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Virtual pets with short run-times

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Life gets busy sometimes, but you might still want to run a virtual pet during that time. A number of vintage virtual pets have fairly short pre-determined lifespans, and I figured that I'd try to make a start on getting some of them catalogued here.


The three that I know of so far with short lifespans are the Dinkie pets, the MGA pets, and Hitorikko pets.


Dinkie pets have a lifespan of 11 days. The 11th day is simply used to show an animation depicting the good or bad final result of your care, so only ten of those days are actually interactive. The virtual pet then passes on once day 11 ends, and you then see the gravestone animation.


MGA pets have a lifespan of 9 days. Similar to the Dinkie pets, the 9th day shows a "Bye Bye" animation and the virtual pet's statistics, so only eight days of the run-time are interactive.


Hitorikko pets have a lifespan of 8 days. I don't own one of these, but I'm aware that they ape the Dinkie pets, so I'm going to guess that the 8th day might show an animation, because that's what the Dinkie pets do.


Please contribute if you know of any more virtual pets with short lifespans!

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Dragon Quest Slime! I haven't fully tested everything on this one, but the lifespan is about 3-5 days in my experience, because it's based on where you walk in the gameworld (since it's got a pedometer in it). They're also super low-maintenance and have a good diversity of things to do and see. TBH, I'm honestly not sure what ends up doing mine in when I run it, so maybe the runtime can be much longer, but it seems like with good care it generally passes on a day after it's 2nd adult evolution.

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