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Question: Can I wake a sleeping V6?

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Hello, so this is a bit of random question but i was running my V6 (which i am currently obsessed with) and after it fell asleep i still wanted to play some more... So i was wondering; If you wake it up, will any of it's stats be lowered? And how long after you wake it up will it take for the tamagotchi to fall back asleep? Any and all information is much appreciated! Thanks

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Not too sure on this one, but...


There's nothing stopping you from changing the time to when your tama wakes up.


No ill effects. Firsthand experience. Just turn it back when you're done.


Not sure about color tamas, but for pretty much all the greyscale ones let you do this.

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I'm also currently running a v6 and I woke my teen Tama once by accident.

It just gets angry at you and goes back to sleep in...I'd say 10-15 minutes? I don't think it'll lower its stats but it might affect your care for them and their happiness/stress...that being said, it still grew into a Kuromametchi which basically needed perfect care, so I'm not too sure.


A much better alternative is that you can set the time back a few hours before their bedtime so you can play with them. You can manipulate time on the v6 (and the other english Tamas I'm pretty sure) to trigger events, such as the shop restock, matchmaker, music performances, pro debut round and Gotchi salary. They won't know a thing! :D :D

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You can do the time trick on any tama! Grayscale or color. Nothing will happen except they wake up, not stats will be different.

If you wake it up, the stress number will go up. After 15 minutes, it will go back to sleep. It will be angry but I doubt this affects care.

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