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Does anyone have a comprehensive guide for the color changing foods available in the Tamagotchi Spacey/Melody mix, 20th anniversary mix, and the Sanrio characters mix? I'm aware that eating certain foods five times will change your Tama's color scheme to certain colors; namely, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, Purple, White, and Black. So far I've been finding a lot of discrepancies between guides and advice given by users. For example, there are guides for color changing items for all three mix's on Fuzzy n Chic, however, it says that the Shinobi Sesame Pudding changes a Tama's color to Grey, but it does not, it changes it to Purple. It also says that the Gozaru Sweet Potato Jelly changes your Tama's color to Purple, but it does nothing for your Tama's color. And then I think there was a post made here on Tamatalk and there was a user that said that the Black Caviar in the 20th Anni mix changes your Tama's color to black, but actually does nothing for your Tama's color.


The trial and error in search for these color changing items is a pain. Does anyone have a guide for the color changing foods for all three mix's? I'm most concerned with 20th anni and the Sanrio, and for the colors Black, Blue, and Green.

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Hi ! Here the color changing foods I found for the 20th Anniversary mix :


Red : Watermelon juice (Suika jūsu) 130₲ (Snack at Restaurant)

Tomato ramen (Tomato rāmen) 110₲ (Meal at Restaurant)

Minestrone (Minesutorōne) 160₲ (Meal at Restaurant)

Peach (Momo) 100₲ (Snack at Makkakka Town)

Festive red rice (Sekihan) 120₲ (Meal at Makkakka Town)

Or just simply do a swim race at Makkakka Town.


Orange : Shrimp chili (Ebi chiri) 220₲ (Meal at Restaurant)


Yellow : Lemon cake (Remon kēki) 180₲ (Snack at Restaurant)


Green : Genovese (Jenobēze) 180₲ (Meal at Restaurant) :lol:


Blue : Ramune soda (Ramune sōda) 130₲ (Snack at Ura ura town)

Famous drool water (Yodaregawameisui) 100₲ (Snack at Ura ura town)


Purple : Sweet Potato Jelly 140 (Snack at Gozaru Hills) :gozarutchi:

Eat it 5 times and you'll get purple for sure, I already did it a lot of times


Pink :Strawberry gelato (Ichigo jerāto) 150₲ (Snack at Restaurant)

Sakura shake (Sakura sheiku) 120₲ (Snack at Restaurant)

Honey Rose Tea 130(Snack at Flower Hills) :furawatchi:


White :Flap flap cotton candy (Wata wata wataame) 60₲ (Snack at Rainbow Hills)


Grey : Clam chowder (Kuramu chaudā) 160₲ (Meal at Restaurant)

Shinobi Sezame Pudding 110(Snack at Gozaru Hills) Yes yes, this turns you grey, I checked this. Maybe the grey version of your character was much yellow. Some colors are weird for some characters

Black : Caviar (Kyabia) 350₲ (Meal at Gotchi castle)


Hope it will help ;) :wub:

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