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"Dinky Dino"-- fake? It won't be silent.

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I now have 2 Dinkie Dinos--- one aqua one labeled Dinkie Dino I've had since the 1990s, and a new red one labeled Dinky Dino.


The new red one is what I'm asking about.


The new red one says "Dinky Dino" on the package. The package is brown and more plain, all in English.


The buttons are the same, except "enter" is on the bottom left and "esc" is in the bottom middle.


The screen size etc. is the exact same as my aqua one from the 1990s, but there are no + = battery labels inside of it.


The red one plays like the aqua one if I remember right, but my aqua one's buttons are worn out so I can't test it easily. The red one doesn't have a shower. The left/right buttons on the red one also both do the same thing-- scroll down the menu options, not actually going right/left or up/down.


My old aqua one I could make silent by pressing the right and left buttons for 3 seconds. The new red one won't go silent.


Does it sound like my new red one is fake, or just a different style? The seller said it was vintage 1990s. Thanks!



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I'm sorry, but I think that's a fake one. The Dinkie Dino (the original) has a different packaging, as you mentioned the ESC and Enter is switched, also the colour of the red is off.To be honest even the shape is a little different and the dino paint on the front. Maybe you could message the seller and tell them it's not an original so you could get your money back? There's a few topics here on Tamatalk how to determine a real one, check it, so you will know next time. :)

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Yep, your red one is a fake. My aqua Rakuraku Dinokun is the same as yours, only the Japanese version. Even for the English one, the packaging for your red one is wrong, as well as the shape. Similar yeah, but different. If you can't mute it, then it is fake.

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