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Dinkie Dino Digimon?

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Hey, I can't tell if this is a real Dinkie Dino or not? The seller SAYS they were never released and they were given as arcade prizes but like- it's got the digimon like- rectangle casing? Not even the normal Dinkie casing?


Here it is and an image for the sake of, if it gets taken down or whatever so others can see it in the future I guess (I see a lot of posts where ppl have linked eBay listings and theyre taken down so I can't tell if what I'm looking at is a fake or not)



The seller also has a variety of other colors too. Is it- real? I don't... I mean the PACKAGING looks legit but I don't, know much when it comes to this stuff so...


Anyone know if it's legit and what it is compared to a normal Dinkie Dino?

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That shell is a common casing that used to be used for however-many-in-1 brick-games, which usually have a Tetris knock-off, racing-games, shooting games, and so on. The images on it - a UFO, a rocket-ship, and what looks like stacks of bases from Space Invaders - are typical of such products, as well. I would hazard a guess that that's what this item actually is.


To the best of my knowledge, this casing was not used for a variant of the Dinkie Dino. And there's no reason for it to have been - they designed their own custom casing for the Dinkie Dino, so why would they use a generic brick-game shell for it?


The Dinkie Dino has been bootlegged a lot, and its packaging has also been copied for a lot of bootlegs, too. That said, I don't know if this item is a bootleg, or if the auction details are correct. I've never seen such a thing before. I would've expected a different product-code, though, but this uses the same one as the original Dinkie Dino ("TK-910").

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