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S2L's Tama Logs

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I've decided to post some logs of my own! I have actually been writing logs before this in just a document in Wordpad for myself...

but I thought I should post some here as well :) I don't know if I'll be posting the previous archive of them here or not. So starting from today, here we are!

Since my Tamas are already going, I'll let you guys get acquainted with them:


Tama #1: Pink Stripe V4 with yellow accents (US)

Name: Elon Dio. Goes by Dio. (hey, I couldn't decide on a name)

Species: Tensaitchi

Age (as of posting): 7, in Tama years (Gen 1)

Personality: Shy, and a homebody. He prefers to spend his days thinking up new inventions, but he doesn't have the resources to make them.

When he was a Puchitchi, his shyness was so bad that he made a robot shell to hide inside of.

Gets offended a bit easily, but also easy to please. Gotchi King loves to take advantage of this. He's embarrassed by his name, so he goes by Dio.


Description: Dio started his life as a humble Tsubutchi and then quickly evolved into a Puchitchi. I was in love. Puchitchi is my favorite toddler stage in the V4 (Harutchi being second).

I was hoping I'd get a Mame from Puchi, but the odds seemed to tilt towards Meme. Later, he evolved into a Jr. Androtchi. I was really really happy about this.

I raised his Intelligence stat as much as I could and he evolved into a Mametchi.

I was paranoid about not getting Tensaitchi in time so I kind of, admittedly, abused snacks a bit to play games with him but it seemed to have no ill effect :)


Tama #2: Blue Bubbles V3 with teal accents (US)

Name: Egg

Species: Hinatchi

Age (as of posting): 1, in Tama years (Gen 2)

Personality: Naive and outgoing. Loves to pull pranks on others. Her favorite game is Heading, and she's really good at it.

If you aren't paying attention to your plate of food, watch out! Egg will probably come and try to take some.


Description: Wondering why her name is Egg? Well... her father, a Pyonkotchi -- his name was Ham. So naturally, I had to follow with the theme :)

Egg is still pretty young so not much has happened with her. I really like Hinatchi's sprite, it's like a cute little duck. Before she evolved, she was a Kuchitamatchi.


Tama #3: Translucent Pink V3 with lighter pink accents (US)

Name: Oli

Species: Pirorirotchi, could actually evolve any minute

Age (as of posting): 3, in Tama years (Gen 1)

Personality: He is friends with Egg, and, just like her, loves to eat and play pranks. They like to go on adventures together, play games, and talk about food.

They actually play pranks on *each other* all the time!


Description: Oli is actually a bit of a "spiritual successor" to a previous tama I was raising on this V3, that... died. I don't actually know how, either.

The only thing I can think of is that it got sick while I was away and didn't cure it in time. Funny enough, I was trying to take poor care of that tama and yet it

evolved into the best care teen. That didn't happen this time, as you can see, but Oli is way less sickly.


So with that out of the way, let's get to today's log!:



Egg evolved yesterday! She turned into a Hinatchi, which is really cute. It's like a little

duck, very fitting for her name :P Hinatchi is the best care teen for even gens. I am

really interested to see what she evolves into next. Oli hasn't evolved yet, but he

should soon. If he does I'll update this log. Lastly, Dio is doing well and is still 6 years

old last I checked but he should be aging up to 7 today. The Gotchi King hasn't made

fun of him anymore so that's good :P Not a lot has been happening honestly.


Edit 1: Just a little bit ago, Dio aged up to 7 and Oli aged up to 3. Oli should be evolving very

soon and Dio got a visit from the Matchmaker earlier... which lasted all of like 30 seconds.

Really weird since she's supposed to stay for a while. I've actually heard of this happening

before, too, in one of the guide masterposts; there was a post linked there where someone

talked about how the Matchmaker appeared for a few seconds and then left. That's fine since

I wasn't going to breed him right away anyway.


I've been having Egg and Oli connect with each other. I may actually be able to marry them

which would be neat :) Oli is a little older but I think it'll still work. I'm pretty excited about



Still really really excited to get a P's... I can't wait. I really want a 4U+ as well, too.Hey, if anyone reads this and knows, can the faceplates for the 4U also be used on the 4U+?

I don't see why they couldn't be used with it, it looks mostly the same shell-wise.

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Today's log!




Just kind of starting off the day now and everyone is doing well. Egg has turned 2 and

Oli is still 3 and hasn't evolved yet. I'm counting on him evolving today, definitely.

Just a few minutes ago I found a treasure chest in Oli's shop and I bought it for him.

He played with it and got turned into an old man! I guess it must have really shaken

him up because I checked his stats after and BOTH his Hungry AND Happiness hearts

were completely emptied! His weight was actually set to 15 lbs too which was kind of

weird. I think his minimum is 20. Hold on, I'm gonna connect him and Egg right now...



Ok, first, Egg visited Oli and they seemed to either dance, or jump and twirl in the air. I

haven't seen that one yet so that was kind of neat. After that, Oli gave Egg an ice-cream

cone! Looks like no pranks today! Right now, they have 2 marks on their friendship meter.

I'd like to try to get that to 3 today so I'll connect them more soon :} Oh yeah and right

after I said the Gotchi King stopped making fun of Dio yesterday? Well right after that

he gave him another pineapple. Come on dude, what is your damage?



11 AM edit: I have been waiting for this moment to come all day!! Oli has finally evolved.

He definitely did not evolve into what I expected, either! Now, I had said I was thinking

that maybe if I took perfect care of this very bad care teen it'd average out... and it kind

of did! I didn't get just average, though, apparently I got "above average". So what did

Oli evolve into? Well...






A Memetchi! :D I'm actually pretty happy, Memetchi is honestly really cute, and I think the name Oli fits.

I wasn't a huge fan of Memetchi for a while but now I've decided I really like it. Now I need to wait for

Egg to hit her adult stage :) They're really good friends right now. By the way, getting a picture of him

that wasn't blurry was a killer. Well, it's still blurry, but at least he isn't haha

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Egg just turned 3, so maybe she'll evolve today? I hope so but I feel like she won't. It's

really cold today and apparently it snowed while I was asleep! Not a lot, though, but

it's pretty. I took a couple pictures. Right now, everyone is still doing well. Oli is now

4 and Dio is 8 and I think he'll be turning 9 today. I'm kind of hoping I'll get to take them

on a walk with me later today :) We'll see



On the 10th I'm going to be participating in a group hatching with some new people I've

met on the TamaTalk forums. I will be using my Green/Orange V1 that has the button

issue. It's not too big of a deal though, it just "skips" sometimes. I'm actually kind of

excited about running a V1 because I haven't in a very long time. I KNOW one of the

best care teens on it is Ichigotchi which makes me really happy because I absolutely

love Ichigotchi, its face makes me smile.



Oh, also, I did some research on faceplates for the 4U. It turns out they DO work on

the Plus as well! Yes! I also found an incredible store that sells custom faceplates

and they're gorgeous. I seriously need to get a 4U+ now, I love being able to customize




I also forgot I had already bought Oli a trumpet so now he has two trumpets... I kind of wish

you couldn't buy the same item if you already have it... but I guess it's so you can possibly

gift them to someone else. Egg has two mirrors too because she got one from a treasure

chest which is really annoying. I bought Dio some maracas as well, they weren't as funny

as I'd hoped though.



Egg has gone to sleep now though, so the others will be following suit soon. I myself

haven't felt that great today but I'm feeling a little better now :) Mostly just been

drawing a lot today. If I draw more Tama doodles, perhaps I will share them.

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The update for today!





Today when I woke up I accidentally set Oli's clock to 8 PM instead of 8 AM, and I didn't

notice until he went to sleep and I was extremely confused. I fixed it but it was really

funny. Egg should almost certainly evolve today which is extremely exciting! I'm really

hoping for a Mimitchi. Dio is... hey, where IS Dio?






Oh... well then.



Looks like Dio has stepped out for a while, probably to find more junk to make

"inventions" out of. Or maybe he's on a mission to abolish all pineapples? Or

maybe he's finally getting his revenge on the Gotchi King for humiliating him

multiple times... or maybe he's gone out to the TamaDepa to buy me a heater.

I really, really hope it's that last one. Seriously... I'm freezing. Well, regardless,

we have a newcomer here! Meet Jaz the Mohitamatchi. I actually was going

to name her Jay, but then I was like "eeehhh nah", but before I had went back

to change the first letter of the name, I accidentally changed the Y to a Z and

landed on the name "JAZ", which I ended up really liking so I stuck with that.



I have to confess: I'm in a bit of a pickle here. Jaz is female, and she has a high

chance of evolving into a Kuchi... but she can also evolve into a Meme. Honestly,

this is the worst outcome I could have gotten: the only females I want to get are

Mames. I'm really hoping I get a Kuchi teen as I would like to have a Sebiretchi; she's

really cute. I don't really like any of the female Memes... well, except Memetchi, but

I already have one on the pink translucent V3 -- Oli. So I don't really want another one.

I guess if I get a Meme teen I'll just get Violetchi... If I get a Meme teen I could try for

a Universal but that's risky. I LOVE Hanatchi, though, so I'd be really happy if I got her.



Well, Jaz, have to say, I kind of wish you either evolved into a Mame or were a male.

Oh well though, I still like ya a lot.



I had Oli paused for a little bit today as I waited for Egg to catch up and evolve. Well,

Egg evolved into a... Decotchi. I did really want a Mimitchi, but I have to admit though,

it's an interesting one, and its animations with items are pretty silly :)

Especially the wig one, lol. Honestly Decotchi fits her prankster attitude,

I'm sure she loves scaring young Tamas ;)



I connected Oli and Egg a couple more times. They watched the sun set and kissed!

Oli gave her a slice of cake. What a gentleman Oli is! He sure has grown up :) I'll

be breeding them pretty soon. It's really exciting because the last time I did this

was many years ago when I was very sick so I don't remember it very well. Oh, and

I found out that Jaz doesn't like french fries. Sorry Jaz.

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Today was a bit uneventful. I wasn't feeling very great today either for some
reason but I did get some stuff done. I gathered up some things to sell so I
can fund my new Tama addiction :P Not much has happened with the crew
really. Jaz is still a Mohitamatchi, has a little over half on her Discipline meter.
I'm wondering if I missed a call but I don't think so. Egg and Oli are just trucking
along, I don't think they can breed yet. Oh, about Egg, I'm just not a fan of Decotchi...
so I got the Stuffed Animal and turned her into a Nyatchi! :nyatchi: Nyatchi is so cute, one of
my new favorites I think! I just love the sprite and the Bow Tie animation is ADORABLE.

We actually just came back from Wal-Mart. I took Egg in with her brand-new look with
me and proudly showed her off :lol: Mom had to go there so I decided to go with her to see if
they had any Tama Minis in stock... it seemed that they didn't :( Today is the street date
though so maybe my Wal-Mart just hasn't put them up yet. I don't think i'm going to buy one
since I'm not really interested in their gameplay. But they are very cool and I'm so happy that
the west has seen a new Tama release, even if it's not exactly NEW-new. I hope it's successful
enough to make Bandai consider potentially releasing the next Tamagotchi model over here.

Oh, Jaz actually just went to sleep. She will likely evolve into her teen stage tomorrow...
really hoping I get a Kuchi teen from her :/ But I guess we'll see. I'm about to go get some more pizza haha,

sorry for a bit of a short update with not a lot of substance today... just
that not much really happened.

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Ugh, I had the same problem trying to find Minis yesterday. None of the places I went had even a display for them. I guess I'll try again next weekend ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I love your tama shells! I've actually never seen either of them before. Loving the log! :D

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Ugh, I had the same problem trying to find Minis yesterday. None of the places I went had even a display for them. I guess I'll try again next weekend ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I love your tama shells! I've actually never seen either of them before. Loving the log! :D


I'm about to go hunting for Minis today, so hopefully I'm lucky! And I hope everyone can get one soon. :)

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Ugh, I had the same problem trying to find Minis yesterday. None of the places I went had even a display for them. I guess I'll try again next weekend ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I love your tama shells! I've actually never seen either of them before. Loving the log! :D


Bummer :( maybe smaller cities/towns don't have them yet? Also, thanks! I've seen a few people with the translucent pink V3 here on TamaTalk, but I've never seen anyone with the pink stripe V4. I don't want to say it's rare because that's probably not accurate but it seems like it might be kind of uncommon... I rarely see it around. I bought it at Wal-Mart in early 2007. Bought the translucent V3 there in 2006 too :)


I'm about to go hunting for Minis today, so hopefully I'm lucky! And I hope everyone can get one soon. :)

Good luck! :D Let us know which one(s) you get!


I don't have much of an update today since I don't think anything is going to really happen with the crew... aside from Jaz evolving into a Kuchi teen!!! I'm really happy about that so I'll definitely be trying for Sebiretchi :D

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Went to Walmart & Gamestop... nothing. :/

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That's a bummer, miho :(


A bit of an update today, but it's mostly just me rambling:


To tell you the truth I've actually felt a bit depressed and stressed out recently, and for
seemingly no real reason either :( I hope I snap out of it soon, I hate feeling like this.
In Tama news though, Oli and Egg are nearing 7 years soon so I'll be able to mate them
soon! Oli is 6 and should be turning 7 today, and Egg is 5 going on 6. Once Oli reaches
7 I may pause him for a bit to let Egg catch up. Oh, and Jaz evolved into a Jr. Dorotchi
yesterday! She's 1 year old, full discipline meter, 20 lbs and 69 points in Style, so she's
on pace to turn into a Sebiretchi, like I wanted :) Seeing this cute little ghost makes me
want to get an Angelgotchi again even more, haha. Ghost Jr doesn't last very long unless
you're lucky enough to get the Ghost Jr. that turns into Unchi-Kun though.

By the way that Dance game is literally the most stressful thing I've ever done. It took me
SO MANY ATTEMPTS to finally "get" it. It's not even really that much different than the
Flag game in concept but I love the Flag game so much more. I think it's safe to say I never
want to get Makiko :P Oh and I still don't get the school game either. Honestly it just
seems kind of random because it doesn't seem like you can actually follow the right box.
I thought I did once and I still lost... so idk. Honestly it seems like the school game isn't
really needed anyway and it's just for extra points. Dio did just fine and I pretty much
never sent him to school because I didn't even know how for a long time.

I've been looking at accessories for my Tamas too, I kind of want to put some cool charms
on them that match their shells. The V4 actually needs a new keychain put on it because
I purposely took off its original one a long time ago with the intention of putting one I liked
more on it (but I never got around to it). Sadly 3 out of my 4 Tamas are for some reason
missing their back covers too. No idea what happened to them but I found a way to create
makeshift ones for them out of old credit/gift cards. It works really well, but I need to put
a screw hole through them sometime because I have to tape them on right now. I also want
to paint the V4's (I actually made one for the translucent pink V3 out of a CD jewel case in a
matching color that worked alright, but I'd like to redo it because it's a bit choppy) because
it's covered in masking tape right now to hide the fact that it's a card. So eventually I'll put
a screwhole and paint it to match, then it won't stand out as much. My other V3, the blue one,
is in really good condition :) Has its keychain and back cover still.

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I mentioned in my previous logs that I haven't been feeling that great and it's still going on...
but now in a different form. :( Now I'm physically ill. But otherwise I feel pretty happy again
so yay! Anyway, I found out that I, in fact, did NOT have to wait until Egg and Oli were 7 years
old to mate them. Yes, in fact, I mated them a day or two ago, like right after I posted that
last log. They had 2 girls which should be left in my care at midnight. I'm pretty excited to
have them! What's cool if that these 2 are alternating generations, so I can get an Odd Gen
character and an Even Gen character! That's really exciting! I think this time I may try to
take poorer care of one of them. Probably the Odd gen because I want another shot at
Mimitchi or ChoMametchi but I'll see. I'll have to look at the character list again for the
V3. Jaz will be hitting the big 3 years old tomorrow and may evolve into her adult stage!
Her points are... not too high because I do not like that Dance game :P But her Style
points are over 100 so she should be good. I wouldn't mind getting a Universal anyway,
I'll probably try for one at some point.

Tomorrow we will be starting in TAMA-KRAZE's group hatching so we'll have another
member of the group but I'll be logging them there! I like the characters on the V1.
I really love Hanatchi so I may try to go for poor care... But I also love Ichigotchi and
Mametchi's old sprite so I'm kinda torn :( Oh I could also try to go for Kuchipatchi
though! I love him too! I'm glad Marutchi is the child you always get to start because
Kinakomotchi kinda weird me out... Anyway, hope you've all been having a good
week and here's to the weekend! :)

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I'm feeling much better today!
Both V3 changed into their toddler forms yesterday. They were both Mohitamatchis,
and they've just evolved again into their teen stages.

I didn't introduce them before, so here they are:

The blue bubbles V3 currently houses Muffn, a generation 3 teenager. She is the
daughter of Egg and Oli, and is a Patapatatchi. Right now, she is 1 year old, weighs
20 pounds, and has 2 ticks on her discipline meter.

The translucent pink V3 currently houses Bambi, Egg and Oli's other daughter, a
generation 2. She is 1 year old as well, 20 pounds, and is 1/2 full on her discipline meter.
AND SHE EVOLVED INTO A YOUNG MIMITCHI. I know it's not a guarantee at all but I hope
that's a sign I'll get a ChoMametchi or Mimitchi this time :P



Did you guys know that rabbits don't actually have paw pads like cats and dogs? I gave
little Bambi here some little paw pads though, since Mimitchi isn't a real bunny after all.

I like doing these little MS paint doodles, they're fun and easy. maybe I'll include more in the future.

Meanwhile, in the V4, Jaz is 4 years old and is working as a pastry chef (?). I like the game
for it. I am actually not sure what points it gives since I wasn't paying attention. She got
the job immediately though so I'd guess Style?

Anyway, that's really it for now. I reeeeallyyy hope Bambi doesn't evolve into a Decotchi.
I don't want to a. get a repeat, and b. have to break out the Nyatchi costume again since it's
one-use and is actually quite costly :/

Edited by somebody2love

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Oh my gosh, your Paint doodle is so cute! :D For that to be done in MS Paint, that's some real talent. I can't even draw a line without the line tool haha. I've always had a soft spot for Young Mimitchi as well. I hope your group hatch goes well!

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Thanks! :wub: I find MS Paint pretty fun and relaxing to doodle in.


Ok, so I didn't have a lot to update with for the past few days because not much has
happened aside from me being distracted by a game (and this will only get worse
once I get Ultra Moon :P), and on top of that, this batch of Tamas, like I had mentioned
in the group hatch logs, were REALLY stubborn with evolving. Usually mine seem to
evolve right after they turn 3 but these didn't evolve until right before they aged up
to 4. Anyway, they did evolve, and as mentioned in that log, Wibbl evolved into a
Tarakotchi which I'm actually very happy about because Tarakotchi's sprite is extremely
cute. He reminds me of a flightless bird. Next, Bambi did, in fact, not evolve into a
Decotchi, which is good. Instead she evolved into.. a...

Hold on, I'm actually not sure what this is.

Hidatchi! Apparently it's an Above Average evolution, so I must have missed some
discipline calls on Bambi somewhere. I believe this one might be V3 exclusive.

Last, Muffn evolved into literally the only character I didn't want to get ever
and turned into a Paparatchi. Which is actually really close to its previous evolution's
name. How confusing. Anyway, it kind of looks like Tarakotchi in a costume which
actually makes it a bit funnier. It is also an "average care" evolution which is
interesting since I always find the evolutions that aren't in an extreme (i.e Very Good
or Very Bad) hard to get.

Jaz was actually paused yesterday, not on purpose, but because I forgot to unpause her.
Sorry Jaz! She's unpaused now. I think the Matchmaker may visit her pretty soon as


Thanksgiving is coming around the corner very soon in the US and I'm excited for that!

It's one of my favorite holidays.

Edited by somebody2love

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Well, today I woke up sick... definitely not pleasant BUT it's better that i get sick right now
so I can get over my sore throat before Thanksgiving! I can't do anything when I have a
sore throat... plus I usually throw up. But I have a new strategy that helps ;) Lie flat
and don't move, LOL. I just read books and get my phone and watch/listen (mostly
listen as I just lie there trying to sleep mostly...) to my favorite videos. Sadly I slept
in longer than I've been waking up lately and my tamas were pretty mad at me,
with 0 hungry hearts and 1 happy heart. Bambi was ok for some reason though...
she still had 1 hungry heart left and was full on happy.

I got the Matchmaker visit for Jaz last night and she had a boy. I'll probably leave
her paused while I have a sore throat. I don't want to neglect her and have her
and her baby die as a result. The others should be ok.

So yeah... bit of a short update. I ordered Ultra Sun last night so I'll be playing that
once my sore throat is gone too. I'm pretty excited for it :) I hope to feel better
really soon, I hope it's a short bout.

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Apologies for the delay in updates. I had my Tamas paused for nearly the entire duration

of my sickness (all but the V4 are still paused). I've been busy as well with a couple of

games, so I haven't unpaused the rest of the troupe because I don't want to neglect them

while I'm busy. Jaz had a kid though, this time another boy. I JUST activated him. His name

is Helio and I have no idea what he'll turn into. I can't remember what I... Oh, that's right!

His dad was an Androtchi. I'm not sure which takes priority over which so I'm unsure

what kind of toddler I'll end up with. I'll update again once he evolves. He just got

sick and should be taking a nap soon as well. I'd really be happy with any evolution,

because there are males in both Kuchi and Meme that I want, and I wouldn't mind

getting Tensaitchi again from the Mame group.



I really can't believe how fast time has gone! I've been logging for over a month now,

and it'll only get more active once I get my P's, hopefully within the next couple of

months. I've also found some really cheap used iD-L's and was extremely tempted

by them.



Anyway, Helio just woke up from his nap, ate some food, and asked for praise, which

I granted. Annnnd... he's evolved into another Mohitamatchi! Awesome! I'm pretty

pumped, because now I can get Kuchipatchi!

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    • By cheesy-tchi
      You read that title right: one Cheesy running twenty tamas at once. No pausing. I've already spent money on batteries, so it's too late to back down. Here's what I've got:
      P2, Angel, Ocean, Osu & Mesu, Morino, Ocean, V1, V2, V3, Oden-kun, V5.5, V6,
      Tama Go, P's, Dream Town x 2, Mix, 20th anniversary Mini, whatever you call those original remakes, and an ON.
      If that doesn't add up to twenty then I typed something wrong. I'll be starting in the baby stage whether that means resuming from where I left off or resetting the tamagotchi.  I've already resigned myself to the fact that the Ocean will be dead within an hour, but hey. Some of these will be extra fun since I haven't played with them before. I'm trying to figure out my set up/transportation method. I'm certainly going to be putting these in my work locker.
      My batteries should arrive on the second, then I just have to figure out when I'm off work.
    • By Pogostix
      WHO IS POGO???
      A work-from-home digital artist/internet hermit who got her first digital pet in 2002. She rambles a lot and is not apologetic but will highlight the important things in bold to spare your time and/or sanity. She sometimes talks in third person for no reason. Now I am an adult and have my own income to spend irresponsibly and don't have to beg The Powers That Be (Mom) for new Tamas for Christmas. I have a chronic disease that causes joint pain and fatigue (among other things but that's an unrelated story) so my Tamas spend a lot of time paused on days when my hands hurt too much to press buttons or days when I can't stay awake. This causes some weird age/time shenanigans. So keep that in mind as you read please :3

      My experiences with my little Digital Zoo/Beeping Mass/Weird Dragon Hoard. It goes by a lot of names. Some of them are from me, some of them are from my friends. Most of my pets are from the connection series, as they stopped selling them locally after the TamaGO (Tamagotchi Friends never even made it to my area) and are harder for me to fit in my smol budget. I guess that makes a lot of my collection "retro" these days?
      Logs won't be super in-depth, just my thoughts and observations.
      All my pets, and their current stats

      Tamagotchi Connection v1. Male, named Diget (Was supposed to be Digit, lol I can spell), Mametchi  first generation. (Although being before the v3 the sprite is the classic ) 2 Tamagotchi Connection v2's. Red shelled one is a Male, named Manny, Marumimitchi  second generation. The blue shelled one is a Female, named Annie, and is a Pyonkotchi (I was gifted this one by my younger brother after he found it buried in his closet, this is the character that was on it when I put the battery in.) 2 Tamagotchi Connection v3's. The first one has a silver shell and is a male Kuchipatchi  named Wally, 1st gen. The second one is a dark green shell and is a female Mametchi  named Oscar, 1st gen (this was also found in my brother's closet and gifted to me). Tamagotchi Connection v4. Female, named Clair(e) (there should be an e on the end but only 5 letters fit, her name was planned out poorly). Memetchi  4th generation. Tamagotchi Connection v5/Familitchi. Family name: POGO? The question mark is because this Tama... has some issues. Namely that the memory resets every time the battery dies. Currently doing some SCIENCE!!1! to see if replacing the battery SUPER FAST once it starts dying will let me keep the data or not. Results currently are mixed, further results are needed. If it proves to be consistently "nope" then I will be looking for a replacement v5 and this will be a parts Tama. It already has a janky button that I cannibalized from a TV remote so it's not in fantastic shape. Currently a Watatchi, Uhyotchi, and LoveZukintchi. 1st gen. 2 Tamagotchi Connection v6/Music Star's. Pink shell is a female Chantochi named Rose, 10th generation (my longest running family tree). Recently married a Shimashimatchi and had a baby boy. Black shell is a female Violetchi  named Eden, 1st gen (I bought this one from my other little brother when he got bored with it for like 10 dollars). 1 TamaGO (which might be a Connection v7? Teeechnically???). A Kuchipatchi , male, 6th gen. 1 Tamagotchi Mini (Series 2 I think). Currently a Nyrotchi because ehehehehhh I slept in .__. 1 Tamagotchi Spacey M!X. This one is brand new and I'm still trying to figure it out??? A female... yellow... spoon... thing??? Toddler stage, if you can tell me what this is, please lemme know. 1st Gen. THE NEOPETS:
      Yellow Lost Desert Aisha Pocket Neopet. Female, amed Angel2 after my original toy, Angel, which was my very first digital pet and I lost it somewhere ;w;. Currently working on getting the last trophy, Copy Cat. Faerieland Deluxe Pocket Neopet. Currently only running the Shoyru, as I have learned from experience that trying to do all 3 WILL result in care misses and game over's. Also, Shoyru > Uni/Poogle, FITE ME. Female, named Mariel, I only have 1 trophy so far, for Cirrus Drop. I also have a account, golden_dragon_111, and a purkle Aisha, just as a footnote, if you want to neofriend me. Won't be mentioned here other than to transfer the trophy codes once obtained. THE OTHERS:
      Things without batteries for various reasons
      Series 2 NanoPuppy. Battery lid has cracked and I need to fix that. Also, it keeps dying because I can't figure out how to pause it? I guess the original version had a trick where you could go into the clock and just not set it and that would pause it but it doesn't seem to work on mine. Littlest Pet Shop Digital Bunny. This is a game more than a pet, you don't really take care of it. Not entertaining enough to get one of my limited rechargeable 2032's. Hot Pink My Meebas. BUYING THIS WAS A MISTAKE. It lives on a shelf. If I didn't have to jimmy it open with a butter knife maybe it would be used as a fancy snack holder. But it will never again have batteries.
    • By iTamannadi
      Hello everyone 
      And welcome to my first log! 
      I’ve been reading some amazing logs of the members and that got me excited to start one for my Tamas and show you all how I take care of them. 
      This log will include the Tamas I'm running, not necessarily one just so no one get confused 
      I will try and post daily, if not it’s going to be every two or three days.
      I hope you guys enjoy and if there’s anything you would like to add or say please leave a comment