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Tamagotchi iD L 15th Anniversary Character Selection

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Ok Is anyone mad that the Characters on the 15th Anniversary aren't exactly paired up? Like Dazzelitchi is a character, but no Dreamitchi! I really think they could/should have added Dreamitchi in any way, at least, make him the other special character. they did the Princess and Prince. I really like that there are characters we haven't really seen as often, but seriously. I think it's because nostalgic feelings hit me a few weeks ago about TamaTown/Music City and I really want to enjoy having Dreamitchi again, but sadly he is not obtainable at all anymore unless you guess a passcode for a boys destiny star...


I don't know, is anyone wishing that a certain character was on the 15th Anniversary Version?


Side Note: I hope Bandai does another fan vote Tamagotchi version, maybe the 20th Anniversary?

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Well sadly I guess lots of people voted for Dazzilitchi but not Dreamitchi x.x


I was surprised to see Antoinetchi make it because she's kinda unappealing and I didn't know she was popular.


It would have been nice to see Sister Otogitchi, since she's super cute and Brother Otogitchi is there.


The version has a few characters already on the iD L and stuff, like Guriguritchi and Watawatatchi. They're super cute but it would have been more interesting to see characters that haven't been raisable on a colored release before, like Chantotchi and Tosakatchi.

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