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What Japanese alphabet do Japanese tamagotchis uses? I want to name mine.

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Hello everyone,


I'm newer to Tamagotchi and Tamatalk!!!:D

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Okay anyways, Let's get into the topic! :-) So I have a Tamagotchi plus (A.k.a Japanese connection version 1/V1 and I don't have any effective nor efficient way of knowing what Japanese characters will make the name I want to name my Tamagotchi... :( What I'm basically asking is the question in the title. for Kaettekita tamagotchi plus, (A.k.a the Japanese connection version 1/V1) But can be info on this for the Keitai as well. (A.k.a Japanese connection version 3/V3) I've seen naming charts for the Entama, But not for these. I know it's possible because of the Entama chart, So if anyone happens to have or is willing to take the time to make a Japanese to English naming chart for these versions? It would be much appreciated by me and probably a lot of others who have the same problem.


Dragonflytchi =*|*=

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I don't own any of the Japanese equivalents to the Connection line, but as a rule of thumb, anything that uses a low-resolution display is likely to use hiragana (standard Japanese syllabary) or katakana (the syllabary used most often for loanwords, foreign names, and brand-names), or both. It's pretty rare for kanji (characters originally from China, which are more complex and numerous) to be used, as they're generally too difficult to read on such displays.


Accordingly, you'll probably be well-served by looking up hiragana and katakana charts. These links might be a helpful place to start;


These two syllabaries are very easy to learn even if you have no further plans for learning the language, and they're likely to come in handy for navigating menus, too - particularly those written in katakana, since that's used for loanwords, and you'll often find those in menus.

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Totally what penguinkeeper said.

Also, a good rule of thumb when you're starting to try to figure out which is which while reading menus is that katakana usually looks more blocky while hiragana is more curvy. That'll help you know what alphabet to go through first. It was something that helped me out way back when I was in Japanese.

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Everyone else,


If anyone does happen to know what Japanese characters are specifically use in the Kaettekita tamagotchi plus? (Japanese v1) It would be much appreciated if you could make a naming chart Japanese to English :D or at least, let me know which ones it uses. I would also be interested in the same thing for Keitais. But mainly for the kaettekita tamagotchi plus.

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There IS a chart that shows all the Japanese letters in the Connection style alphabet, but for the life of me I can't find it... Maybe somebody has it? Not sure if it isn't from Tamasquare (which is a now defunct website, sadly)

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I believe all Japanese connections use hiragana, solely because I've heard other people say that without specifying which model and it matches up with what my Keita Akai uses. Thus, your Japanese V1 probably uses that too. Here's the letter chart for Japanese connections:



I found it off a website recommended by and the owner - who hasn't posted since 2006 - claims they got it from a friend. One note I'll add with this chart is from my limited understanding of pronouncing romaji, "e" at the end of words are often pronounced "ay" so that character which is written as "be" in romaji is probably pronounced "bay". In contrast, "e"s that come inside of words appear to be pronounced as "eh" (as in heh) so those characters that are written as "e" in romaji might be pronounced as simply "eh". Additionally, "tsu" I've only heard pronounced like "soo" such as in "tsundere" (soon-deh-reh). But this entirely from my own experience and there are exceptions, such as the silent "u" in Daisuke, Asuka, and Sasuke (meaning the "suk" is prounounced "sk" instead of "soo-kay/kah).

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