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Fae Kizunatchi

I'm back! :) Various questions about colour Tamas.

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Hello! :)

I was away since the end of last year after my senior cat passed away, some family issues, and health issues all at the same time. I was unwell in all the ways a person could be unwell and I was just too tired to come here to talk and play. I missed it here, and did check my inbox to see if anybody "rang", so I did think about you all. :)

O.K. so last time I was here I was running a P1 & P's on 2nd generation. It was my first colour Tama and by the time I left the forum I had my head all wrapped around it, and was back in the Tamagotchi game. :) I had also started collecting...when the original intention was pure nostalgia. I had a log running about the melancholy of a very pensive little Knightchi. Does anyone remember that?

Now I'm back and oddly enough as soon as I got back into things I went onto ebay and noticed only a few days ago the Sanrio M!X had come out. So I have all the M!Xes now. I'm running my "old" P's back up again (Gen 5 now) a normal M!X Melody ver. and a Princess Spacey iDL.

So now you're all updated on me! My questions! I need an upgrade! :)

1) How can I access the park outside of the marketplace in the iDL? I can meet pets and buy things on sale at the Donut Park...but it doesn't seem to have the same features of Bud Park on the P's. Is there something I'm missing here?

2) Babysitter?

3) Are there any translations on the heart/infrared connections and what you can do when you connect with the P's? I can play games, and visit and leave a random present. Sometimes it's a flower, heart, skull or poop.

My P's has a lot of money and I want to give some to my iDL.

4) I had Eco Town and Base opened up on the P's. After changing the batteries those areas are greyed out. What happened?

5) The Sanrio there any point now the Sanrio M!X is out? Would I get anything significantly different? Should I bother?

6) Everytime I look up guides for influencing the personality traits people get linked to the same half-finished table:

is there a complete one?

7) New Colour Tama! 4U?

OK so with a M!X, P's, & iDL I was thinking the next colour Tama I should explore is the 4U. (? opinions?)

I have an infrared dongle for patching the P's. Would this work on the 4U? If not what are the cheapest things I'll need to get the downloadable content?

Then besides the Anniversary & Plus Colour ones I'll have at least 1 in every colour version won't I? (I'm not counting different shell designs, I'm not that hardcore of a collector!)

Seeing there are less colour ones I found collecting them first easier. I know there are double or triple the amount of Black and White versions as well as spin-offs.

8) Should I even bother with the iD and the 4U + ?? Are they really that different from the 4U and iDL? I feel like they won't be that different considering they share a name. Maybe a few things missing. Am I right?|


That's gonna get be back in the Tama game for sure. :)

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I hope you're doing better, you were missed!


I'm not that knowledgeable, but I think I can answer the majority of your questions.


1: Certain events in the park happen at different times, you should look at this wiki page:

2: Sorry, only in 4u.

3: A good user named Binary uploaded a rare english version manual for the IDL. Everything is in the order as you see in the manual, it should help you figure it all out. Here's the link to the Photobucket album:


As for money, I don't think you can send any over. However, I also read you patched your P's through an IR Dongle.

Consult the manual I linked, then download this image:

Then beam it into your IDL. (yes it works on Princess Spacy, my sister got one and I tested it myself)

9999 points, no work at all.


4: I'm not quite sure. You mentioned you changed the batteries? Do you still meet the requirements for unlocking the locations? (all items, etc.)

Hopefully someone else who knows will come around...


5: The Sanrio Pierce gives you Sanrio characters and items to use with your Tama, whereas the Sanrio MiX is completely Sanrio themed. I guess if you really like Hello Kitty and friends, or want them to coexist with your Tama characters. If you're looking for just Sanrio by itself, you're already good with your MiX.


6: Doesn't seem like it... ? It all goes back to that link... I don't know if this will help, but... :


This might also be of use. It's IdMakeDl, a super neat tool made by Binary. With it, you can make custom items. A bit of work, and you should be able to navigate the personality deal:


This thread will show you how to use it:


Be warned, you'll need to get your images in 4-bit. As I have heard, you'll need an older version of Gimp 2, as this feature has been taken out of newer ones... not 100% sure on how old, but I think a version circa 2012 should do... like this:


Let me know if you need more help on this step...



As stated by mrblinky, To download and install the patch to your tamagotchi 4U you will need an Android phone or tablet with FeliCa compatible NFC.

You need this for downloads, as well as english patch. Also, you have to have a 4u, not 4u+.

I think most NFC equipped android tablets/smartphones work, but that's as far as I know. You should also know the english patch isn't 100% atm...


As for buying a 4u, I think it would be interesting. There's usually enough of a difference between them to make it worth it... as I hear.


8: If you're going to bother with the above steps for 4u downloads, get a 4u. If not, 4u+. Seems to have more stuff...

I don't see the point in getting the ID. If you really like the IDL, then go for it. Otherwise, I'd chalk it up to the V4 vs V4.5 debate. (but I'm 100% sure that the ID isn't as buggy)

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I think you can only go to the base after your tama has all their puzzle pieces on the P's. I hope this helps!

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Thank you so much! :) I'll be sure to go through these answers & guides. :)

As for this question:

4) I had Eco Town and Base opened up on the P's. After changing the batteries those areas are greyed out. What happened?

Yes, I still meet the requirements....I think I'll make a thread by itself for this one, people may be more likely to answer if it is just one question! :)

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