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iD or iD L?

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So I want to purchase one of these machines, but I don't know which and I am having trouble finding information about the pros and cons on the internet. Which do you like better and why?



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Although I've never used an iD, I've heard it lacks in comparison to the ID L which I do own. The ID L also has slightly more space for downloaded items and games which is a plus in my book

I'm unsure if you read the Tamagotchi Wiki or not about these models, but I'll link you to articles of the iD and ID L in case you haven't. It may help you get a bit better judgement and decision.




iD L:


I hope it helps! :)

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Thanks! I did look at the wiki but it wasn't very helpful IMO. I am definitely leaning towards the iD L after more research.

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Is the m!x good too? I'm also considering that

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I have an ID (in Japanese with no downloads) but I'm unfamiliar with the ID L. I've seen more people sign the praises for the ID L which makes me feel as if not allot of people have or are interested in the ID. Anyway, refer to this topic for information about ID L. Compared to that, the ID lacks seeds, parent visits, and tama pets. Some things are a little tweaked since the ID doesn't have clothes but it has accessories like hats and glasses, the restaurants have different varieties, and it is possible to visit past Tamagotchis after 5 or so TamaTomo stamps are obtained (the same as happy symbols) but only as adults with happiness filled up to the red bar. Additionally, from this topic it appears the ID has less connectivity options than the ID L.


Speaking from experience, the ID is a pretty easy colour Tamagotchi and also has a bonus for English speakers with some of the locations named in English (such as "Convenience Store" and the "Photo" shoot/building). Unlike the past models, it has weather conditions and birthdays for the actual Tamagotchi characters. I'm assuming the two models do overlap, so count that as a plus for both version. One of my biggest complaint with the ID (which can be applied to the ID L) is that it only has two built-in games which after five or so generations get quite monotonous. I understand this can be fixed with downloads but I'd have to buy equipment or an ID station (which I was considering awhile back). Also, perhaps allot of colour tamas would significantly improve with downloads so it is a separate experience. Minorly, while I appreciate the colour graphics I feel the screensaver takes away the life that the older models had as I can no longer glance up at them and see them ambling around like living creatures.


@Jhud - I noticed you mentioned having allot of problems with posting. Have you tried previewing your post with the "More Reply Options" buttons? That usually corrects all my posting problems and also safeguards my posts.

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I've had up and down opinions about the M!x, but overall they're a lot of fun. The whole mixing appearances aspect is really cool, but sometimes it's a little frustrating based on trying to get specific traits in or out, or when you want to add in male character traits but have a bunch of male generations in a row. Also, I recommend going for a 20th Anniversary edition, because on the Spacey, Dream, and Melody versions need to communicate w/other M!xes to unlock all the locations, which means about 6 of the possible tamas are locked off otherwise. Anniversary you can unlock all of them w/just one. (I think the Anniversary M!x unlocks everything with just one as well. Not sure on the Sanrio?)

The other big difference is that the adults you get are based on the parents' appearances, not the level of care, so past the first generation it doesn't matter how you take care of your Tama. <---This is a good chart of what you'll get w/each version. I like a lot of the designs on the 20th Anniversary version more than the Spacey that I have (which is why I'm getting a 20th Anniversary!)

The M!x is also all in Japanese, which can be a little intimidating, but there's a translated manual here: <---This thread is also has a lot of good info on the M!x as well.


Ultimately, shoot for the version w/the characters you want, because then you'll get the best combinations.

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