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Question for those of you who make faceplates!

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Hey guys! Once my 4U Plus arrives next week, I want to make faceplates. I am so excited, I have been waiting to get one for like a year now.


Anyways, I was wondering what you call the tiny items you put in the resin? That sounds so stupid but I can't think of what they'd be called. Is it just 3d nail art decorations? Or what? :huh:


Thanks in advance for your help! :wub:

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I do not make the custom faceplates (But maybe I will one day!) so I am just going buy what I have seen and what I think they are. There are 3 possibilities for the tiny objects.


1. Like you said "3D nail art" decorations or decals. The most common you will find are Fimo sticks which are sliced for nail art.

2. hand made mini's usually using sculpt. You cna make them yourself of buy them. (They are expensive..)


3. Paint! If you something with the right shading and then poor resin/clear solid over it it looks 3D! Here is a video of a very advanced way of doing it. For something small on a tamagotchi you would only need 1 layer of paint, just adding the resin on top makes a properly shaded drawing pop!


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