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In a Galaxy far, far away... is... the Porg Tama nest!

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Gotchilove - Thank you ever so much for your kind words/compliments! :D

Ahh! Thank you for letting me know - I wasn’t sure in all honesty, so I assumed he was showing off and told him off. Oops! I’ll try praising him next time.

Thank you for the heads up about the low-care parents, too. It seems thats all the matchmaker has offered me so far. :(

TamaLog time!

Sorry for the delay in updates! With it being so cold, I have had a hard time typing (I’m still waiting on our heating system to be fixed, argh!). However! I have been taking photos for the log, yay! :D

So what is new in the world of Brynn? Well, to be honest, not much. He is still slithering on strong and doing his little happy jumps. I also accidentally let him sleep next to his poo last night, sorry Brynn!

Little Isaac has made me chuckle a few times, I have to admit. I caught him blowing what looks like kisses at the screen earlier. :wub:


He also looked like he was receiving some kind of signal? :lol:


I am sad to say that he doesn’t share his fathers knack with the magical lamp, however, as the Genie fried him earlier. Oops! At least he can get plants to grow, thats something, right?


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TamaLog Time!

Hi there everyone, sorry this has been so slow! Life has been very hectic recently, particularly as I am preparing to have my best friend visit from Norway for my Birthday- yay! As of tomorrow, updates will be very slow- if not all together non-existant for a week or so, as I will have very little time to get online or play with my Tamas (it looks like the little critters may possibly be going into hibernation again). Do not worry, though! For both me and my critters will be back, to tell the tales of their adventures- both in the TamaWorld and our world! :D

Now then, onto the updates!

Brynn…. What can I say? He evolved! Into Oyajitchi. I have to admit, I miss his slythery forms, as I have never been one for humanoid-like Tamas. I personally find it a little bit off-putting that the Chibis/Minis seem to all do this. :( It is a real shame, as I love how low maintenence they are- which means I can often keep them with me, even when I am rushed off of my feet. I wish that, if they evolved, they turned into a more ‘animal-like’ creature. :( Ah well, I still love you Brynn, even if you have legs now!


Isaac, Isaac, Isaac! Well now, this little chap has been busy! He found himself a lover recently- a lovely lady Megatchi! Fireworks went off and after the ‘magical’ meeting, Isaac found himself a new father- to a bright, bouncy girl. He is already proving to be a fantastic father, just like Leon! :D



Naturally I made my last days with Isaac special, just like I had with Leon. I gave him some new toys to play with! He seemed to really like the Umbrella! :D


Then, the day came… Where Isaac had to leave. He has entrusted me to look after his baby girl, who I named ‘Carrie’ (after Carrie Fisher :wub:), or ‘Carie’ rather, due to the amount of letters you can enter.


She has since evolved into Tamatchi! I have been doing all I can to give good care. I just can’t seem to get the higher care children. :( Not that there is anything wrong with the ones I have been getting. I would just like to have the opportunity to see the other little ones. Hmmm… I might need to do further research.

On a side note, I activated one of my long-awaited Tamas also! I think its a V2 Connection. I couldn’t resist hitting download and upon doing so, I was presented with an oldie! Otokitchi! :) I’ve decided to let her live out her life, as she is 12 years old. Welcome to the family Hanny (that was the name given to her by the previous owner)!

This Tamas screen is quite faded, even with a new battery. I am assuming it is because I am using cheaper ones. I’ll need to pop to the store and get some better ones when I get a chance and see if it changes the screen quality.


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On a side note, I activated one of my long-awaited Tamas also! I think its a V2 Connection. I couldn’t resist hitting download and upon doing so, I was presented with an oldie! Otokitchi! :) I’ve decided to let her live out her life, as she is 12 years old. Welcome to the family Hanny (that was the name given to her by the previous owner)!


Actually, in the Connections, the oldies never die, unless you make many care mistakes. I think they accumulate over time. But there are tamas that live for years, like, human years. :P

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Iza - Ahh! I actually had no idea that was the case. Thats amazing to know! :D That might be a fun challenge at some point, to see how long I can keep one going. Thank you for letting me know! :)

TamaLog Time- and boy is it overdue!

Hello there everyone! Its time for Porgs TamaLog! Due to my own Birthday celebrations and visitors, I have been away for over a week now and have had to keep all of my lovely little virtual critters on pause. I have also unfortunately managed to fall ill again (probably with the same cold, as I hadn’t quite gotten rid of it before I went charging about and overdoing it- oops!), so my posts are going to be a bit on the slow side.

Now, as all of my current logged critters have been on pause, I don’t have anything new to report in their world. Sorry about this! However! Not all is lost in the way of updates, as I was blessed with an abundance of Tama-goodness on my Birthday from my Mother, best friend and Fiancé. Yay! :wub:


I decided to run the Chibi that was gifted to me by my best friend, as I thought it would be easy enough to keep with me and keep alive (it also meant that I didn’t have to stress too much about getting photos and could actually get photos to share with you all, when I finally managed to sit down and update). I introduce ‘Pinkie’ to all of you- and this is her story! :)

Pinkie hatched into a happy bouncing Marutchi, which I unfortunately wasn’t there to take a photo of (I also derped out on the egg and did not photograph that either- doh!). She was sitting on my kitchen table at the time and I was sadly not fast enough to grab my phone and run there when I heard the familiar ‘hatching’ beeps.


During her adventures with me, I decided to try something a bit different- in the hopes of getting a Tama I really wanted. So, I kept her ‘happiness’ to a minimum, but kept her well fed. This resulted in the Tama I wanted! Kuchipatchi! Yay! :D

I cannot take credit for this method, however, as my Fiancé was the one who initially discovered how to get him- by being a bit on the paranoid side in regards to giving him too many snacks. :lol: His Kuchipatchi was named ‘Jeremy’. :wub:


Sadly, like all Chibis, Pinkie decided to evolve into one of the two humanoid-like Tama characters- Oyajitchi. Oh well… In my mind… She is still very much a she and a Kuchipatchi. :lol:


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    • By Moon ^_^
      (no mean comments :l)
      Hi! this is my first log and there is no pics cuz i left my tama at my dads  
      i started my tama magic up and was happy when my tama turned out to be a girl,i fed her,played with her a little and cleaned up any poops she had  
      Then she grew up to a toddler and i was really happy because that means she can go to her town or go to other towns so i went to the store and played the some games and fed her some yummy stew and cream puffs and i called her bubble cuz she looks so happy and bubbly!
      that's all for now i will bring her to my moms and take pics of her if she is still alive!
    • By KeroPyontchi
      July 19th, 2021
      Entry #001 
      Hello and welcome to KeroPyontchi's new-and-improved Tamagotchi log! 
      This is Mochi. She is the third generation of three girls in a row on this v3 here. She is also the third Tamatchi I have gotten in a row! Nonetheless, I am determined to take good care of her because her grandmother was a Masktchi, and her mother a Warusotchi (pineapple looking gal), both considered "horrible" care adults. 13 year old me would be shaking right now! Maybe now that I know other Tamaparents are reading this it'll push me to take better care of mine. A log with only the worst care characters over and over would be way too repetitive and boring.

      (Please excuse any formatting issues as I get the hang of this again)  
      I'm currently on the hunt for the next Tamagotchi or virtual pet to add to my collection rebuild. There's a lot to consider here in terms of budget, what version to get, where to buy from, ect. I'm not in a hurry to rebuild my collection too quickly since I know I'm an impulsive person. I also have some sort of color Tamagotchi back at my parent's house, I'll have to look back on my old logs to see what version it is, and maybe I can run that one too!
      Not really much else to say today, I'll update tomorrow when Mochi evolves. 
      Until next time, thanks for reading  ₍˶ˆ꒳ˆ˶₎✼:♡*゚✿ 
    • By rjalda100
      Hello! It's been quite some time since I last logged here or was even active at all but I've decided to resume logging with something I've been wanting to try again for a while.
      I'm not sure how many people remember my first log (it was back in 2016, after all), but quite a bit of it centered around a V3 I was raising as an oldie. I ended up keeping that V3 alive for well over a (human) year, and for quite a bit now have been wanting to try it again. I actually did do it last year with one of my V2s, an Ojitchi named Ricky who accidentally died at age 105. Well now, I'm ready to raise another oldie. I chose this tropical V2 to house it:

      I chose that tama because it is already pretty worn, and when I run oldies I take them everywhere with me. So I won't have to worry about this one getting scratched up or faded because it already is. I initially was going to reset it and start fresh, but I last left off with a Ginjirotchi on it and Ginjirotchi is one of my all time favourite characters. I couldn't possibly bear to reset one. So instead I married her off and her baby boy will be the future oldie:

      I'm thinking of naming him Ricky, which is also what my previous V2 oldie was named. Ricky the 1st lived to be 105, so maybe Ricky the 2nd can have even better luck! For now there's not much to be done with this tama, but I'll be back to update again once he is left on his own.
    • By tamakuro;;
      not a big deal to most, but when i was a kid i just could never manage to keep my tamagotchis alive long enough to get them married, not to mention i only found out what 'bonding' was halfway through the first generations teenage hood; so on the first day of the second generation i spent hours getting the bonding to 100%!
    • By KareliaTheTama
      Hey gang, I'll make this short.
      Recently, I got myself an Entama (it's the shell design below, PLUS the beads which are easily the best part) after not knowing where my 4.5 was for ages because I wanted to play again, and uh.. the version one rereleases are pretty good but you basically have to let them die after a while, and I do not have the heart for that. Eh well.

      I do not speak or read a lick of Japanese, so this'll be fun.
      So, introducing.. AKIRA! Or, as it's put into the system, あきら.

      <-- he started life looking like this lil' fella (Kuchiotchi) and due to the way the Entama characters work, his appearance was pretty much set. I guess I have a soft spot for Kuchis now.

      In less than a day, he got these stubby lil legs, and looked like a takoyaki! He also started preschool and learned to dance. By this time I'd already started training him in the Kindness GUTS points so he'd get the right teacher as a teen.

      A couple of days ago, he grew into a Young Kuchipatchi (guess I took good care of him?) and earned the privilege of arms. He started school in Kindness, still grinding those GUTS points. I also got him a trampoline which he really likes. Thank all that is holy for the continued existence of the EnWarehouse program or I wouldn't have been able to get most if any of the right stuff. Man, I miss TamaTown every day of my little life. I don't do much anymore to note, but he did come with me for groceries.

      When I woke up this morning, my young lad evolved into a full grown Kuchipatchi! Ah, they (literally) grow up so fast. He still goes to school at the moment, but soon he'll have to get job hunting. Hoping for the Onsen job but I think he'll do just fine in anything he does. Then, it'll be time to find a partner. Oh man, they get so big so quick..
      Well, that's all for Mr. Akira for now. He says "hello" and to have a nice day.
    • By Erilies
      Hey everyone! It's been a while hasn't it? Seriously, I can't believe the last time I was on this site I was 17 years old whew time sure flies by! I recently went back to my Tamagotchi M!x after watching a Tiktok lol so I figured I would start a new tamagotchi log here.! So! Let me introduce you to my Tamagotchi~ I'm hoping to later bring back my other Tamagotchis but I need batteries rip 
      Name: Alice
      Type: Bellchi
      Stage: Baby
      Gender: Female
      Happiness: Cyan
      Apparently Alice wants to be a bit of a pain in the butt because as soon as she hatched she decided she would be depressed and wouldn't stop untill I gave her a bunch of sweets....and then after that proceeded to begin going to the bathroom every 5 seconds.  

      Then before I knew it though she grew up into Bellchi! Admittedly I didn't take the best care of her cuz most of the time she was a baby I was pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to connect it to the M!x website (I eventually figured it out but apparently Bellchi cannot identify flowers for the life of her). Luckily I actually quite like Bellchi cuz she is pretty cute! Nice to have a reminder of the old Tamagotchi log I did like 4 years ago now. Anyway, sorry this log was rather short, I started Alice up fairly late so unfortunately she has decided it's time to sleep no but I'll try keep this updated as much as I can!