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Tamagotchi M!X Log

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Hello! Aibou here~

This is my first Tama log, so if you have any suggestions on stat recording and whatnot, let me know!


I'm going to be recording my Blue Spacey M!X, but I didn't think to do this until the 3rd stage of my 2nd Gen.


Sorry about picture quality, though. And I appreciate any comments at all about p much anything! There will be less imgs in each post since this is introductory, btw~


General Information



.;°Unlocked Places°;.

Tama Town
Patchi Forest
Flower Hills

.;°Married Tamas°;.

Starter: Lovelytchi



.;°Gender Tracker°;.

Females: 2
Males: 1

First Log



This is.. Mameraburitchi? I dunno, I'll just give them rando nicks for now, like I have been with the others aha. Tho I'll stick with this one for her~



And currently she is my Gen 2! Her parents are Lovelitchi and Mametchi! I only had Lovelitchi for an hour before Mametchi proposed suddenly and I felt bad saying no.


Anyways, not much happened today! I've been.. abusing the onsen.. instead of playing games..


Nighty night, now!



Name (Nick): Mameraburitchi

Stage: 3rd

Happiness: Half

Money: 30,585G

Time of Logging: 8:36pm

Major Events: Evolved into 3rd stage, every character accessible and marry-able is at Red now. Hoping to marry Kikitchi.

I'll prolly do doodles of at least each adult stage~

Blank Log

Name (Nick): X

Stage: X

Happiness: X

Money: XG

Time of Logging: 00:00

Major Events: X

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How cuuuute! It starts out well, hope you go on instead of losing patience like me! :) btw your art is super cutesy ^_^

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How cuuuute! It starts out well, hope you go on instead of losing patience like me! :) btw your art is super cutesy ^_^



Omgg thank you so much sobs


Hopefully I can keep at it at least for a few gens!

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Second Log




Hi! Back again with my 2nd log!









Quite a few things happened today. Mameraburitchi evolved first thing after she woke up.



I'm a bit disappointed with her outcome, I liked that she had the fuzzy ears but lacked the fuzzy head, but I wasn't a fan of the overly Mametchi look to her.

She's naked, is what I'm saying, and it's strange to see Lovelytchi's features on a blank body. She was a bit simple for my tastes, but not the kind where it's charming.

Maybe that's just me, but I love her nonetheless.









So ofc I married her off within an hour. I got Kikitchi, just as I had planned. I mostly just liked him best out of all the other males I currently had access to. I'm not too big on his hood that passes on generally, but I do love his face so I hope the baby has a cute face.

As you can see, it's a boy!










I really want to marry The Acorn , not because I find her exceptionally cute or anything, but just because she's an acorn.

I'd like to think of this as a date, but.. K.. Kiki.. Kikimametchi is like, a baby SOOOO.


As you can see I also unlocked the Spacy Land thing! I unlocked the Flower Hills, as well~ I'd like to try getting the wings from Planet Dude, but I reaaally don't want to risk that gobe head running through the generations, rampant globe head.





Name (Nick): Kikimametchi


Stage: 2nd


Happiness: Half


Money: 35475G


Time of Logging: 9:43pm


Major Events: Mameraburitchi evolved in the morning and then married Kikitchi at 9:05am, had a baby boy. Unlocked Flower Hills. Unlocked Spacy Land. The Acorn is at red, and is the current marry-goal.





Obligatory art



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Third Log




Hey hey! Not much at all happened today for Kikimametchi.









Kikimametchi evolved today in the morning, I like the cute scarf but I'm still not too big a fan of the hood. It kind of makes him look bald.









I tried to unlock Rainbow Hills but nothing I read online was working, I've heard it's random after 4 uses but no such luck.


However, I did unlock Berry Town, and honestly.. it's my favourite thing in the world. I bought the sweets background and used the banner and I'm in loooove. My aesthetic.. desserts..

Also I really love Chouchoutchi, among a few other new accessible Tamas.. But I'm still sticking with The Acorn for now~.







Name (Nick): Kikimametchi


Stage: 3rd


Happiness: Half


Money: 35,715G


Time of Logging: 8:59am (Last Night's Log)


Major Events: Unlocked Berry Town. Kikimametchi evolved into their 3rd stage, still looking a little vanilla.



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Fourth and Fifth Log



Hey guuyyyss... Sorry I haven't updated much. Don't worry, I took pics as needed, but I've had.. less than favourable outcomes. With my M!X.










To kick things off, Kikimametchi evolved. I died in class when he did, because of his eyes. He has his mother's eyes alright, and it was highly unexpected.










I kept him around for a while longer before I married him to his destined love, The Acorn . Of course, not without visiting the place for 5 minutes and getting everyone but The Acorn .

As you can see, another boy! I don't mind too much, I find myself preferring the female M!X characters anyways and this gives me a chance to marry them more.



I don't think I got pics of his toddler stage, but basically he was the orange again with the monkey hat. He was really orange, like, really orange. I've never seen something so orange in my life.









And then.. this this happened. The moment I saw him evolve I started to cry, literally I was crying. He was just... I'm so glad I no longer need to look at him like this anymore.

I even took a better picture with my webcam to show you him clearly.







Name (Nick): Kikimametchi


Stage: Adult


Happiness: Half


Money: 40,255G


Time of Logging: 8:00pm


Major Events: Married the girl of his dreams, Kikimametchi had a boy. The boy made me cry.



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Sixth Log



'Aight, back again after a few mins of messing around with my Tama.










So, meet This. And also say farewell because I've already married him. I'm really.. he's very amusing, still has the Lovelitchi eyes, has the weird Acorn body and tail, and still has the.. monkey hood.. Which I hope disappears soon.

I'd say he looks very much like a Kinder Egg surprise capsule, and I love him, despite what I'm saying.










So after I unlocked Berry Town I knew I needed like, everyone in it. I love everyone.. I love Berry-chan.. I love Waga Hair.. And whoever else was in there I dunno, those are the two I saw just now lksDLFLKSD.

And here we see they had a girl! Now I'm not sure who to marry her to.. I've mentioned before I like the girls so far more than the boys.. So, we'll see I suppose!








Name (Nick): This


Stage: Adult


Happiness: Under half


Money: 45,815G


Time of Logging: 8:33pm


Major Events: This managed to stick around longer than any other Tama despite my disappointment with his toddler stage. Married Berry-chan. I have semi high hopes for the new baby girl, but I don't want to regret saying tHIS.



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Seventh Log




Hello, hello. Apparently I'm mostly just updating at the end of each gen 'cuz nothing entirely noteworthy happens.









The baby girl came out super cute in her toddler stage! I love her cute purple berry head.. We got the eco bag thing, too~ She evolved first thing the next morning~!












I'm starting to think God has abandoned me.










However, Pink Kinder Egg Surprise evolved into this adorbs adult.. I had her around for a whole day before I finally married her, although reluctantly.


Also the baby is soooo orange omf






Name (Nick): Pink Kinder Egg surprise


Stage: Adult


Happiness: Under half


Money: 56,795G


Time of Logging: 6:30pm


Major Events:

Pink Kinder Egg Surprise got the Eco Bag on the 20th. Married the butterfly dude 'cuz there was practically no one else that wasn't uninteresting.


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      Hello everyone 
      And welcome to my first log! 
      I’ve been reading some amazing logs of the members and that got me excited to start one for my Tamas and show you all how I take care of them. 
      This log will include the Tamas I'm running, not necessarily one just so no one get confused 
      I will try and post daily, if not it’s going to be every two or three days.
      I hope you guys enjoy and if there’s anything you would like to add or say please leave a comment 
    • By Save_Tamagotchis
      I got my Tamagotchi ON today. The Green Magical.
      The Tama was a boy.
      So far there is a slight bit of lag with the buttons but nothing to hair pulling levels. The screw was really wedged in there, by the way you need a small flat head screw driver to remove the back to put batteries in and you need to pull down on the backing to slide it out.
      I fed him, he pooped twice so far and got a tooth ache from me trying to max is happiness out with snacks as I don't think games are available at the baby stage.
      Update: He pooped a few more times and I fed him some more before he grew up into a toddler, Hoshipontchi, the good care toddler so it looks like he's off to a good start! He went to sleep after that. Sadly because my Tama was delivered late in the evening I couldn't do much except the usual care for a baby before growth to a toddler. I'm sure if it was delivered earlier I could have played with him more.
      Also stinks because I have work tomorrow so now I have to unlock the hotel before I leave to make sure he's paused before I go.
      At least him becoming a toddler got me 300 gotchi points so that's enough for my work day plus travel time to and from work.