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Yay! My first log. :)

Today, at 9:50, I hatched my dreamtown.

Surprise, it's a girl! A hungry, crying, Pinkbotchi. I decided to call her AURYN, from the Neverending Story. :D

She pooped, I fed her some bread, and we played Tennis. We then proceeded to Music Cafe for a crepe, which we ate with Charatchi.


I don't have much time now, but I'll update this tonight when Auryn is old enough for some roleplay. I will attach pictures later, but I'm doing this from my iPad so I can't do it for this post.



Creds to Salad and Rukitchi for the roleplay idea. Oh and Salad inspired me to start this so yeah. :3

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Soo... AURYN IS NOW A TODDLER (cheering in background) She is a little Petithanatchi!

OK, so my first post was made at school (sorry, I couldn't wait!). And... well I totally forgot to add stats and had no time to set up a roleplay thang so....

Blue=Hapi/Momo (me)



Hehe! Hi everybody, I'm Auryn! According to my foster parent, I'm named after an amulet from one of her favorite books!

That's right!

Oh oh! Today we went to the Tama Circus and Liontchi and I jumped through flaming hoops!

Haha, that was fun! Auryn, you have the pleasure of sharing those numbers with everybody!


Dream Town:


0 YR

23LB (whoah... she's getting chubby!)




And (drumroll please) PICTURRRRES! Or not...


EDIT: WHAT?!? I took a picture from my phone, emailed it to myself and uploaded it here. It just says "You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community." Oh well.


I have the Colorful Bubbles shell (I hate pink, why'd I buy this one?) and then changed the faceplate!


I feel like the Dream Town doesn't get the respect it deserves. People are so hung-up on how bad the first wave of Tamagotchi Friends is, with the Coffretchi glitch and all. The dream town is really awesome with all the features! And not to mention the poster it comes with that shows all the characters. :D


Well.. That's all folks! -Porky Pig BYEEE!!

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Around 1:30 today, Auryn evolved into a Neotchi! That means I took perfect care of her (yesss)!


I'm still deciding whether I should take her to the beautician class or the chef class... maybe both to make it random? Or maybe she's more of a musician?


Hmm... I think it would be cool to play the Smapi, but food sounds yummy!

Ok! Let's just play all the games once and see what you like best!


10 minutes later...


GYAHHHH!! TOO MANY CHOICES!!! *buries head under pillow*

It's alright, let's just do a little more research and see what character fits your personality best.


Alright readers, here's the famous numbers:


Dream Town:


1 YR





Stay tuned, I'll be updating y'all on what class Auryn chooses!

*paces* Hmm... I think I want to do chef class... No, no it's musician class... No, no... What about performer class? There's also robot class.... :huh:

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I am so sorry but I was to busy to update yesterday. If you've seen my prof., you know it was my birthday. :) I did have an amazing b-day, yes, yes.


Anyways, I picked Chef Class! On February 12, Auryn evolved into a winking Patitchi!


I'm afraid I won't have much time anymore... I was gonna stop this log... then I decided I'd just attempt to keep it up. I'll just post a brief summary of what happened each day. I don't have time to write out a whole role play thang. (SORRY!)


SO... Until next time!

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Woah.. talk about a long time no see! Anyways, on the 15th, Auryn got married to Tacttchi! They had a beautiful little puff, a.k.a. Aokumotchi. I decided to name him Tot.

He proceeded to evolve into a Mitsumarutchi, and then a Cosmotchi! I tried to get him to be a Spacytchi, but I must not have took the sewing class enough. The next day he evolved into a Monakatchi. Sorry my logs are so boring... :( I just don't have the time anymore... But soon I'll have a P's and hopefully it'll be a bit more exciting!

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Hai, I'm back! :D


I just started my P's yesterday and I think I'm gonna try a bit of roleplaying again! Oh and no more dream town, I paused it so I could focus on my P's.

I started with Pinkbotchi. She pooped, got sick and ate lots of rice. After a cat nap, she awoke, only to evolve into a blooming Petithanatchi! I took her to daycare and she drew me a picture!


I messed around with my P's. I haven't installed the patch yet, I'll do it on Sunday. Oh and expect a Dinkie Dino and a yellow iD in my log soon! So exciteeeee.


I'll update with some roleplay tomorrow, when -***- (yes that's her name lol) evolves into a teen. Oh and I'm aiming to adopt a Yumecyantchi, she's so adorable!!


Whelp, thanks for reading this even though it's so boring and picture-less.... I'll try to fit in another post with roleplay tomorrow.


ze numbahs:




0/4 Puzzle Pieces

1 YR




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She sounds adorable! 8D Maybe when I get a better update on my log we can RP our Tamas together!

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Gahhh, what a lack of updates.

Anyways, she evolved into Nokobotchi and then Lovelytchi! I waited 'till she accumulated all 4 puzzle pieces before going to the date place. She married Mametchi and had a baby boy! He ended up being a Mogumogutchi and almost died... (evidence of how busy I've been)


Anyways, I took out the batteries since I wasn't able to care for him. Good timing too, because I just got my yellow iD from japanyouwant on eBay. It came with the instructions, 3 stickers and a handwritten note. :D


I started it up and watched my new baby boy hatch! I named him Gumbo and cared for him.


I just hope he isn't as needy as my P's was. ;)

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That sounds pretty cool! 8D I'm in the same boat (sort of), I might have to take the batteries out of my other Friends so I can focus on trying to get better at raising the Music Star. Harper and his band ended up switching to the Pop Genre after getting the 1st Rank Award for Asian music and I wanna snag that before marrying him off.

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