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Tamagotchi Mix Anniversary vs. Melody+Spacey?

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I'm thinking about getting a Tamagotchi Mix soon, and I absolutely LOVE the anniversary shell in comparison to the melody and spacey shells. Right now my first choice is the anniversary version but does it have anything special that the Spacey and Melody versions don't have? I know there are some things that are exclusive only to the Spacey version and some things that are exclusive only to the Melody version. Is there anything that's only exclusive to the Anniversary version? What are your thoughts? Which one did you pick out of the three and why?

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I recently ordered an Anniversary. Recently as in today, lol.

Now I don't have any M!xes or anything but I'll put in my 2 cents. :)
I decided anniversary over spacey/melody for a few different reasons. I'll try not to repeat myself but this might get messy.
So first of all, I chose it because there were more (and in my opinion, better) characters. You get the some of the normal characters (the melody/spacey exclusive ones not included since they're not on the anni.) plus the 10 "vintage" characters that replace some of the normal characters (Mimitchi, maskutchi, Shimashimatchi, etc.) and one character that was created by a fan (there was a contest). Here's a visual for you:
Second of all, the destinations are different. I don't know a whole lot yet about this, but I know there is Makkakka town so that's super cool!
And third of all, you can unlock all (or close to all) of the destinations without needing another mix. This is important to me because I don't want to have to buy another mix just to get the full experience. This is just from what I've heard. I have a feeling I'll like this one, idk why just something in me told me to go for it. If I do like it, I might have to buy another one and this is how you know you're a true collector jk
Watch some reviews, guides and unboxings on YouTube! This is what helped me make up my mind.
here's some helpful links btw
I hope this is helpful and sorry if I'm wrong about some of these things I don't actually know a lot I'm just pretending I do I'm just playing the "keep up with all the facts" game
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