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Tamatown has shut down AGES ago.

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Everyone knows that has shut down, except for ONE user:Pink Hippopotamus . He/She claims the site has not shut down and it worked for her.Me in a nutshell: :o .after I knew it was fake news: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: WHY THE TRUCK DID YOU DO THIS?!

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Uh... Sometimes people lie on the internet. Nothing you can do. Not sure how are we supposed to answer to this to be honest.

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Guys I have great news for you and TamaTown. Check out my amazing creation. Only the English language works and you have to pick v3 or v4.

See this topic on the TamaTalk forums: 



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Added link to "TamaTown is Back" topic

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    • By KidRetro64
      I'm currently procrastinating over the "Project Tamatown" situation I put myself in. For the last 3 hours I've been messing around with what use to be tamatown, but I've basically gone nowhere. You've got pngs, source codes and a pretty neat wallpaper ( That I'll put in the comments if I can ) and some other little bits and bobs. But that's it. All the files that I know how to get are unless.
      But that's my point. First, I tried all the links like " Revived Tamatown" or " New Tamatown" and others like that. And none of them work for me! ( By that I mean my computer says " Safari can't open this page because the server is not responding".) 
      So, I'm wondering if anyone has a stable link for some reminiscence of Tamatown ( Preferably some games or V3 related files ) that me and other Tamagotchi-fans can use and enjoy. I was too late to the Tamagotchi fandom to be able to enjoy tamatown, so I'd absolutely love to experience the website.
    • By TheYatagarasu
      OK, so, the app tells you that different food combinations will net you different characters as your Tamas grow, and I`m wondering just how this system works!
      I`ve fed two Tamas a fruit-only diet so far (apple and orange) and got Omutsutchi --- Hoshitchi ---- Nikatchi ---- Chamametchi, both times. Now, on a sushi-only diet, so far I`ve had Futabatchi --- Hoshitchi --- Hinatchi --- (we`ll see!)
      Fellow Tamagotchi caretakers, I need your help: post your Tamagotchi`s growth stages here, along with any notable staples of their diet (or exceptions!). I`m gonna get a spreadsheet going and see if we can eventually find anything interesting!
      Let's work together to figure out this app! (The fun, Sherlock Holmes kinda way, not the "get all the code and tell the world" way.)
    • By Tinkalila
      Software engineer and dedicated tamagotchi fan Luc Rubio is working to reconstruct all versions of TamaTown and make them available on the website linked above. I found this from Tama-Palace on Tumblr, here's a link to their comprehensive post on this:
      Rubio is detailing his progress on this project on his GitHub page:
      This is really exciting news! I made a status update a few months back asking, "I recently discovered that even though Club Penguin has been removed by Disney, many people are hosting rewritten versions of it on private servers. Is there any reason that somebody hasn't done this with any of the versions of TamaTown, especially the TamaGo one? I miss those so much!" I'm so happy that this is actually being done. What are your thoughts?
    • By pinkbutterflies
      I found a folder full of my old Tamagotchi things from 2007. I was super into tamas and especially keeping up with family lines. As I looked through all of the vacation pictures I'd printed, I was disappointed for a moment thinking I wouldn't remember their names- only to find I'd kept a list of each family member I'd taken on vacation and printed out.
      I thought it was a cool blast from the past (maybe just for me though lol) and didn't know where to post this. The family line featured in these pictures is actually still kickin' on my v4.5- I haven't run it in years, but I'm on generation 32 or something. I got bored of it when I couldn't seem to stop repeating the same characters over and over- perhaps a curse of running one for so long.

      I remember the story of that hand drawing, and for explanation, I was in 5th grade and running my V2 (my first tama). A lot of girls in my class also had tamas, and we'd have them all get married if they were the same age. My friend and I had ours mate, and then she connected with our other friend. That connection error happened where it glitches on one side but the tama still visits the other- and her tamagotchi actually had three sons (the twins with mine and then a third boy with our other friend). I never would've remembered that happening without the drawing, s/o to 2005 me.
      Lastly, those charts were not mine but I included them for nostalgia's sake. I really liked looking at them as a kid and could never seem to find them online again. I used a lot of printer ink, that's for sure.
      EDIT: didn't realize Photobucket now charges a large sum to embed. Yikes. I'm so glad the photos even worked in the preview so they could bait-and-switch. Added the pics I refer to
    • By parapadarappa333
      I found some SWFs of Tamatown V4!!!!1vwBiDyS!SyjPOhuZlurpd_wY7zWmRg
    • By SA311
      A couple of years ago, I posted some topics with links to the games that could be played on the old Japanese TamaTown pages:
      e-Tamago. Ura TamaTown. Tamagotchi School. Tama & Earth EXPO.  
      Unfortunately, it seems like the games cannot be played anymore on a browser...
      I am posting this so you know that in order to play now, you would need to download a program that can play .swf files.
      Any program should do, but the one that I use is called SWF Player, which is fairly easy to use.

      I hope you find this helpful, and ask me if you have any questions!