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Hey Pixel Chix + Undertale Fans!

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For Undertale fans: Heyo guys! Im back! And I have questions for all you Undertale fans, What part do you like in Undertale? If you do not wanna answer that then What was the funniest part in Undertale? The best part was for me is that when The ending of Pacifist run. And what is the funniest part of Undertale is that When Papyrus dates you and he wears a funny costume :D WARNING, PEOPLE WHO ARE SPOILERS OF UNDERTALE DO NOT READ THIS ONE , JUST SKIP TO THE PIXEL CHIX ONE, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED I REPEAT, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! :excl: For Pixel Chix fans: Hiya guys~ Im back with another Pixel Chix question for all of you guys! Ahem, If you were able to be a Pixel Chix character who would it be? if you do not wanna answer that then What type of Pixel Chix animal would you be? Me I would be the baby because its soo cute Goo goo gaa gaa~ :babytchi:

And what type of animal? Mmm~ probably a cat Mew ;)

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Oh my gosh, I'd be the baby too.

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    • By noobish
      I bought a working Pixel Chix Babysitter house and here are the issues I found:
      1. I cannot rotate floors. It started in the living room and somehow I turned it to the bathroom but now it won't budge.
      2. There is no sound what so ever.
      Please help me fix these problems!
    • By glitterbrat7
      Hi loool. I’m not new to this site, but I’ve never posted before. 
      im having troubles with my pixel chix. I have the pink and yellow house. It resets every couple of hours, and it kills my batteries also in a couple of hours. Any idea how I can fix that? Like why the hell does it keep resetting? 
    • By KidRetro64
      Hey Hello!
      Its me, sorry I think this is the right place? No sure but mm.. :/
      So, guess who arrived today! My Babysitter Pixel Chix, AND my Vacation home 2 Storey (squee!)
      Anyways, back to the point since they are new, I have NO IDEA how to work the Babysitter! (Note: I have not pressed any buttons, cause no batteries yet!)
      So, with 4 normal buttons, 2 arrow things and.. A middle bit? Dont know what that bit is!
      Help Needed!
      Silvie xxx
    • By ~SkrillexGotchi~
      Author's note: Sadly, no pictures this time until I can figure out how (plus my phone's memory space is low), so enjoy what I have to offer for now. And this has been highly requested, so here ya go, no more waiting!
      As I opened my box on the day it came, I was astonished. It was beautiful, and it never ceased to amaze me.
      I did the usual set up, even if it was in Japanese, as I could understand it.
      My username was UTALE (short for Undertale, it also had two Tamagotchi symbols in the beginning and end of my username).
      As I finished setting it up, the egg aimlessly wandered onto my screen.
      I was waiting for the egg to hatch, wondering if it was a baby boy or girl.
      It then began the hatching process. I waited in anticipation.
      Out hatched a perfectly healthy baby boy (Tamabotchi), named Sans.
      I had fed him several baby bottles until he refused to have another.
      I then fed him some packets of teething biscuits to raise his happiness a little bit.
      I then saw him at the corner of the screen, looking miserable. The poor skele-gotchi child was so sullen, I had to play with him a little bit.
      As we all know, babies love rattles. Just once did I shake it, and Sans was overjoyed.
      I pressed the C button and he was waddling around the room, looking cute.
      Just a few second after he went back to looking sad again. One rattle, shaken not stirred.
      I saw him make an odd face and then some lines in a wavy pattern appeared beside him. I thought clicking the toilet icon would help, and apparently he had to use the potty. Didn't know babies could be trained so fast.
      When he evolves into a toddler, maybe he can finally talk? I guess that's up for nature to decide.
      As I was pondering all of that, poor little guy got sick. Luckily I gave him some meds, and he was fine!
      After a few hours of having fun, he evolved into Mittsupotchi (which I assume was due to low happiness) and went to sleep.
      Tune in for the next post on what happens next to our dear Sansy.
    • By MataChan
      Ok earthlings, I just found out of how to debug your Pixel Pet, Keep on pressing the tick button repeatedly until you see cobwebs, some black thing that has thease smell mark stuff and you see your Hamster \ Puppy have a mad face. Try it, it is really fun!
    • By MataChan
      A few days ago, I ordered a Pixel Chix Puppy house on Ebay, and It did not come today, no nu nu dummy Soon its gonna be coming, probably Tomarrow or some day, Country: Not telling, why? Because Hello Privacy? Sorry if it is Too bright, I'll just leave it
      If someone tells you to be a different person, don't listen to them, Just Be Perfect & Be Yourself.