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In a Galaxy far, far away... is... the Porg Tama nest!

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Gotchilove - Thank you ever so much for your kind words/compliments! :D

Ahh! Thank you for letting me know - I wasn’t sure in all honesty, so I assumed he was showing off and told him off. Oops! I’ll try praising him next time.

Thank you for the heads up about the low-care parents, too. It seems thats all the matchmaker has offered me so far. :(

TamaLog time!

Sorry for the delay in updates! With it being so cold, I have had a hard time typing (I’m still waiting on our heating system to be fixed, argh!). However! I have been taking photos for the log, yay! :D

So what is new in the world of Brynn? Well, to be honest, not much. He is still slithering on strong and doing his little happy jumps. I also accidentally let him sleep next to his poo last night, sorry Brynn!

Little Isaac has made me chuckle a few times, I have to admit. I caught him blowing what looks like kisses at the screen earlier. :wub:


He also looked like he was receiving some kind of signal? :lol:


I am sad to say that he doesn’t share his fathers knack with the magical lamp, however, as the Genie fried him earlier. Oops! At least he can get plants to grow, thats something, right?


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TamaLog Time!

Hi there everyone, sorry this has been so slow! Life has been very hectic recently, particularly as I am preparing to have my best friend visit from Norway for my Birthday- yay! As of tomorrow, updates will be very slow- if not all together non-existant for a week or so, as I will have very little time to get online or play with my Tamas (it looks like the little critters may possibly be going into hibernation again). Do not worry, though! For both me and my critters will be back, to tell the tales of their adventures- both in the TamaWorld and our world! :D

Now then, onto the updates!

Brynn…. What can I say? He evolved! Into Oyajitchi. I have to admit, I miss his slythery forms, as I have never been one for humanoid-like Tamas. I personally find it a little bit off-putting that the Chibis/Minis seem to all do this. :( It is a real shame, as I love how low maintenence they are- which means I can often keep them with me, even when I am rushed off of my feet. I wish that, if they evolved, they turned into a more ‘animal-like’ creature. :( Ah well, I still love you Brynn, even if you have legs now!


Isaac, Isaac, Isaac! Well now, this little chap has been busy! He found himself a lover recently- a lovely lady Megatchi! Fireworks went off and after the ‘magical’ meeting, Isaac found himself a new father- to a bright, bouncy girl. He is already proving to be a fantastic father, just like Leon! :D



Naturally I made my last days with Isaac special, just like I had with Leon. I gave him some new toys to play with! He seemed to really like the Umbrella! :D


Then, the day came… Where Isaac had to leave. He has entrusted me to look after his baby girl, who I named ‘Carrie’ (after Carrie Fisher :wub:), or ‘Carie’ rather, due to the amount of letters you can enter.


She has since evolved into Tamatchi! I have been doing all I can to give good care. I just can’t seem to get the higher care children. :( Not that there is anything wrong with the ones I have been getting. I would just like to have the opportunity to see the other little ones. Hmmm… I might need to do further research.

On a side note, I activated one of my long-awaited Tamas also! I think its a V2 Connection. I couldn’t resist hitting download and upon doing so, I was presented with an oldie! Otokitchi! :) I’ve decided to let her live out her life, as she is 12 years old. Welcome to the family Hanny (that was the name given to her by the previous owner)!

This Tamas screen is quite faded, even with a new battery. I am assuming it is because I am using cheaper ones. I’ll need to pop to the store and get some better ones when I get a chance and see if it changes the screen quality.


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On a side note, I activated one of my long-awaited Tamas also! I think its a V2 Connection. I couldn’t resist hitting download and upon doing so, I was presented with an oldie! Otokitchi! :) I’ve decided to let her live out her life, as she is 12 years old. Welcome to the family Hanny (that was the name given to her by the previous owner)!


Actually, in the Connections, the oldies never die, unless you make many care mistakes. I think they accumulate over time. But there are tamas that live for years, like, human years. :P

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Iza - Ahh! I actually had no idea that was the case. Thats amazing to know! :D That might be a fun challenge at some point, to see how long I can keep one going. Thank you for letting me know! :)

TamaLog Time- and boy is it overdue!

Hello there everyone! Its time for Porgs TamaLog! Due to my own Birthday celebrations and visitors, I have been away for over a week now and have had to keep all of my lovely little virtual critters on pause. I have also unfortunately managed to fall ill again (probably with the same cold, as I hadn’t quite gotten rid of it before I went charging about and overdoing it- oops!), so my posts are going to be a bit on the slow side.

Now, as all of my current logged critters have been on pause, I don’t have anything new to report in their world. Sorry about this! However! Not all is lost in the way of updates, as I was blessed with an abundance of Tama-goodness on my Birthday from my Mother, best friend and Fiancé. Yay! :wub:


I decided to run the Chibi that was gifted to me by my best friend, as I thought it would be easy enough to keep with me and keep alive (it also meant that I didn’t have to stress too much about getting photos and could actually get photos to share with you all, when I finally managed to sit down and update). I introduce ‘Pinkie’ to all of you- and this is her story! :)

Pinkie hatched into a happy bouncing Marutchi, which I unfortunately wasn’t there to take a photo of (I also derped out on the egg and did not photograph that either- doh!). She was sitting on my kitchen table at the time and I was sadly not fast enough to grab my phone and run there when I heard the familiar ‘hatching’ beeps.


During her adventures with me, I decided to try something a bit different- in the hopes of getting a Tama I really wanted. So, I kept her ‘happiness’ to a minimum, but kept her well fed. This resulted in the Tama I wanted! Kuchipatchi! Yay! :D

I cannot take credit for this method, however, as my Fiancé was the one who initially discovered how to get him- by being a bit on the paranoid side in regards to giving him too many snacks. :lol: His Kuchipatchi was named ‘Jeremy’. :wub:


Sadly, like all Chibis, Pinkie decided to evolve into one of the two humanoid-like Tama characters- Oyajitchi. Oh well… In my mind… She is still very much a she and a Kuchipatchi. :lol:


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      03 - 04 - 2020 (Wednesday Midnight) + Stella died peacefully in her sleep. She was 8 years old when she passed. *Hitorikko, Pink Shell, Fish*
      03 - 11 - 2020 (Wednesday Evening) + Spoof was sent back to his home planet by manual reset. He was an 8 year old Mametchi *Green and Blue Shell with Yellow Buttons*
      03 - 11 - 2020 (Wednesday Evening) + After Spoof's departure, Jeffrey was born, my fourth Tamagotchi. *Green and Blue Shell with Yellow Buttons*
      03 - 12 - 2020 (Thursday Evening) + Humphrey is a Mimitchi, and is 15 years old. Brooklynn is a Mametchi, and is 9 years old. Jeffrey is a teen, and is 2 years old.
      Rest in Peace...
      Stella, Age 8, Hitorikko Fish
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      ☆ Welcome to my Tama Log! There's no pictures (due to some technical issues), but I hope you can enjoy! ☆
      19th March: App Fun!
       I got the Tamagotchi App, it's so much fun! My Tama is only a kid so I couldn't go to the Tama ♥ Party, which is a shame. But I played the Restaurant Game and the Catching Flowers game! I unlocked both backgrounds and the toy rocket.  Apart from that, it's mostly just cleaning My Tama's poop and all that.  Current Stats ☟ Generation: 6 Age: 1 Y/O Evolution Stage: Toddler ✰ Rose ✰
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      Episode 1
      Hello again everyone! Some of you may remember seeing me on this site in around 2017 and 2018. I tend to take long breaks from the venerable Tamagotchi, but I do surface every now and then, and now I'm back! I hope you've been well. In my previous logs, I ran a hefty amount of Tamagotchis (usually around 8 or so) but this time I have a smaller roster. I feel that this will make me less likely to "burn out" so early, like I did last time. It will also make this log easier to write, and will give you less baggage to read through. So I think it's a win-win! My ultimate goal for this log is to keep it sustainable and exciting, so I'll also cycle through my active Tamas from time to time and perform various evolution experiments. I hope you enjoy it!

      You might have noticed the unusually specific title of this log; that's because I have an underlying goal to obtain ChoHimetchi on my active Version 2! Why ChoHimetchi, of all things? It's actually due to many reasons. Firstly, I haven't had it on a Version 2 since I was a kid, and I always thought it was a cool-looking character worth getting again. But it's also because it seems to be very elusive to me. I tried to get ChoHimetchi multiple times in my previous logs, but my attempts badly backfired (Most of the time, I landed on the right tier but got the more common Mimitchi instead!). As a result, ChoHimetchi seems to have been an ever-present goal that I have always failed to reach. I feel like Wile E. Coyote or the Team Rocket Trio, and I must settle this, once and for all!

      As a result, this log will generally theme around my active Version 2 and the quest for ChoHimetchi, but it will also have some other Tamas with their own experiments to keep things varied. At the moment, I am running four units, which I think provides a decent balance. So, without further ado, let's introduce the gang!

      Tamagotchi No. 1: Flowery Blue Version 2

      This is the Version 2 that will be featured in my quest to get ChoHimetchi. This shell (which I think is supposed to represent an underwater theme) is very nostalgic to me because it originally belonged to my sister back when I got my first Tamagotchi, which was a green Version 2 that I have stored for now. For many years, this blue Tamagotchi was actually disassembled as a source of spare parts, but I restored it back to working condition in 2018 due to nostalgia. While it functions well enough, its speaker does not work and its infrared system is busted, meaning that it cannot connect to others (thank goodness for the Matchmaker!).

      This Version 2 was the first one I re-started after my last hiatus; I did so shortly before Christmas so that I would have something to occupy myself with. I have run it non-stop since then, and it is now in its fifth generation. I had tried to get ChoHimetchi all this time but to no success. Currently, it has a 7 year-old Pochitichi named Dale, who just had a male baby this afternoon. Since ChoHimetchi is only obtainable on even generations, Dale's baby will be my only possible attempt for a couple of weeks.

      In order to obtain ChoHimetchi, I must give the baby perfect care (especially in the Teenager stage) since the character is on the topmost tier on even generations. Then, when it evolves into an adult, I must blindly hope that ChoHimetchi is randomly chosen out of the three characters in the top tier. It can be a frustrating process! For my last two attempts (in the second and fourth generation, respectively), I tried to land on the top tier but instead got the middle tier due to accidental neglect. In fact, I actually got Dorotchi both times! So I'd better be very vigilant this time.

      Tamagotchi No. 2: Ice Blue Version 4

      Two of the other Tamas I am running at the moment are Version 4s. The main reason for this is due to an ongoing research project on the Version 4's growth chart, conducted by Maria&Co. and tamaninjacat. See the thread here:

      I was very impressed by the headway they made in the research, so I decided to help them! This snowy blue Version 4 (which I have featured in my previous logs) is thus mostly being used to test theories that are being established in that thread.

      Currently, this shell has a first-generation Harutchi named Mewtwo, whom I am using to test Child/Teenager evolution patterns. Today, I meant to give him two care mistakes through the Child stage (though instead I accidentally gave him three), and I will see whether this makes him a Mame family teen or a Meme one. It is generally established that Harutchi becomes either a Mame or Meme teen depending on the amount of care, but it is still unknown what exact numbers of care mistakes make what. There are similar mysteries with the Meme and Kuchi families as well, so I aim to help solve these questions in the future!

      Tamagotchi No. 3: Sea Blue Version 4

      This is the second Version 4 that I'm using for the evolution research project. While I started the other one from a clean slate, I decided to continue this one from where it left off to investigate the prominence of "family genes" in the Version 4. It turned out that the character was a 7 year-old Masktchi named Gina, who was actually all the way back from my first log. She became a Masktchi mostly because I accidentally left her unpaused when away, which led her getting neglected for a day. However, I found this useful for the research because it allows me to test how the Universal family affects "genes" in the Version 4.

      Shortly after I had Gina running again, she got a Matchmaker visit and had a baby. Her partner was a Tosakatchi, so I will see if that partner brings Meme genes to the baby in the future. Once Gina leaves, I will experiment with the baby, just like Mewtwo, and report results.

      Tamagotchi No. 4: Rainbow Version 4

      Yes, my final Tamagotchi is yet another Version 4, but it is not being used for evolution research. Instead, it is for another purpose that I have continued on-and-off since my first log.

      The Otokitchi in this shell is named Valma. She is currently aged 30 (in Tama-years of course), and I aim to get her over 90 years before breeding her with an Ojitchi. This, in theory, should make her one of the oldest parents of all time (though I doubt it will break the best record - someone has probably had an Ojitichi or Otokitchi breed over the age of 100). Nonetheless, it would still be a good achievement. While I can technically wait until she is well past 100, I do pause her regularly, so I will be unable to record her age after the two-digit counter fills up.

      Valma is very easy to care for, though I do give her high priority to make sure she does not have a care mistake. In the Connection series, if a Senior takes care mistakes, they become more and more needy until they die. As a result, I must make sure that Valma does not take any care mistakes during her long run. If care mistakes are avoided entirely, Valma can theoretically live forever. There have been a few times when people have gotten Ojitchi or Otokitchi to live for hundreds of Tama-years!

      Due to her age, Valma has an incredible amount of Intelligence points (I usually play Shape when playing on a Version 4). She'd make a Tensaitchi jealous!

      Well, that's all the updates for now. Here are the stats of my four active Tamagotchi:

      Stats for Dale (Version 2, Blue Water shell)
      Hunger: 4/4 hearts
      Happiness: 4/4 hearts
      Training: 9/9 bars
      Age: 7 years
      Weight: 44 lb
      Gender: Boy
      Generation: 5G
      Gotchi Points: 6,539
      Stage: Adult
      Evolution: Petitchi > Hitodetchi > Nikatchi > Pochitchi

      Stats for Mewtwo ("MEWTW", Version 4, Ice Blue shell)
      Hunger: 4/4 hearts
      Happiness: 4/4 hearts
      Training: 5/9 bars
      Skill Points: 26 Intelligence / 29 Fashion / 15 Social
      Age: 0 years
      Weight: 15 lb
      Gender: Boy
      Generation: 1G
      Gotchi Points: 3,120
      Stage: Child
      Evolution: KuroTsubutchi > Harutchi
      Occupation: Pre-schooler

      Stats for Gina (Version 4, Blue shell)
      Hunger: 4/4 hearts
      Happiness: 4/4 hearts
      Training: 7/9 bars
      Skill Points: 106 Humour / 177 Glamour / 26 Spiritual
      Age: 7 years
      Weight: 22 lb
      Gender: Girl
      Generation: 7G
      Gotchi Points: 62,320
      Stage: Adult
      Evolution: Tsubutchi > Mizutamatchi > Ichigotchi > Masktchi
      Occupation: Baker

      Stats for Valma (Version 4, White/Rainbow shell)
      Hunger: 4/4 hearts
      Happiness: 4/4 hearts
      Training: 8/9 bars
      Skill Points: 707 Intelligence / 40 Fashion / 82 Social
      Age: 30 years
      Weight: 31 lb
      Gender: Girl
      Generation: 7G
      Gotchi Points: 52,430
      Stage: Senior
      Evolution: Tsubutchi > Puchitchi > Young Memetchi > Ponytchi > Otokitchi
      Occupation: Retired


      Well, that's all for now! I aim to post this roughly to a weekly schedule, which will make it roughly once each generation. That will ensure that I have enough updates for each post. But until next time, have fun!
    • By kuchikopi
      Hi everyone! I'm new to the forums, been lurking for a few weeks now. I've always loved Tamagochis, have played the OG ones, Japanese ones, etc. Now my biggest obsession is the Tamagotchi On ☆♡ So I'm creating this log to keep track of my two current babies
      I'll add pics in a minute (so expect lots of edits), this is just gonna be the ~format~ of how I talk about my babies I think!! 
      Magical On ~ Switchi (Gen 4 | 2 y/o)

      My first one, I got on my birthday of this year! Trying to get a spoopy lil baby ♡ Love the lil horns, but I eventually hope to get the witches broom body or the ghostie one!!!
      Fairy On ~ Mokumokutchi (Gen 1 | 1 y/o)

      Got this one a few days ago!! Was already able to unlock all the locations on both tamas, with the exception of fairy land on this tama ♡  First gen since I did the restart trick to get the gym unlocked!
      The thread is named split personality b/c not only do I want a super spoopy baby on my magic tama and a cutie  on my fairy one, but b/c my entire being is just being split between creepy and cute Hope you all enjoy my tama journey, please feel free to stop by and say hello!!

    • By N8Bot
      Tamagotchi On twins did not evolve today, because I spent too much time with the man visiting the app, go me! 
      Narcoleptic fits resulted in care misses in earlier generations. 
      Note to self, use on app less