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Pocket Hello Kitty

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I'm interested in getting a vintage Pocket Hello Kitty but I'm having trouble finding any english instructions. Searching isn't turning up any results. Anybody know about these or know where to find instructions in english?


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    • By Kikichi_Star
      This Easter i got a hello kitty tamagotchi. After a month or two, some thing weird happend. Every time a event happend like cleaning or hatching, When it happend on cleaning, I reset. THEN IT GOT TRAPPED ON HATCHING!!!! It might be a battery glitch but, THE START UP NOISE PLAYED AT NIGHT!!! At about 5 or 4 am, the noise played too LONG got CORRUPTED SOUNDING. You dont know how it sounded? This is what it did. DO DO Doo DO DoOO DOO DOOo!!!! IT GOT SOO ANOYING!! 
      PLEASE HELP!!!!!!! 
    • By Penguin-keeper
      I've noticed lately that a number of TamaTalk regulars are fans of the Kirby series, myself included (heck, my favourite nostalgic Tamagotchi moment is directly linked to the Kirby series!), so I figured that I'd make a thread for us to chat about this wonderful series from HAL Laboratory and Nintendo.
      It's been almost 18 months since the last mainline game, which was Kirby Star Allies for the Nintendo Switch (one of my favourite entries in the series, and also one of my favourite 2D platformers of all time from any series - and I've played rather a lot of those, so that's high praise), so it feels to me like we're due for a new side-game sometime soon. I'm really looking forward to seeing what we'll get next, since the Kirby side-games are usually interesting.
      Personally, I'd love to see a new Kirby pinball game, as there hasn't been one in years, and I'm quite fond of pinball.
    • By Penguin-keeper
      As fellow TamaTalkers might have heard, Nintendo will be releasing a minor revision of the Switch at the end of September, known as the Switch Lite.
      The Switch Lite is not dockable and will be handheld-mode only, and has been created in response to just how many people play in handheld-mode on the existing model, though it can also be paired with external wireless controllers as well if need be.
      It'll be launching in grey, turquoise, and yellow, and there'll also be a limited-edition design based around the Pokemon Sword & Shield legendaries, Zacian and Zamazenta.
      I pretty much exclusively play my Switch in handheld-mode, so moving over to a Switch Lite makes good sense for me, and I plan on picking up a yellow one. Will anybody else be doing the same? If so, which colour will you be picking up, or are you hoping to see a particular look offered before you go for it?
    • By toxic_Makiko
      If anyone here who plays Nintendogs+Cats?Maybe we can have a small chit-chat about it!
      My dog's name is Goldie and she's a Golden Retriever!Also,I'm a bit poor (;-
    • By SonicBlades
      I managed to get my scanner to work so this time I didn't have to take a picture of a picture!
      For those who don't get it, allow me to explain, though it'll contain minor spoilers. Mallow is a character from the SNES game Super Mario RPG. Separated from his parents as a baby, he was raised by frogs and so grew up believing he was a frog. Eventually he learns he's not really a frog (which is pretty obvious since he looks nothing like one, he can't jump for beans, and he's able to control the weather) and he travels alongside Mario to find his real parents.
      Since Mallow once believed he was a frog I figured why not stick him in the old Frog Suit from Super Mario Bros. 3? I was actually surprised to see no one had done this before.