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New Tamagotchi owner, have a few questions

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I'm a new tamagotchi owner, and right now I have two Tamagotchi Minis. I was wondering a few things such as:


- What do you recommend for Tamagotchi's? (Which one is most fun to keep)

- What is the best place to purchase Tamagotchi?

- What are the basic machanics of a Tamagotchi (not specifically only Tamagotchi Mini's)

- Is there any important info I should know?

- How to Tamagotchi's evolve/grow, and what characters can they grow into?


If you can answer any of these questions then it would be a big help! Thx! 😊

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I would recommend a connection and you can find them all over the place (ebay tends to be over priced) and in the facebook traders group. I recommend them first before the colours as they tend to be are cheaper. The V1 is the most basic model, The V2 introduces the store and gotchi points (my personal favourite), The v3 is very similar to the V2 but different games items and characters (small antennae), The V4 introduces the idea of guts points and the english version is the watered down version of the Japanese entama (I would recomend the entama for the content this tama has so much going and its well executed), this one has a school, and jobs. The V4.5 is pretty much a V4 but different guts jobs and characters it is the watered down version of the Uratama (japanese) which from my understanding runs very similar to the entama. The V5 is the familitchi and this one emphasises tamagotchi family as you raise a family and from second generation onwards you see the parents tons of cute animations, V5.5 is a familitichi with different characters (the royal family). The V6 or the music star is a jammed packed version that needs attention all day as you have to make sure they practice keep stress low keep them well feed and happy and gain skill points and practice with the band to become a top ranking music star. I like it it just requires a lot of time

- Depending on what you want to buy Ebay, the facebook group, amazon, japanyouwant (great for japanese connections (V1/plus, ketai series (V3 like different growth charts), entama, uratama familtama and royal famitama)

- the basic mechanics: After the egg hatches and it has been named you have the needy baby stage and you must feed it meals to fill the hungry meter and snacks/ play games to fill the happy meter. if they poop clean it up. For some tamas playing games earns you money that you can then use to buy treats and toys for your tama (cute animations galore) for those with discipline if they call out and don't need anything they need a time out if they are sad they need a praise, on some they need you to turn off the light when they go to bed (the V4/V4.5 have a mail box instead you get letters randomly through the day) If your tama gets sick give them medicine (skull over their head or a tooth). Don't let them get too overweight or they get sick. And really all you want to do is keep them full and happy. And over time your tamagotchi will evolve (different times for different versions and when they are an adult and of age to mate the matchmaker will come and bring them a mate if you choose love your tama will have a baby and in a day or two they will leave and you start the next generation from the baby stage

- It's hard to say for sure. I would say just do research into the various versions (google each tamagotchi Version and watch review videos on youtube and look up guides as needed?

- Each version offers different characters... so this is something I would say you need to look up



The same basics apply to the colour tamagotchis -there is no discipline for the most part and of course the versions differ greatly from the connections but I would recommend just seeing how you enjoy the connections before you decide on a colour as most of the colours are all in japanese and the connections and colours follow the same mechanics and you can get the connections in english also the connections are smaller more portable and less expensive (so its less horrible should something happen to it or you lose interest)

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