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Custom wallpapers for tamagotchis - a guide!

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Hey guys so I have noticed some of y'all want to make backgrounds for your tamagotchis! I was in the same situation but I figured things out on my own but I think it would be really useful to actually have a guide handy so that the community can share their talent and sprite making skills!


Tools you will need:

A drawing program, you can even use MS Paint if you want that is what I sometimes use

Gimp 2

Id make DL 2.0 (the link on tamazone is down but mr blinky has it hosted on his website:

A tamagotchi p's, idl or iD (m!x doesnt have any downloads other than from the station and i dont know how to get custom wallpapers on the 4U app)

An irDA device that can send downloads to a tamagotchi (an old phone or usb dongle)



1. Make a wallpaper! You can use paint or any other wallpaper that can export bmp! The size is 128x72 and try to keep it under 16 colors so that when you convert it in gimp it wont look weird.

if you dont know where to start heres a base you can edit:Base.png

But as an example, I will use this wallpaper here that I made with this base:Example.png


If you do it in MS Paint remember to save as a 24 color bitmap so that the colors wont change!




2. Open Gimp and open your image

Now go into image at the top and mode then indexed



Once in the indexed window change the maximum amount of colors to 16 like shown here:



Press convert and hope for the best, if you used too many colors it may change a bit

Now you want to go into file-export as- and press the export button but when a window pops up,,

go into compatibility options and press do not write color space information like here:



Then press export and now you have your image to put into id make dl!


4.Open idmakeDL and you should have a window like this:



click on create new --> select the version of tamagotchi you want--> and select living room wallpaper


and when thats done you should get a window like this:



click on the black rectangle and load the bmp file you exported from gimp then on the clear rectangle next to it and click grab.



then you can change the name, price and serial number, im not really that confident on what to change but if you are planning on making multiple wallpapers you are gonna need to change it or it will replace any wallpaper with the same serial in the store.


Then when you are done, click the long clear rectangle at the top and press save:




then it will save as a .jpg file and you can treat it as any other download!


5.Put it on a irda phone via bluetooth or use an irDA dongle to beam your custom download to your tama!



ta daa!



Thanks for reading and I hope this tutorial helped, if you have any additional questions are have any more info just say in the comments!

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Wow! How did you do that? That actually looks very interesting! Too bad I don't have an ID L...



heh thanks, if you mean how to get the wallpaper onto the tama then I will explain. You can actually download things onto your tama! These could be items, wallpapers and games it added a whole new level of content and was what got me to buy a color tama. Some people then found out a way to make custom downloads! It was a whole new way to customise your tamagotchi and this tutorial here shows you how , If you ever get the chance I recommend buying an id L or a p's and trying this out for yourself!

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Too bad I only have an old Tama :/

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