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Gudetama has arrived

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Ahoy there, everyone. Today my Gudetama arrived and I've been running it for about three hours. Anyone else's arrived yet? I went with the yellow tama with the white silicone case. As everyone surmised, it's chibi sized and works quite similarly.


I'm not familiar with the Gudetama property whatsoever, so I don't know any of the characters here, but you start out with a baby yolk (Gudetama?) with a bonnet in a half shell. Cute, I suppose. Like the chibi you have two food options -- a regular meal and a tomato. Again like the chibi your Gudetama will only eat up to four meals depending on how long it's gone without food. With the tomatoes, however, there doesn't seem to be a cap. Is there some relevance to the tomatoes? It doesn't even look like your Gudetama actually eats them -- he just puts them in his shell.


There's also a game you can play at any time, which is basically three card monte with two eggs. Purely chance based, which is always a bummer. It has five rounds, and even winning just two seems to make your Gudetama happy.


There's a clock feature as always, with no 24-hour option, just 12-hour. Always weird how that feature comes and goes.


If you press C you get a little animation and a message from your Gudetama. Mine currently says "babu babu" in Katakana, which is just baby talk.


My Gudetama hasn't changed forms yet, and has only beeped at me once. From the instructions it looks like there are about three stages. We'll see how long it takes to transform.


I'm hoping to hear from some of you guys what you think about it. I've grown quite fond of chibis due to how low-key they are.

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I got a Gudetama tamagotchi for my wife for Christmas, and it showed up today!


I didn't realize they were more like the minis, but it's still pretty cool. There's a lot of japanese compared to other tamagotchis, so we've been trying to translate them for most of the night. Watabou already covered most of it, and a lot of it is pretty standard tama fare, but it does deviate from the 20th anniversary minis a little, so I figured I'd put a little more up.

Anyway, press A, and you go to the main menu (shocking!)

The two options are:

1) Tabemono for food

2) Gemu for games. Like Watabou said, the game's a 'guess which one' using A and B, and yeah, as long as you get 2, it seems to make Gudetama happy.


The Tabemono menu has two options:
1) Shouyu (I think? I wasn't able to translate this one well) I'm GUESSING it's Shouyu though because it looks like a soy sauce dropper? This is Gudetama's main food.

2) Tomato - it's a tomato! Seems to be the treat.


Pretty standard stuff. Like Watabou said, hitting C will make Gudetama say stuff. "babu babu" seems to be what you always get when he doesn't have any needs. I'll have to wait until he needs anything to get the rest. He seems to get hungry WAY slower than other baby tamas, whichis interesting.


Other interesting things:
The screen is pretty deep-set. It's got more pixels than a mini, but it's so deep set that the sides can kinda shadow it. I got the one with the white silicone sleeve, which is good quality and doesn't seem like it'll wear our fast.

The sound is better than the mini. It's a bit lower in tone but I think it sounds nicer than the mini.

Overall, I'm really excited to see what it'll turn into! I don't know really any japanese myself, but I know a few people who might be able to help me translate some of the menus or the manual itself.


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Actually, "babu" is Japanese for baby talk, so he's basically talking baby babble.

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Oh yeah, I was just saying that he does that when he doesn't need anything else. I should have been keeping track of some of the other things he says when he's in a good mood. The only one I can remember off the top of my head is that his perfect care form says 'I'm being cute!'

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I'm waiting for mine to get here. I ordered it from Japan, and I'm in America, so it may be a while. Can't wait though!

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I've been running my gudetama for ~5 cycles and noticed that its lifespan seems to be 13 days.
Can anyone confirm?

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