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Crinkle in Screen?

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I'm looking for Tamagotchi's to buy and this particular listing is a V4.5. It has a crinkle in the screen? It's really confusing me... I'm concerned about it, and if it means anything or not.


I don't know if you can really see it from here, and I've been looking at this listing for days waiting for the seller to return from vacation so I could make an offer and I just noticed it. It's in the lower lefthand corner of the screen. What do you guys think that is?


Overview; I've been looking at this tamagotchi listing for a while and just noticed a crinkle in the screen. What is it and is it safe to purchase? Thanks!

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That might just be a crack in the screen. Should still be perfectly functional, and if its just a crack on the outside screen cover, you could potentially replace it with a screen from either a broken tama or even a fake.

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      I have taken apart and repaired Tamagotchis in the past, so if anyone has any suggestions on how I might be able to fix this, let me know. It might just be a connection issue where something inside isn't making a strong enough connection to the screen to display the pixels. I would like to see if anyone has had a similar problem and solution before I open it without knowing exactly what to do.
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