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Cheaper Mutsu Alternative (Fin Fin Friends)

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The Mutsu Water Looper has become rare, or at least I am having no luck finding one online. On Youtube today I encountered a line of pets called Fin Fin Friends and they're basically a cheaper, easier to find alternative to a Mutsu. There's a lot of available creatures too, such as a clown fish, shark, turtle and even an odd one that's the combination of a dog and a fish. This video shoes the turtle and its habitat in action:



It doesn't seem like these guys were too popular, which is a shame because they're really cute! ^_^

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      Decerion created a game called Huédango in 2017. It is quite similar to Tomagotchi.

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      TM edit: A little too much promotional text and linkage to comply with our site rules, so I've edited it.
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      I discovered these guys a while ago and I forgot to make a thread about them! These look really interesting, but like most virtual pets they have fallen to obscurity and there's not a lot of information online.

      It's a game where you create your own alien warrior to fight viruses. There are three versions of the game, Spino (red), Cycro (green, shown above) and Plasmo (blue). What the differences are between these versions are I'm not sure, I'm guessing you start off with different items. You can build your alien and take body parts from the viruses you destroy to make him/her stronger. The commercial shows some of this:

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