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Tamagotchi 4u faceplate template

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Hi everyone,


Sorry if this post does not belong here, I wasn't sure where to post (tips and tricks or whats on your mind).


Anyway, I was looking for a tamagotchi template to make some custom faceplates for my 4u, and couldn't find one.

If there is already, then just ignore this post ;) .

If not, what I came up with might be interesting for someone else :) .

I can't be more grateful to carleesi for sharing her technique to remove the silver paint on the original faceplate !


How it looks on my tama (showing off my brand new home ;) ) :




Yes, I made a white one, thought it could be a fun activity to do with the kids !


What the template looks like (it's so easy to just drop anything you like in the shell) :



It is available in 3 formats :

- psd for those using photoshop :

- xcf for those using gimp :

- studio3 for the lucky owners of a silhouette studio, that really does all the job... :


Hope it can help :) !


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