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Tamagotchi friends character evolution and jewelry

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Hello :)

I recently bought a tamagotchi friend (eu version) and I linda need some clarification.

I read the character evolution charts, But I keep getting Mametchi no Matter how much I play/feed it. Do the Bumps count as Sms/etc to develop a social personality perhaps? Also, having the eu version, I don't have the Coin catch game mentioned in the guide: which game should I play to get an active character?

Also, I wasn't able to find a complete jewelry list, to understand where can I get the ones unavailable in the shop.

Thanks in advance to those willing to help me!

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This topic should answer all your questions about the growth in Tamagotchi Friends. I did some digging up about the jewelry (as I only have the Dream Town version) and found, in this topic, this:


And, YOU CANNOT BUY ALL THE PIECES! From bumping to another Tama or buying in shop there are only 51 out of the 60 pieces available. The remaining 9 are pure exclusive items, used with the SECRET option in connection with not another tamagotchi, but a kiosk. Which, I think, is only in Japan and I don't know if there is any other way to get them. So I was also upset at this.





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Thanks for the reply :)

I acquired one non-in-shop-available item through growing an unique tamagotchi adult. So I guess maybe that's the way to go?

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That's how it is in the Dream Town models so possibly that is the only way to get the remaining jewelry. At the moment buying from the shop and raising new characters is probably all you can do, as now I question my source since the Tamagotchi Friends was never released in Japan. I hear that apparently there were plans to create some sort of clothing label that gave scan-able codes which would work with the "Tag Read" option, but I don't know if that is also in the original Friends version.

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