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Been sick since Thursday, which has resulted in me hanging around home and watching terrible movies. I have no complaints. XD
But hey, we're back in the 90's!

No, for real, like everything I'm running right now is oldschool....

Well, technically remakes of oldschool, but still. And technically I'm still running my ver 20th pendulums, but they're both on ice right now so... XD

Anyway, updates!

P1 and P2

Psyched to have gotten these! Careful when you get them though -seems like they might have a tendency to have paint trapped between the LCD and the screen plastic. Both of mine did. The Red Glitter isn't so bad, but the Galaxy had a GIANT WHITE FLECK right in the middle of the screen that wasn't easy to see because of the little character sticker they put over the window on the box. Anyway, did some Tama surgery and... broke the sound. ><
Did more tama surgery and it works fine again. XD

I won't go into great detail about what these look like, because we all know P1's and 2's. I will say that it's nice that they have faster processing, though the button pushes can still be a little dicey. Beyond that, they changed the P2 number game! Before, after you guessed, whatever number was the answer to that guess would be the starting number on the next guess, which made it super easy. Now, it's a random number every guess, so trying to do it while paying half attention is a lot harder!

Anyway, pics!

The back of the galaxy is a lighter shade of purple and it's all sparkly, though this pic doesn't really capture the sparkle well.


Red Glitter! Pics don't do this one justice. It looks REALLY good at person. I was originally going to go with the mermaid scale (which apparently has a translucent white back?) or the one with characters on it, but this thing is so eye-catching in person!

Anyway, that's all for now. I'll probably buy a few more as time goes on, but I don't wanna just hoard them all because the whole point is so NEW people can try them! If they all come home with me, that's not making any new fans! (Also... uh... that gets costly)

Digimon Ver 20th

Not much to say here... working on a Durandemon so I can jogress it with the Bryweludramon on my Pendulum ver 20th to get a Ragnalordmon. Oh! I did actually get a Imperialdramon Paladin Mode, so that was cool! I think that's the most powerful 'mon you can unlock on the Pendulum ver 20th. I'm sure Jhud knows for sure. XD

Happy little Duramon

GigaPets AR T-Rex!

I like this guy, though he's super easy. Maybe they're trying to make up for the 'guess I'll die' glitch the old ones had, but man, this guy can take some neglect. Which, honestly, is good since it takes a while to get all his bars up. He's exactly like old school gigapets, only now you can teach them tricks and there's the phone app which is... basically useless. That's okay. I didn't get them for the app. The animations on this guy are FANTASTIC! So many little idle animations, and they're all fluid and have more than like 2 frames! (I say, casting a baleful look of reproach upon modern color tamas). Sleep is weird, too. It goes to bed at 9:30 and wakes up at 7:30, but it's stats go down when it sleeps even if you put it to sleep. It also tends to go to sleep during the day if left alone for more than 5 min (but stats still go down).

Anyway, there's way too many animations for me to document here, so order your own! They're only about as much as the new P1's and P2's. I know it's tricky if your not in the US, but hopefully they'll start showing up in more places.

All the animations are from his 2nd form, which... honestly might be his final form since he's been in it for almost a week now. Hmm. Could use more forms.

Walking around

He usually does this when he wants a bath or is bored. Right now he's just doing it to do it.

Chasing a mouse idle animation (apparently I still can't get stuff to animate here, so here's the link: )
This one I can't link directly because it has sound, so I didn't want to convert it to a gif. Click on it, though! I think they did a great job with the little roars they gave this guy.

I'm definitely going to get a Dragon and a Monkey when they come out.

Man, it's cool to be doing some old-school virtual pets again. OH MAN! I never even took pics of my Mushi King! I'll have to run that some time in the future, I guess.

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Man, I haven't been on here in FOREVER. Work got really busy, my seasonal depressiong got a little more depressy, game season ate away at my time, and I'm working on some short horror for the site that I always write short horror for around this time of year (bogleech, if you're interested - he actually spent the last few months going through all different kinds of Digimon, though sadly not really from a Vpet perspective)

I'm kinda bouncing between tamas right now... The Gigapet is off because it's a ton of fun but once you've done it once... there's really no variation to go back to, and as you know from this log, I kinda just love raising new characters and hopping to the next gen.


I think a big part of my 'tama slump' right now is due to the fact that I went so HARD into it, which is usually part of my mental process. I pick up a hobby, fixate on it SUPER DEEP for a little while, then once I've learned what I want, I move on to the next thing (This year it was tamas, mugenbines, Gridman, a weird game called BattleClaw that I discovered during the Toys R' Us shutdown...)


Anyway, I'm trying to figure out a better way to pace myself with tamas, especially since I don't have enough time to run a ton like I did before. I decided what I'll try to do is run one vintage and one other tama at any given time, so right now I'll be running my Anniversary P2 (I know, not technically vintange) and the Uratama I only ran a few times. I'm going to try to avoid using enWarehouse too, because even though it's rad, I think it makes me start taking things for granted.

I was running my M!x's for the last week or so, but I find with the M!x that all the menus and dialog tend to take me out of things a bit, even if it doesn't really inhibit play. They're not the easiest to just pick up and run, but maybe that's because I'm running 2 at a time and that many color tamas doesn't really fit in a pocket. XD


But hey, I think I have a good plan, and I'm going to have all Thanksgiving break to crack into some of the tamas I kinda just skimmed. I probably won't post as many pictures since that's a heck of a chore sometimes, but hopefully I'll be around a little more!

ANYHOW, that's about all. Hope you're all doing great. I've missed this place and living in this wasteland of a state in the winter really knocks you done a peg, but I have a rad wife and a big 'ol therapy light and some egg nog and robots and tamas, so what else could a guy ask for?

(Well, a Diaclone Battle Buffalo, maybe, but I'm still doing pretty great!)

Hope you're all doing awesome. :)

OH ALSO - I totally forgot to preorder the meets when it came out and now I don't have a preorder and I don't want a dang PINK one. XD I really, REALLY want a green one because I don't have any green tamas and I think that'd be neat. The purple one looks good, too. FINGERS CROSSED I FIND ONE!

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ALRIGHT, Time for a new entry, SPECIAL MEETS EDITION!!!


Just got my green Magical Meets today, and I've added the app to my new phone (which I ended up getting because my old phone could barely run the app and my wife kept telling me to get a new phone XD), and booted up the meets for the first time!


But before that, first impressions!


I really like the case deco. Yeah, it's all sparkly and I'm a 30-something dude, but I like how the clear plastic cover has the black outlines of the colored stars and stuff in the back. It really makes it pop out a lot more than the basic patterns of the M!x. Buttons feel good, etc etc. Beyond that, it's a color tama. You know what you're in for.


The first thing I notice when I boot it up is that mine is a lot quieter than my M!xes. That's not a bad thing, but I wish they had actual adjustable volume levels. I mean, we can manage brightness adjustment, why not that? Also, I feel like the sounds are a lot more 'mellow' and warm than the M!x. Still digital sounding, but a lot... I dunno, calmer? I like it though.


And with every tama, we start out with an egg!




Which hatches...





Into a little girl tama!


I'm not really great with hiragana, but it looks like her name is Marupitchi




She drinks something that looks like tea/cocoa:



(I love the interior of the house so far. Both the living room and kitchen look great)


She has a bear to play with:




And I uploaded her into the app to see what it looked like. It's super cool seeing everyone's tamas running around:




Already asleep!



I know there's no growth chart yet, so we'll wing it and see what she turns into. For now, it'll be interesting to discover! There's not much new in the menu except the last icon in the chest which is a ca.... wait, hang on...

....for real my wife is setting up our Christmas tree and some of the lights don't work and so we need to go out and get lights RIGHT NOW AT 10:16 PM AT NIGHT. XD

I don't want to her to be out on the verge of a snowstorm by herself, so... guess I'll put a pin in this for a second. XD


Thanks for reading! I'll post the next bit in an hour or two. Man, the things we do for love...


It's worth it though. :)

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OKAY. We got some tree lights.


ANYWAY, where was I....

Ah yes! The last option in the chest is a menu that leads to just a camera, and the camera just says this when you select it:




I don't know enough to translate it. Something about photography, but it doesn't do anything when you press any button. Maybe because she's just a baby?




Now she's a Chiroritchi!

I don't know enough about color tamas to know if either of these characters are new...

Anyway, having fun so far. Obviously nothing's really unlocked, but we'll see how it goes!

Thanks for reading!

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さつえいじゅんび (撮影準備)

I think it's just asking if you're ready to take a photo.


I think that's a new character.

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That's what I was thinking, and apparently to make it take a photo you select that option and then just... let it sit. XD It takes a snapshot if your tama, adds a little note, and then puts it in your notebook in the menu.

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So, smaller update. My wife and I went to an animatronic dinosaur exhibit today because I love dinosaurs and it was a lot of fun! There was a couple there dressed as Dr. Grant and Dr. Sattler from Jurassic Park, and they asked us to take their picture. My wife said I should go as John Hammond next year and just point at everything and mutter "We spared no expense!" over and over. They had a full-scale Spinosaurus, which was the biggest land predator of all time. SUPER. COOL. When we got home, we watched a bunch of the new season of Mystery Science Theater 3k with my little sister who's crashing with us for a few days for school certification stuff.



As for Tama stuff...


Here's a guide for the meets! I posted it on the tips and tricks page too, but my posts for some reason never seem to get approved. *shrug* Anyway, here it is:


It's interesting how there's no tama town in this one and instead you have the tama hotel resort thingy. I haven't unlocked any locations (because I just found the guide now), but the new characters seem a bit more fun than a lot of the ones on the M!x, though I still lament the lack of 'ugly' tamas (as PK would say). I thought that maybe it was because it'd be hard to blend the sprites for a while, but the Anniversary M!x has Maskutchi and Oyajitchi, soo... C'mon bandai! Duck plant!

Overall digging the Meets. I don't think it'll really kick into gear until I'm a few generations in, though!

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OKAY! A few busy days, but now it's time for updates!

First off, I'm on the second generation of my Meets, and the way stuff gets added on slowly is pretty cool. I haven't figured out things like pets and jobs yet, but here's a list of stuff I dig:

1) You take a boat to get to areas! And they're all like these weird cards than exist on the main island. It's nothing really groundbreaking, but it's something new and something cool!


2) You can have a farm! Sorta. It's one plant, and I married off my Gen 1 before I got to see what happened with the tree, but it's cool!


3) The various areas feel a little more fun to me. I don't know why, but I'll keep mulling it over.


Anyway, pics!


Unlocking Gourmet Street!


My Gen 1 ended up growing into a Memetchi! ....which is one of my least favorite tama designs ever. XD I don't think it's bad, I just think it's a little plain. I didn't mind her in this though, but it definitely hastened my desire to hop to the next gen.


Oh also, remember how I randomly ran into my tama having nightmares in my M!x? THEY HAVE NIGHTMARES IN MEETS TOO.



She was chased down a street by the big hand and then ran past the 2 ghosts. A little heart appeared between the ghosts (I guess they were dating? XD) and then the big shadow hands grabbed them, leaving her to get upset next to this weird living wall. what. the. heck.


Anyway, I ended up marrying her off to the surfer guy from the sports plaza (Oyogoogurutchi?) and the had.... TWINS!!!




I didn't even know that was a thing!



Family photo






I immediately set about unlocking the Starry Sky lab.




In the lab, I went to the observatory and saw.... a short animation where I giant space octopus tried to eat a UFO and then another, bigger UFO game along and blasted it with a ray beam until it released the first UFO.



....Meets is weird you guys. I really dig it. More giant space octopi, please.

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I'm so happy to see that there's so much weirdness going on with the Meets! :tarakotchi:


Aside from downplaying the "ugly" Tamagotchis, they seem to have been doing less weird stuff for a while, so this is very welcome news indeed. :D

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this has me sooooo excited for my meets to come in, i can't wait. and twins??? that's super cool!!!

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