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Choosing a new Tama, and possibly patching it?

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Hi guys... I'm like... part new and part old to Tamagotchi. Let me put it this way... the last one I played was the Tamagotchi Angel.


That being said, I have always wanted to jump back in and try some of the newer stuff, but I'm not sure where to start. Other people have tried suggesting I start with either the 4U or the P's, and I'm leaning toward the P's, but... I also really like the concept of the Mix. I may wind up buying the 20th anniversary Mix because it's so beautiful, and I like the idea of traits passing down to each new gen.


So... my questions are:


A) I have an iphone 5. It's currently dying and I'm a week or two away from upgrading. I know the 6 has nfc, but not sure about the 7. I'm not a big fan of the 7 anyway, so any excuse to avoid it would be great. :) That being said, is there any hope as an iphone user of patching the P's, since that's my preference, or am I out of luck?




B) I'm thinking there's no current patch for the Mix, right? Or... maybe the 20th anniversary is different and doesn't have one? If so, are there guides or something to play it in Japanese? I'd like to!


Thanks for any and all help! :)

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The P's can only be patched by infared, not nfc (and the nfc for tamagotchi 4u/4u+ isn't compatible with all nfc phones. I use my nexus 7 2013 version 2 for nfc. Mr.Blinky has a list somewhere of phones that are compatible). You can get old phones with infared or infared dongles that transfer patches/loads of downloadable content. Even without the english patch it is still easy to figure out/learn, and even without the downloads it still got the most built in content and characters; I really enjoy the P's.


The mix doesn't have nfc, and uses different infared to other tamas. Plus you can't get downloads unless you live in Japan or know someone there that will do it for you. And there is no english patch.

The mix is fun for seeing how they will turn out, but is limited in content.


Hope that helps a bit!

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