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Alright so, I'm not very good at telling things apart at first glance, especially not Mini's and Original P1/P2s. There's this listing on eBay, and I can't tell if it's a mini or a P1. It has the same shell as a few minis ive seen but I know that minis are based on the original tamagotchi's, so I'm not sure. Also, since they're photos on eBay, i can't physically discern the size of the listed tamagotchi vs a tamagotchi mini. This listing itself is probably a P1/P2, as it has 1997 on the back, but sometimes listings don't include photos of the back, so.


How can I tell the difference between a Tamagotchi P1/P2 and a Tamagotchi Mini?


I mainly ask because I want to know for future reference even though I can tell in this particular scenario so I don't have to worry too hard about it on a later date and can solve the mystery on my own. Does anyone know an effective way to tell P1/P2s apart from Mini's without using size?

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You can show us a picture and we will probably know.

As for visible differences, I'd say that Minis seem more "round" and seem to have a slightly smaller screen-to-shell ratio?

Also the packages are different, if that helps.

P1/P2's usually come in packages like this: (USA)

Or this:

img_0753_resized_by_tamagotchiocean-dbjf (Japan)

While Minis come in a white blister, which is based on the European release- European releases are the rarest of the three and usually come for way more than USA/Japanese versions.

That's how the European release P1 looks like, notice that it's not necessarily a blister:

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Thank you! I'll probably just post a picture and ask for help in the future if I really can't tell, but I don't want to bother people with it every time I come across one I just can't make out, y'know? Anyways thank you so much! :wub:

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The other big tell that I've seen is that if you can see the item icons on the packaging or a screenshot, then it's not a Mini. Also, if there's any characters from the P2, since the mini only has characters from P1.

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I just want to add to what Jhud says about packaging: The Japanese version of the 20th Anniversary Tamagotchi Mini actually comes in a replica of the Japanese packaging from 1996. The big tell in that case is that, as far as I know, the Mini has a different copyright year printed at the bottom of the packaging. (The same goes for the "Shuku 20 Shunen" P1 and P2 replicas, too.)

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