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Tamagotchi P's Infrared Phone Issues

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Ok so I'm currently attempting to patch my Tamagotchi P's to english.


The problem I'm having is whenever I try to send the image via infrared the phone just comes up with 'No device found'.


It's a Sony Ericsson Z310I which is on the list of compatible phones over at tama-zone. I pick the third option on the connections section of my tama p's. I can't think where I might be going wrong.


Any ideas guys?

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I'm wondering the same thing, because I just got a palm Treo just for my Gotchis, and while I was able to send a cookie recipe to one, the very same gotchi won't recieve any other files. The phone just stopped registering its existence after the first one worked perfectly. I used to have the USB IRDA device, so I'm used to them acting finicky and having to retry fifty eleven times, but it worked so easily the first time, (and never again) that I'm wondering what else I can try.




So far, I'm seeing things on other parts of the forum/other sites where a fully charged battery in the phone made a difference in the use of the IR transfer. Since this dinosaur takes forever to charge, I'm going to leave it alone and try again in a few hours.


The only other suggestion I found is rebooting the phone, but that doesn't look like an option for the dinosaur. I think I can only turn the phone service off/on, but it may help you.


*EDIT #2* Not to be defeated by obsolete technology, I started playing around in my phone settings, and found that I can alter the transfer rate. I'm going to see if that helps at all, and I'll let you know if it's something to look into on yours. I tried to serve the web for advice on ideal IR Transfer Rates, because I remember reading something about that when I originally configured the USB dongle, but I am having a time of it trying to find where I had found that before. Trial and error, AHOY!

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It turns out the problem with my phone in particular was twofold. One- direct sunlight. My living room was too bright in the afternoon with too much direct sunlight coming through the open windows. Got this tip-off from a PDF download of the phone's User Manual. Two- the phone's manual says nothing about this, but I can't get it to work with the battery charging. Figured this out when I wondered how fast the battery would drain if I wasn't keeping it plugged in all the time. (The rechargeable is temperamental about charging and fast to drain itself, basically shot, after all, it's 13 years old.)


The default transfer settings work perfectly for me, so long as the phone is unplugged, and the room is on the darker side. (Not too dark, really, just indirect sunlight.)


If these don't apply to solving your issue, try something weird. I would have never thought the sun and the power cord were my problems if it didn't consistently work.

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