. I just notice they have baby cookies for the baby I dint know that.😁 I took a picture of him with the camera im going to keep pictures of him when he evolves from each stage ill have memories of him.





    • By Popgotchi
      I can’t believe it’s been more than a year since I last visited/updated my previous Tamagotchi log. I am back, sorta, with some changes to me and my Tamagotchis!
      After a bit of backtracking, I found out that I stopped updating my 20th Anniversary Mix log after the 15th generation, but I kept running it until the 21st generation. I had a habit of downloading and saving all of the sprites during that time. Sadly, I am pretty sure that I stopped doing that since it became a hassle and it didn’t really serve a purpose other than to preserve memories, which is already something that I have done with the log anyways. If I get a cute Tamagotchi in my new generations then I may do this.
      2 months ago, I bought a Sanrio Meets off of Hobby Link Japan. I wasn’t actually thinking of buying it because by then I hadn’t touched my Tamagotchis for a while. At the same time, I really wanted to own a Sanrio Tamagotchi since I missed out on the Sanrio Mix, and I was not going to pay $100+ for it. So in the end, I decided to buy it once it was back in stock with the mindset that if I didn’t use it as much, I could sell it for a bit of profit.
      The Sanrio Meets is the first Meets that I have, and probably the only one that I will own. I know that I am super late to the party too, but I would like to start my log nevertheless. I am also very happy that there is also a Tamagotchi Meets App which allows you to connect the device to play games, receive/transfer items and even marry other people’s Tamagotchis! This will also mean that there can be more variety in terms of the offspring which I like very much, as someone with only one Mix and Meets to play with. I think that the additional free items that you can get in the app keeps the Tamagotchi quite lively with new content (like DLC), something that was lacking in, say, the V3 and the Mix (unless you had access to the Mix stations, which I do not as someone outside of Japan).
      My concern with having another Tamagotchi Log is that the content will get quite stale after a while, as seen with my Mix log. I was struggling to add anything new apart from recording each generation’s growth stages and who they married, so please pardon the ‘slow days’ that I predict will happen the longer this log gets. 
      As seen with the title, I will be running my 20th Anniversary Mix alongside my Sanrio Meets. I'll also try to include the Meets app and all the cool things that you can get from it. My updates may be not be daily so in that case I will make a summary over what has happened.
      I'm looking forward to this new journey! 
    • By *CrazyChick*
      I decided after seeing all these logs I should really keep up with it! I take pictures as often as I can when my tama evolves or marries but I would rather start fresh.
      Today my little Aitichi evolved and shes is so adorable. Here is a picture of her. Shes a bit bratty honestly and needs alot of attention.

      Before her I had a family of 6 generations, I got sick unfortunately and she died while I was taking care of my serve cold. And as a background of that tree, it was cursed. Those eyes just would never go, and the hat was almost impossible to get rid of. And before she died, I dropped it on concrete at work, my bag decided enough was enough and just dropped it. Its a shame the family tree image is too large for here but another time I'll post it all together for everyone to see.
    • By GotchiManic
      Day 1: I received my tamagotchi entama in the mail yesterday, it was the best thing to happen. I inserted the cr2032 in the battery compartment and preformed a reset. I got a sense of childhood from starting it up.
      Then I received the first egg upon waiting, the egg looked like it had hearts on it. It hatched after waiting for a few minutes. I got a cute female young Mametchi named Aiko, I have never seen anything so adorable in such a long time. I decided to play the card match game with my Aiko, turns out i actually like that mini-game. Hopefully I can achieve something with my Mametchi.   
    • By mytamamemory
      Hey there! I'll be journaling my first Tama On diary. 
      This afternoon I intended to start over a new generation since my teen evolved and I got Gozarutchi *again* due to bad care... And by bad I mean hours of neglect by sleeping in til noon and crazy part time shifts. The ninja hat trait was so persistent through the previous family tree and it wasn't my most favourite.
      BUT I decided I couldn't go through another tamagotchi funeral after the last one (it was too painful tbh)
      RIP great-great-grandchildren of Gozarutchi I. He was a weird looking combo but overall sweet boy. 
      So I decided to keep my Gozarutchi II in loving memory of the previous Gozarutchi the I clan.
      Almost as an apology I fed him some curry from Tama Farm which he seemed to enjoy. Then I aimed to marry him off. 
      Mister Goza also caught me off guard doing some paintings action. This was new. It was funny he was frustrated to get the ducks to stand up so he could paint them lol. 

      We went ahead and bought the grand wedding ring. Costed 5000 G so that lucky gal better be saying yes. Our boi is flaming with passion.

      The unforgettable moment awaits...! Without any further delay he heads off to find the girl of his dream... 

      We just got ourselves a Pizza Wife. So long, sad, single-life! Surviving my initial murder intention, my boy is officially in the manhood and properly wife-d. 
      Fast forward the honeymoon we now have a cute custard baby. He does look like a little custard bun. I named him baby Hope. I noticed in the last generation that if I marry a tama with another prominent head-trait, it dominates over the ninja head trait. My Pizza wife does have a pizza head, I wonder if this time that could dominate over the ninja trait.