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any1 with a galaxy s6 able to use 4u app?

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And by able to use i mean have you actually downloaded something yet x-x; I can get the step 1 part done with ez but the step 2 downloading part takes awhile to find connection to nfc i guess. Haven't really downloaded anything yet. I have hope for my phone cuz i believe i almost did it until my phone screen save started up and ruined my closest chance :v it always tells me put devices apart and put together again which is annoying each time cuz i dont exactly put it in the same place doing that. ooo also in stage 2 in the middle of it the random nfc happens and makes it d.c from my phone or w.e

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The official 4U app works fine with my S6 and 4U+. After the "step 1" connection finishes and the "step 2" screen comes up, just move the devices apart for a moment then put them back together, and it should be fine. You'll have to tap the screen again.


It's weird that it's doing the random connection thing, that shouldn't happen... are you making sure to select 4Uアプリ from the connection menu before touching it to your phone?


I haven't tried Mr Blinky's app but I assume it would work the same way.


Good luck!

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