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Differences between Tamagotchi Nano series, and Nano/Chibi/Depa types

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Is there a difference between the Tamagotchi Nano series 1-4, besides the series 4 having a different evolution chart?

Theres also two more Tamagotchi nano variations that seem to be called 'depa's, rather than 'series 1/2/3/4', is there a difference between the 'depa' tama's and the nano series?


And one last thing, which is better, the Nano, or the chibi?




Reference for the tamagotchi nano variations:

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The Depa ones are just shell designs of the 4th wave ones that were exclusive to the Japanese Tamadepa stores actually.


Other than the evolution chart, there's pretty much no difference inside the waves. Waves 1-3 only had different shell designs. Wave 4 introduced some new characters with new shell designs and I think that was it.


The nano is better than the Chibi I think. If I remember there's a little game on the nano that the Chibi doesnt have. The Chibi only has feeding and medicine as available features while the nano has bigger sprites, feeding, a game and medicine.

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      I've had my tamagotchi nano for a very long time but over the years, due to a few mishandlings, I've dropped it a few times and it's not functioning as it should be.
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      Bandai Japan will be rereleasing the Tamagotchi Mini (Chibi Tamagotchi) in Japan this April!
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      To further celebrate the 20th anniversary of Tamagotchi, Bandai Japan is rereleasing the Tamagotchi Mini in Japan! Although there is limited information provided about this new Mini there appears to be 6 characters, five characters are listed, and one is kept a secret on the official website.

      There are 6 different shell designs for the 2017 Mini, all of which are identical to the original Tamagotchi shells. Fans in Japan will not have to wait until April to get their hands on 2017 Mini! The Tamagotchi Mini will be released on April 8th, 2017 and will cost 1620 Yen. There will be an event in mid March where fans can get a hold of them weeks before the official launch, more information to follow.
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      Nano Puppy (Original Version Green Shell) - 51 years
      New Gens
      Tamagotchi 4U (White Shell) - 5 generations (kept getting the same characters over and over so I quit)
      Tamagotchi Ps (Yellow Shell) - 3 generations (was playing at the same time as 4U and couldn't keep them straight)
      I feel like the original tamas are pretty hard to keep alive after the first 10 days or so, so I'm proud of my measly 17 years! What are your personal bests?