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Using displex... Tama IDL

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So I recently traded for a Tama IDL, 15th anniversary edition. And it isn't in the best cosmetic shape. It isn't incredibly horrible, no marks on the actual screen and the purple shell is not "sun burned" which I never even knew was possible until I aquired this Tama lol... but the "15" symbol is very scratched off, and the clear plastic surrounding the screen is very scratched.


I am wondering if displex (which I know is for fixing scratches on screens) could work if I tried to use it to fix some of the scratches on the clear plastic around the screen? I do not want to attempt if it will make the plastic cloudy. So, anyone who has attempted this, or knows anything about displex at all (I've never used it) I appreciate any suggestions ^-^

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Displexing the surface of a tamagotchi might make design paint rub off, but if the "15"-symbol is already gone, that should not be an issue. I have displexed a tamagotchi surface before a few times, and though the plastic might be too hard to let the scratches get well dissolved, the surface will at least look shinier and less worn. I've never experienced or heard of displex making anything cloudy, so it should be fine. :)

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