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~ 20th Anniversary ★ TamaM!X Log ~

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silly little banner intro lol

Hello everyone! As you can see in the title and banner, I will be logging the first Mix that I have got, which is also my second colour Tamagotchi. I hope that I can continue running this for a long time, as the idea of mixing the genetics was what made me get one in the first place.


It unexpectedly arrived today at around noon. eBay estimated the delivery to be between the 20th and 27th and it just so happened to come today. Not that I'm complaining though!

Here is the box--EMwtoQm.jpg


I took extreme caution when opening it. Didn't want to accidentally dent the adorable design. The seller also included a very sweet note in the box as well ^^

It looks even more prettier in person~ This shell design is my absolute favourite. I love how the pearly white shell and the purple buttons has a tiny glitter-like effect on them.


And so, I was all set to start up my first generation. I'm aiming to get a Makiko, one of my favourite Tamagotchis.


Getting a female was the first step to accomplish this. Despite the lack of a naming feature, I'll call her Rika.

I fed her the standard milk and potato chips(?) and played with the rattler to make her all happy. Already the Mix Tamas were better than the 4U/4U+. After my baby took a short nap, she grew into a Sakuramotchi and oh my goodness, what a cutie!!


Since it was April 20th, the Eco triplets came to visit Rika in the park. We got the Eco Badge in return. Then Rika took a trip to TamaTown to meet some friends.


In between this, I made Rika earn more than 6,000G. I spent the first 1,500G on the Flower Living to unlock the first destination. Next I bought the Ta-Matreshka to unlock the Gotchi King's Castle, and the Flower Seeds to unlock Rainbow Hills on a clear sunny day (it was raining in my Tama's little world).


To round off the day, she went to visit the backyard and here's the gloomy weather.


I will be racking up more points so that she can purchase anything she wants...or if the Eco triplet gives me the discounts for TamaDepa.


Well I think I wrapped up everything for today. I can't wait to wake up tomorrow and play with Rika. And then in the Teen stage, I'll have to purposefully neglect my poor Tama in order to get Makiko. I've managed to do this to get Orenetchi in my 4U, so I hope I won't accidentally neglect her to the point that she'll die.

Until tomorrow~! ^_^


Oh yeah, I'll also try to use this feature once I get my first adult. For anyone interested, to use this feature, you need to register for an account but you also have to change your country to Japan in order to be able to use the Mix website.

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Will be watching this log :)

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Will be watching this log :)

Ah thank you! I hope you will enjoy this log ^^

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Second day of my log entry!



Rika went to the park in the very early morning and met a peculiar looking Tama who sold us an assortment of items with a 50% discount. I ended up buying the cloud item since that one had the highest price.




It was a clear, sunny morning so I used the Flower Seeds in the garden to grow the beanstalk right away, unlocking Rainbow Hills.



We went to the various destinations to play with the other Tamas. Rika developed a close relationship with Kuromametchi and the level of lovers?! That's what the translation (こいびと) tells me. Anyways, we played a few rounds of chess. It triggered a special animation with Kuromametchi and I thought that was very cute.


Checkmate! Rika won against Kuromametchi :D his face in the bottom left pic though

I might marry her off to Kuromametchi when she reaches the Adult stage. Kuromametchi is my favourite male Tama, and one of the reasons why I had to buy the Anniversary Mix. I thought I could raise him as a character rather than just seeing him in the location for proposal reasons. Oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


The park area got upgraded. I have no idea what that means yet. Rika went to the Cafe/Restaurant to treat herself to a Sakura Shake with a friend that accompanied her.



Later on, I went downstairs to get something to eat and on the way back up I heard the growth beepings. Rika was no longer a Sakuramotchi! She turned into a Kilalatchi. I am pretty sure Kilalatchi was also on the Tama-Go. The bright pink body is very distinctive :D


I've noticed that the weight of the Tamagotchi wasn't even displayed on the status screen. Interesting to see that that was omitted, but at the same time that means I don't have to worry about playing the minigame in order to maintain a healthy little Tama. Kikitchi visited Rika in the gloomy afternoon. It put a smile on Rika's face to see that he gave...a banana to her as a gift?


Still a sweet gesture, but I'll still be leaning towards Kuromametchi to marry her off to. That is, if she does become a Makiko. I've been letting her hunger bar become empty in order to get the care misses. So far I've gotten two, and right after 15 minutes I will fill up one hunger bar, but then it takes about an hour for it to be empty again. I'm afraid of accidentally letting her die if I successively ignore the attention icon by starving her.

The second miss care led to her becoming ill but it was after 15 minutes. I treated her but the hunger bar was still empty. I want to see if she will beep again so I can get the next care miss.


Until tomorrow~☆!


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DAY THREE - Part One ★

I found out that after filling one hunger bar results in it becoming empty after 45 minutes. Then the attention icon will light up for 15 minutes. After the 15 minutes, I'd fill one hunger bar to repeat this cycle 8 times. It was still so hard to purposefully neglect poor little Rika...The only other time I have ever gotten a care miss was to get Orenetchi on my 4U. Well, sacrifices must be made. Right after getting the 8 miss cares, I immediately filled up her hunger bar and resumed my good care. She didn't need to sleep on an empty stomach ^_^


This was the family tree when Rika was still a teen Kilalatchi--


I tried to press the A and B button to see if I could get the password to upload onto the Mix website, but after roughly translating the page, I think you can only upload previous generations. I had assumed that you had to upload your current generation as soon as you got it.

7AM and it's time to go to the park~


We bought this flower accessory out of all the items she had to offer today.

Rika continued to socialize with Tamas in the other destinations. She became very good friends with Watawatatchi. I've never seen her before and I thought it was a boy at first :P


Rika was getting a little too carried away and fell back down to Rainbow Hills. Oh no! Luckily, her new friend was there to catch her. That'll teach Rika a lesson not to mess around (I hope)

Other activities that Rika did today was eating Tomato Ramen at the restaurant with Miraitchi and shopping at TamaDepa. She also ate the banana that Kikitchi gifted her yesterday.


The other big thing she did was visit the fortune teller located in Flower Hills.


It gives a prediction about the relationship your Tama has with another character that you choose. It's like how you'd pull off one petal at a time to make a decision, although I've never done that before. I scrolled through to see this--


ねつあい?!It means...passionate love! :mellow:

Dear me, looks like I'll definitely find Kuromametchi to marry Rika off to. It would have been interesting to see what a Makiko and Yotsubatchi child looks like, but I'm going with my gut to pair up my two of my favourite Tamas. I know some people have already done this, but that's not going to change my mind.

That rounded up the events that happened to Rika as a teen. The next part will be about her as an adult character. Who happened to be...

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DAY THREE - Part Two



The character I was aiming for!!! It's the lovely, curly haired, purple Makiko~~

Oh those miss cares really paid off~ Immediately after her change, she took a family picture. 3, 2, 1...snap!



Again, the park got redecorated with ribbons and bows. Still not sure what it means, but it's still a nice little change to see.



Rika went to hang outside her house to gaze at the clouds, when a strange machine appeared!


They told us their current situation--the machine was broken and required Rika's help with fixing it. As a very kind Tama, she agreed and as a reward from the visitors, she unlocked the next destination (Laboratory). She met Oyajitchi and Maskutchi on her rocketship trips there.


Oyajitchi is a funny little character, but I feel like his genes have a strong presence in the offsprings. Sames goes for Kuchipatchi's weird lips. Rika challenged Maskutchi to a match of chess. She had the upperhand in the beginning, but with Maskutchi's helper (so unfair!), she ended up losing. This made her pretty upset as you can see below. Nevertheless, I love her facial expressions.




Rika kept wandering around the new location and found a time machine.


Hm...Rika, what's with that cheeky face...Don't you dare mess around with this dangerous equipment! You don't know what it'll--




Geez, you're lucky that it didn't zap you and turn you into an egg. A little friend from the vintage era came to greet us for Rika's mucking around. I see that the original rice bowl and candy icon was there on the wall. I took her home right after that to prevent any more mishaps caused by my naughty Makiko. She may not know her responsibilities as an adult, but she can finally wear the accessories that I bought.


She happened to love this blue polka-dot bow! So much that she jumped too high and hit the ceiling. I preferred her purple bow that was attached to her head, so I removed it. Plus, wouldn't it be weird to wear a bow on top of bow?


I didn't have my phone with me to take pictures of this, but Rika went back to Tamagotchi Town as a Makiko to meet Kuromametchi who brought out a ring!! I thought that you'd have to wait at least 24 hours before being able to propose/marry. The TamaTomo feature is also gone too...but each Tama still has their likes and dislikes. For instance, she absolutely loved the blue polka-dot bow, but hated the rice bowl that I fed her and refused to play with the pack of cards with Nijifuwatchi. Man, the fortune teller in Flower Hills was right about how these two were perfect. But I wanted to be a bit selfish and cherish Rika for one more day before marrying her off. The Mix's Tamas has a very quick life span after all...At the same time, even if I kept the same character for, say, a week, it can't really do anything.


The last thing for today's entry is that I had another look at the Mix website. It says that previous generations can be uploaded, and that the Mix can only store up to 20 generations at a time before replacing the oldest generation with the newer ones and so forth.


Until tomorrow~☆!

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Some bonuses!

I managed to save this clear image of Makiko from the website when I logged in. I'll put it here as a memory of her~



While I was tinkering around the website to try and upload Makiko, I ended up using the password through the connection icon by clicking PC. It did take me to a family tree, but a very very weird one. I continued to add passwords and more came up. Coincidentally, they were the characters Rika were in her previous stages. I saved them because...why not XP



And this is what I got!

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★ Day Four - Part One ★
I decided that I couldn't wait much longer and wanted to marry Rika off to Kuromametchi yesterday. I figured that I wouldn't be able to do much by keeping the first generation with me. Before marrying Rika off, I got some more pictures with her. She spent her time in TamaTown with Lovelitchi, Mimitchi and Kikitchi. Surprisingly, it was always a bright blue sky there despite the starry night sky she was gazing at outside her house.
I wanted to see if the seller would come at 7AM regardless of the date, so I kept setting the clock to 6:59AM. On every third try, the screen turned sepia. Even Rika!
Rika cleaned up her room and took a bath which solved the problem. There, squeaky clean! I did this trick until I bought most of the items being sold. One of them was the Gondola and I got that immediately in order to unlock UraTama Town when she had the baby. I took a few pictures of her playing dress up. It's a shame that only the adult characters can wear the accessories.
Love it how when she's not facing forward, the accessory will also be in that perspective. And was time...
qoVB224.jpg Kuromametchi: I love you Will you marry me?
Rika: I'm so happy! Thank you very much for this~ (that's how I'd interpret that sentence)
And we didn't even need to buy the ring! :D
The wedding bells chimed, everyone celebrated their marriage and the two sweethearts had a navy blue baby boy~
I didn't know what to name the child in the Tama, so I just added a heart symbol in front of it. Technically it would be the species, like Makiko or Kuromametchi, rather than its name, like Rika. So I will call this blue blob Rin for easier reference. I thought that all of my items that I have bought disappeared because it was a new generation, but it was just because the baby stays at their parent's house. Rika helped feed her little Rin and kept her son happy and in company. Kuromametchi would also peep around the two to check on them like a loving father. After an hour, Rin grew into a purple...blob thingy!
He already showed characteristics inherited from his father. I'll assume the purple came from Rika then? Unless the colour was random. I'm a little hesitant on changing his colour because I've read that you can't change it back (I think). Another family picture was taken, and as a toddler, he was ready to leave his parents. They told him he can visit his mama and papa any time he wants. And now, it's my turn to raise little Rin. The park changed again too. A new generation calls for a new living interior! I chose the Gozaru living because it was simple, yet pretty. There's a little purple dude up there in the ceiling spying on us for some reason.
Asides from that, I used the Gondola that I got through abusing the time setting :P
He was being sucked into UraTama Town and his outline turned to the blue that we all recognize. I liked the UraTama icon banner, so I changed it to that as well. He met UraZukyutchi and UraTogetchi and had a look around the store. We bought the cyan blue meal and snack items to take home. I know he's only at his Toddler stage, but I was thinking about who he would marry. It'll depend on what he looks like when he becomes fully grown. A few candidates I have in mind are Chochotchi and Watawatatchi, as you'll see below--
I'm leaning towards Chochotchi but I've only encountered her once out of my many attempts so far. We kept bumping into Violetchi, Himebaratchi and Yotsubatchi.
Welp, this is everything that has happened since yesterday evening. It was exciting to witness the proposal and I can't wait to see what Rin will look like when he grows up! Whether he becomes cute or looks like a weird fusion, I will still record it in my log to share and cherish.
Until tomorrow~☆!

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Day Five


This is a short entry since it was a pretty simple and low maintenance day.

As soon as Rin woke up, he grew into a teen! And right after that, he went to take the family picture with Makiko and Kuromametchi. He didn't even get time to brush his teeth or have breakfast!



His previous stage was cute, but this is much much cuter!! It's like he put on a Kuromametchi hoodie/hat, the purple scarf and what looks like some sort of skirt(?). In before the Adult form becomes sorta weird...

kiEXCPV.jpg Cutie~ ❤


The seller came again and I bought the rainbow watering can for 400G. We took it with us to Flower Hills and had a play date with Flowertchi (although I've always referred to her as Violetchi)



It triggered the special animation and they did a dance together before wandering on top of rainbows in the sky. Unfortunately for Flowertchi, Rin went way too fast and she fell back down!

Rin was still too hyped to realise what he had done, but she wasn't too upset. If I was Flowertchi, I'd be quite angry ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I had to go and do some stuff throughout the day, so I relied on his parents to take care of him when I couldn't. Rika was more than willing to keep her son company for me.



Although, even his parents had their chores to do. It distracted Rin from his show and collapsed the building blocks he was playing on :(

Still, they were still a very loving family and seeing the growth of their adorable child made them be in complete awe.


I forgot to include this in my previous posts, but I was able to upload my family tree! Click here to see it! Generation 2 (Rin) isn't able to be uploaded yet because he hasn't married and started the next generation.



This is a cute picture nonetheless ^^

I've also been putting my Mix inside of a glove to keep it safe. Coin pouches are more commonly used but I don't have one that's...protective enough (pretty thin material)

I will be waiting for him to grow again tomorrow for more pictures and possible marriage. It's good that the stages are fast so that the mixing can occur faster, but at the same time, I'd really love to keep a cute toddler/teen around for a few more days.


Until tomorrow~☆!

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Day Six - Part One


7AM and time for Rin to grow into...



????? :huh: Admittedly, not as cute as he was when he was a teen. I think it's because of the weird colours and the absence of the violet scarf. he looks naked

At least I know the mix feature definitely delivers. I got used to Rin's looks after a while anyways. Here's the family picture!



He really takes after his father! I felt that the missing scarf accessory makes him look awkward, so I tried out the cloud muffler accessory and changed his colour to pink to match the bow.



Surprisingly, the pink looks good on him. Oh yeah, he was also watching TV prior to his trip to the restaurant. I feel like he isn't as weird looking, and I gave him the heart bopper to wear.


The deeper pink of his body suits it. A cute pink boy~ ^^

Here's some pictures of him interacting with the items and visiting the lab!


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Day Six - Part Two

Later on, he was ready to get married. I tried to just send him to Flower Hills in the hopes of encountering Chochotchi, but we kept bumping into anyone but her. Ugh. I bought the 500G ring and Rin sought for her himself.

Chochotchi blushed like crazy but still accepted. Wedding bells chimed, and the similar routine was played out. These two match each other perfectly colourwise. And here's something to make it even more fitting...a pink baby!

Another baby boy, at that. Hmm, I think I'll call him Fen. After the traditional one hour was up, he grew into this--



I know what the "pure" toddler behind it is like--Kuribotchi! I really like him because he looks like a piece of chocolate. As the third generation, I immediately turned Fen red to unlock Makkakka town.

Is the red water strawberry flavoured? Or would it be...blood o_o

Hard to see in the pics, but his body is a reddish-brown. He participated in the swimming challenge, and on the third try, we got the Conch Horn to unlock our final location, Gozaru Village. Ribotchi congratulated my our hard work and her text says something like "You're such a fast swimmer! Please accept this Conch Horn as a reward. It's a mysterious item...I wonder what it does?"

The little purple guy spying at the top just carried him away! I had a smile on my face but clearly, Fen was petrified. He managed to calm down when he realised that the ninjas had no intention to harm him. They just wanted to welcome him to the land of the ninjas! I was looking forward to unlocking this location, because Shinobinyatchi looks awesome, and Gozarutchi is a classic character.


I'm logging this pretty late, so this is all quite rushed. I'll end off today with Rin's growth, from baby to adult ^_^

Until tomorrow~☆!

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Haha, I'm the same way, I get attached to my tama's cute teen form and then it ends up being a bit disappointing when they become an adult :P

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Haha, I'm the same way, I get attached to my tama's cute teen form and then it ends up being a bit disappointing when they become an adult :P

Some adult forms are really cute, but nobody knows exactly how the m!xing really happens. Running this Tamagotchi and trying it out is what keeps me excited! Oh how I wish I have more Mix Tamas Edited by Popgotchi
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Yeah I love the idea behind the m!x! Its so fun to be able to get such unique looking characters each time compared to the other more static care-based growth of the previous versions. I've only had my Spacy m!x for a short time but I really want to get the 20th Anniversary one soon~ :lol:

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Yeah I love the idea behind the m!x! Its so fun to be able to get such unique looking characters each time compared to the other more static care-based growth of the previous versions. I've only had my Spacy m!x for a short time but I really want to get the 20th Anniversary one soon~ :lol:


Ooh definitely get the 20th Anniversary! Which colour are you thinking of getting? ^_^

I'd really like the Sanrio Mix just so I can cross it over with my Anniversary Tama for different combinations. Just too expensive though... >.>

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I absolutely adore the white shell of the Anniv. m!x! It's so gorgeous and I love how shimmery and colorful the faceplate looks. I hope to get one soon, most likely in a couple of months.

The Sanrio m!x is super cute and I like the yellow shell and faceplate, but yeah it sure is expensive! There's also that new Dream m!x ver. in the works... hopefully the prices on those stay lower when they do eventually come out.


I also wanted to say how much I like your log! The pictures/sprites are really nice, and I appreciate how often you post and your replies to my comments lol.

Keep up the good work! ^_^

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Day Seven


Wow, it's been one week since I got this Tamagotchi. I'm still loving it!! I really hope I can get more Mix Tamas, but I'll need to save up money to buy it myself. Both Spacy and Melody versions are at least $70, blegh. I'm not too picky on the colours, but I'd prefer either a purple Melody ( I don't have a purple Tamagotchi) or a pink/blue Spacy. As for the Sanrio Mix, that's pretty much out of the question for now...Cheapest is like $110! Enough of that and onto today's entry!
Fen spent most of the day with his parents. They served him delicious food that wasn't just rice balls from the fridge :P
I picked him up at around 4pm, and when we came back with me, he became a teen.
Those sparkles in his eyes! Aahh!!! I have absolutely no idea where he got that protruding white part from, so I guess that's from the "pure" teen character. It makes it look like his head is served onto a dinner plate lol. Fen is showing more characteristics from his mother's side, but that may change when he becomes an adult. My town/park has flowers as decoration, so that would influence what he'd become.
To match his pastel looks, I changed the interior. I quite like it too, even though it cost me 1,500G.
Fen wandered to the outside and met up with Watawatatchi, who presented him with some cotton candy, a Rainbow Hills specialty. nfBes3Q.jpg
He's been visiting Watawatatchi and Nijifuwatchi a lot recently, but he can only have one :D :D
One week = roughly three generations, huh. I want to keep going on with this family tree to make it as long and continuous as possible. Who has the longest running family tree?
It's seeming to get a little bit repetitive, so there'll be less pictures and events over time. Especially when school starts again, and I might miss out on updating it.


Until tomorrow~☆!

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      Logs won't be super in-depth, just my thoughts and observations.
      All my pets, and their current stats

      Tamagotchi Connection v1. Male, named Diget (Was supposed to be Digit, lol I can spell), Mametchi  first generation. (Although being before the v3 the sprite is the classic ) 2 Tamagotchi Connection v2's. Red shelled one is a Male, named Manny, Marumimitchi  second generation. The blue shelled one is a Female, named Annie, and is a Pyonkotchi (I was gifted this one by my younger brother after he found it buried in his closet, this is the character that was on it when I put the battery in.) 2 Tamagotchi Connection v3's. The first one has a silver shell and is a male Kuchipatchi  named Wally, 1st gen. The second one is a dark green shell and is a female Mametchi  named Oscar, 1st gen (this was also found in my brother's closet and gifted to me). Tamagotchi Connection v4. Female, named Clair(e) (there should be an e on the end but only 5 letters fit, her name was planned out poorly). Memetchi  4th generation. Tamagotchi Connection v5/Familitchi. Family name: POGO? The question mark is because this Tama... has some issues. Namely that the memory resets every time the battery dies. Currently doing some SCIENCE!!1! to see if replacing the battery SUPER FAST once it starts dying will let me keep the data or not. Results currently are mixed, further results are needed. If it proves to be consistently "nope" then I will be looking for a replacement v5 and this will be a parts Tama. It already has a janky button that I cannibalized from a TV remote so it's not in fantastic shape. Currently a Watatchi, Uhyotchi, and LoveZukintchi. 1st gen. 2 Tamagotchi Connection v6/Music Star's. Pink shell is a female Chantochi named Rose, 10th generation (my longest running family tree). Recently married a Shimashimatchi and had a baby boy. Black shell is a female Violetchi  named Eden, 1st gen (I bought this one from my other little brother when he got bored with it for like 10 dollars). 1 TamaGO (which might be a Connection v7? Teeechnically???). A Kuchipatchi , male, 6th gen. 1 Tamagotchi Mini (Series 2 I think). Currently a Nyrotchi because ehehehehhh I slept in .__. 1 Tamagotchi Spacey M!X. This one is brand new and I'm still trying to figure it out??? A female... yellow... spoon... thing??? Toddler stage, if you can tell me what this is, please lemme know. 1st Gen. THE NEOPETS:
      Yellow Lost Desert Aisha Pocket Neopet. Female, amed Angel2 after my original toy, Angel, which was my very first digital pet and I lost it somewhere ;w;. Currently working on getting the last trophy, Copy Cat. Faerieland Deluxe Pocket Neopet. Currently only running the Shoyru, as I have learned from experience that trying to do all 3 WILL result in care misses and game over's. Also, Shoyru > Uni/Poogle, FITE ME. Female, named Mariel, I only have 1 trophy so far, for Cirrus Drop. I also have a account, golden_dragon_111, and a purkle Aisha, just as a footnote, if you want to neofriend me. Won't be mentioned here other than to transfer the trophy codes once obtained. THE OTHERS:
      Things without batteries for various reasons
      Series 2 NanoPuppy. Battery lid has cracked and I need to fix that. Also, it keeps dying because I can't figure out how to pause it? I guess the original version had a trick where you could go into the clock and just not set it and that would pause it but it doesn't seem to work on mine. Littlest Pet Shop Digital Bunny. This is a game more than a pet, you don't really take care of it. Not entertaining enough to get one of my limited rechargeable 2032's. Hot Pink My Meebas. BUYING THIS WAS A MISTAKE. It lives on a shelf. If I didn't have to jimmy it open with a butter knife maybe it would be used as a fancy snack holder. But it will never again have batteries.
    • By iTamannadi
      Hello everyone 
      And welcome to my first log! 
      I’ve been reading some amazing logs of the members and that got me excited to start one for my Tamas and show you all how I take care of them. 
      This log will include the Tamas I'm running, not necessarily one just so no one get confused 
      I will try and post daily, if not it’s going to be every two or three days.
      I hope you guys enjoy and if there’s anything you would like to add or say please leave a comment 
    • By Save_Tamagotchis
      I got my Tamagotchi ON today. The Green Magical.
      The Tama was a boy.
      So far there is a slight bit of lag with the buttons but nothing to hair pulling levels. The screw was really wedged in there, by the way you need a small flat head screw driver to remove the back to put batteries in and you need to pull down on the backing to slide it out.
      I fed him, he pooped twice so far and got a tooth ache from me trying to max is happiness out with snacks as I don't think games are available at the baby stage.
      Update: He pooped a few more times and I fed him some more before he grew up into a toddler, Hoshipontchi, the good care toddler so it looks like he's off to a good start! He went to sleep after that. Sadly because my Tama was delivered late in the evening I couldn't do much except the usual care for a baby before growth to a toddler. I'm sure if it was delivered earlier I could have played with him more.
      Also stinks because I have work tomorrow so now I have to unlock the hotel before I leave to make sure he's paused before I go.
      At least him becoming a toddler got me 300 gotchi points so that's enough for my work day plus travel time to and from work.