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Physical modifications that can be made to a Tamagotchi Connection?

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So I recently decided to bring my 4 V4/4.5 back to life (but I do also have a V5 too), but one problem I have had is that when they make a beeping noise, to possibly notify me that they are hungry, unhappy or nothing at all, I would't know which tamagotchi to tend to (but the hunger and happiness is fine if I just looked at their stats). But I really do want to train them, by diciplining them, but by having 4 of them i wouldn't know which one to praise or give a time out to.


I hope you all understant what I mean by that and now to the actual question:


Would I be able to input a small light bulb, similar to the one on the top of the tamagotchi where you're able to connect to others, and somehow make it be able to light up when something like what I had described above, would happen.


If there is a way, I was planning on putting the bulb where the antenai of the tamagotchi is and possibly surround it with see-through plastic. I'm not so sure yet as this is possibly impossible to do anyways.


Either way thanks in advanced :D


:wub: :wub: TamaFifi27 :wub: :wub:

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I have seen it done before. I forget where i saw this, but someone added an LED to their Tamagotchi that lit up when it made a noise. I have also seen backlight mods for both tamagotchi and digimon digital pets.


However, what you are describing would require you to solder an LED to where the infrared emitter gets it's power. How exactly you do this, I don't know.

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That's exactly what I needed to know! Thank you for actually validating that it was do-able!


I was guessing that's where I needed to solder the LED to as I was looking at the inside of my v5 (as I'm not using it at the moment). I wonder it the infra-red light flashes when the tama makes a noise (I know it probaly doesn't as that's not it's purpose) as there would be no point in connecting the LED to the infra-red light when it wouldn't even trigger the light when the tama makes a noise.


As for the blacklight modification, i wanna try it out! I'd be so much easier to see my tama's in the dark! So I did a quick research and found this link HERE and i understand the basis. But of course the problem is where am I mean't to connect/solder the LED to on the circuit board of the tama?!

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I don't know why I hadn't thought of this, but I could solder the LED to the speaker of the Tama! I've seen it done with actual speakers so it could work. But I am worried that the LED wire(thing) will accidentally break other parts of the Tamagotchi from the angle it needs to be at to get to the anenai.


Also, going back to the backlight modification, I had found a place that makes the modification for you. Link is HERE. But they do charge for doing this (which is acceptable, ya know!) But I don't have the money for that :( and with more reading, they don't do this to the connections :/


*Ten mins later* I just found some instructions on a different way of doing it (which is in spanish, I think) But they use a blacklight from a broken handheld console that they had. Link for that is HERE.

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