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♡ a m!xed up log

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My 20th Anniversary M!X arrived this morning (to my surprise as it wasn't due for another week or two.)

I've spent a good few hours getting used to the controls and reading a few guides but I still feel a little new.

My last tamagotchi was the Tamagotchi Friends (I wasn't very impressed) and before then it was the v6, so I have a lot to catch up on!

With this being my first colour Tama I spent about 15minutes just in awe of the graphics, it's amazing how much has changed since the v1 back in the good old days.


As you can see the top right of the box has a little dint in it which did get me a bit worried before I opened it, but the Tamagotchi itself came in pristine condition! I bought this from a seller called Tomo Cool Japan on Amazon (UK) and I'd recommend them to anyone who's thinking of buying an anni mix!

After inputting the date/time, my birthday and username, a little egg appeared on the screen. After a few minutes of rolling around it cracked and a beautiful baby girl emerged! I've decided to name her Yuki. I'm so disappointed they took away the naming feature, it was one of my favourite things about the Tamagotchi.


After what felt like an eternity of an endless feed & clean poop cycle, Yuki evolved into a Sakuramotchi!

She got 300g for evolving which I thought was a nice touch.

How cute does she look with this background btw? I love this Tamagotchi :wub:


We played a few games together (not sure of the name, the Photographer one!) and earned enough to buy the Flower Living background and unlocked the destination. First thing we did was visit the Tama Depa and bought some flower seeds so we could unlock the next location.


We then went back to Tama Depa and bought the Ta-Matreshka to unlock Gotchi King's Castle. He asked me a question and I had a time limit on the answer I had to give him, so obviously I panicked and clicked whatever (since I can't read Japanese!). If anyone can help with the translation that would be great, I'm assuming the lack of understanding is something I'm going to have to get used to haha.


I took Yuki back home and let her sit in the garden, I think she was tired because she spent the whole time sitting down with her eyes closed!


I'm not sure whether I want to aim for a Nijifuwatchi or a Makiko. I love the look of Niji but I know Makiko is only obtainable in the first gen.

Feel free to help me out if you can, if not it'll be decided by the flip of a coin! lol

I'll be spending the next few days getting her gotchi points up as much as I can so she can purchase any accessories or items, I won't be able to play too often so the entries might be a bit spaced out. I work full time so time will be limited, I'll try my best though!

I'll round off this log by posting a picture of Yuki asleep, hopefully you've enjoyed my first entry. I'm so excited to see how the generations pan out and how Yuki evolves! Thank you for reading this far :wub:


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Welcome back to my second entry of this log!

I never posted yesterday because I was busy all day and wanted to go to sleep early because I was so worn out, I can't handle this warm weather as a brit! haha

31st May

Yuki spent most of her day in daycare because I was at work all day!

I was panicking slightly because I'd never left her there before, however, when I dropped her off she seemed fine bouncing along the screen with the other toddlers!


After my work day had finished (7pm), the first thing I did was check on Yuki. She was NOT a happy bunny!

She was so angry at me for leaving her when all of the other toddlers had already left, poor thing.

The animations are so cute though, she was angry for a few minutes and then so happy to see me straight after.

Right after I'd picked her up she evolved! I spent a good half an hour last night trying to find a chart or translate her name (the english meaning is literally Goldfish haha) and eventually one of my friends from Discord told me the name is Kingyobotchi!


After I fed her and raised her happiness meter again, I took her to the park so she could build some relationships up. We also went outside, but the weather was stormy and she really didn't like it!


I still haven't decided between Makiko or Nijifuwatchi, but I'm leaning more towards Makiko just because I won't have a chance any other time.

That's pretty much all that happened, like I said she was in daycare for most of the day so I didn't have a lot of time to properly take care of her.

I don't start work until later tonight so I'll have much more time to play with her!

Expect an update sometime later today!

Thanks for reading. :wub:

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First of all I want to apologise because this is going to be quite long! Yuki and I have had quite a busy day haha.

Onwards with the log~


The first thing I did this morning was go into the garden and check the weather, it was a lovely day! I planted the flower seeds and a huge beanstalk grew out from the ground and took us up to Rainbow Hills.


After having a look around the shops and buying a few snacks, we went back to Flower Hills and bumped into Violetchi! (I refuse to call her flowertchi lmao)

I had her favourite item with me and the animations were so adorable, we did a whole tour around town and everyone showed up to celebrate!


After about an hour or so, I came back to see little Yuki had evolved! I had my tama on silent so I didn't hear anything and I wasn't expecting it to happen until later in the evening so it came as a total shock! Looks like Makiko and Nijifuwatchi are totally out of the question now lol!

She evolved into Lovelitchi! Still adorable.


Since she was now an adult, we went back into the garden to try and unlock the Laboratory. Lo and behold, a broken down spaceship was in our back garden! We fixed it and unlocked the Lab. I kind of wish I had the Melody version just so it could be Patchi Forest instead!


Once I'd spent some time earning some GP and unlocking locations, I thought it was time to find a potential spouse for Yuki.

I'm embarrassed to say I spent a lot of unnecessary time trying to get Watawatachi to be her love interest - only to figure out from a friend that he is infact a she. LOL! Never the less, it's nice to have her as such a close friend because she later called over and dropped us off a present! How sweet!


Since Watawatachi was obviously unavailable to us, I had to put my thinking cap on and find another suitable partner for her.

I decided eventually to go for Yotsubatchi, and after bumping into Violetchi a million times instead, I managed to get their relationship into the red zone and propose. I was eagerly waiting for his reply (or reaction, since I don't speak Japanese...) and it looks as if he said yes!

They make such a cute couple :wub:


As soon as their wedding finished, a little egg popped up on screen with them!

It didn't take long for the little one to hatch, and when it cracked open a little yellow blob popped out!

I have to say I'm not really impressed with the lighting on this one (it's not just in the photos but in real life, too). You can hardly see his little facial features!

I've decided to name him Benny! Can't wait to see how he looks. I'm hoping he'll turn into something cute ^_^


They got their family photo taken and I'm now just in the middle of looking after Benny, it's so cute how Yuki is with him when he goes to the toilet or is being fed.


That's all there is to update you on for now, thanks for reading this far and I'll see you in the next post when Benny is hopefully looking cute AF :wub:

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Yay you got the Anniversary Mix!!

It's cool to see another Tamagotchi Mix log, so keep up the good work~ Looking forward to seeing what your mixes will look like ^_^

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Yay you got the Anniversary Mix!!

It's cool to see another Tamagotchi Mix log, so keep up the good work~ Looking forward to seeing what your mixes will look like ^_^


I did!! I feel exactly the same about your log, I love seeing how different they all grow up to be :wub:


Thank you so much!

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Sorry I haven't updated earlier, I've been so busy at work!

Finally have a day off so I thought I'd make an entry now while I have time. :wub:

So unfortunately I haven't had a lot of free time to play with Benny, I've left him on pause a couple of times through the day and left him in daycare the rest of the time so there hasn't really been a lot happening.

Here is his Growth chart:


I actually think he looks so cute in his Adult form! (albiet a little bit feminine)

As you can see in the photo below, hes inherited his mothers body & ears and his dads eyes and clothes!

I love that little dickie bow on him.

I also found him with a hint of Sephia this morning, not sure what's happened but after a bath he was nice and white again!


Overall, I'm quite impressed with my first mix Gen! I'm hoping this sets us up nicely for the future!


Since Benny was now an adult, I worked on building up his bonds with Watawatachi. (I actually could get them to be lovers this time haha!)

Although I was aiming for Watawatachi, Nijifuwatchi wouldn't leave Benny alone! She even proposed to him!

He politely declined and eventually was able to propose to Watawatachi himself. The only thing I don't like about this system is you can't choose who to meet, which means it can take ages to build up relationships.


After Benny and Watawatachi married and eloped together, they had a gorgeous baby girl!

The first name that popped into my head was Isla, so that's what she will be called.

Here is what she looks like so far:


I was hoping that she would inherit some of Watawatachi's genes but so far it looks like we're stuck with the fluffy ears for now!

I'm not complaining though, she still looks super cute. Now I have to get my thinking cap on for her future potential spouse!!

I'll be doing another entry on Wednesday when it's my next day off, so goodbye until then!

Thanks for reading once again :wub:

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Oh goodness, Benny's toddler stage is the same as the toddler that I was raising yesterday! The teen stage is really similar too, but mine doesn't have the yellow bow at the front :D

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