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Good evening everyone!

My tamagotchi nano arrived today, and since there are not many logs or topics dedicated to those teeny tiny tamas, I thought it was worth starting a separate log on it. So, here we go!


I went to the post office around around 12:30 to receive a letter from France. Afterwards, I walked to the nearby park, sat on a bench and opened it. It was wrapped neatly with a cute "thank you" note stuck on it. The egg was so tiny, more than I expected. I always thought that the P1/P2 were so small but this was significantly smaller than that, and round. Reminded me of some eggs of small birds. I had brought some LR44 batteries in my bag, so I pressed the button on the back with a pen, opened it and put them inside. I have to say that the beeping is kind of softer and more "melodic" than the Connections' and vintages', but also pretty low, so if you keep your tamagotchis in your bag it may be a bit hard to hear sometimes. I heard it just fine when at home, but outdoors it can go unnoticed.


Anyway, a bouncy egg appeared on the screen right after:




Now, many people say that the screen is set too deep inside, but I don't find it that deep. I was expecting it to be way more sunken in. It's just a bit difficult to capture in photos because it's very reflective and so small that you have to do macro-photography. :P


A minute after, it hatched into an adorable beaked tangerine. It was white, which means it's a boy, as I've heard.


C0HnhQa.jpg qCgUdqX.gif


He was jumping up and down like that, looking rather happy, but when I pressed the C button, which I guess in the nano is the equivalent of asking "hey how are you" he made a dizzy face. :P So I fed him 4 bowls of rice - tried to feed him a fifth but he didn't accept it. He also got 2 candies for being such a cute fruit and I played the game a couple of times. The game is pretty fun compared to the P1/P2 games. Then I pressed the C button again to ask him if he's satisfied and he came closer making happy faces and beeps. I put him in a small coin purse and back in my bag, and went on with my day, while checking on him way too often, in the meantime: turns out that, especially for a baby, he's not needy at all. I think in all the day he only pooped twice, and he didn't even get sick once.


I took him out in the bus to play the game a few more times, and just because he was way too cute to keep inside the bag, and even took him with me to the library, where I went to study.



However, I didn't feed him any snacks or meals. Approximately 5 hours after he hatched, I was in the dentist's office for my boyfriend, so I took him out while in the waiting room. He had a poop next to him and while he was still bouncing happily, when I pressed the C button he looked dizzy. I fed him 4 meals and checked again. He turned his back on me, so I fed him another 3 candies and played a couple of games. I also decided to name him Sky.




Sky devouring candy in the dentist's office: THUG LIFE.


At 8 o 'clock I heard some beeping from my bag and saw Sky had already laid down in his bed, neatly covered by a blanket. I turned off the light and let him sleep. That was his first day of life. I'm extremely curious to see how he will evolve tomorrow. To be continued! :wub:

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Looking forward to this!

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Day 2:


In the morning, Sky woke me up, TWICE. First time I heard the beep I thought he was evolving, because it sounded different than what I was used to. However, he looked just like yesterday - a round little blob with a beak and a leaf. And he was really unhappy, so I fed him three or four snacks and went back to sleep. I don't even remember what time it was because I was super sleepy, so even though I had promised to myself I'd remember it and not it down, this didn't happen. :P I didn't attempt to feed him any meals because I wanted him to get hungry, to check if the snack option fills the hunger meter too, besides the happy. I read that if you only feed it snacks during the toddler stage, it turns into Spacytchi, so it must fill both meters, right? Otherwise it would die of hunger, cause I've also read that they can die at this stage of life. However, when he beeped again and I tried to fulfill his electronic belly with snacks, he kept acting hungry. So I fed him four good old bowls of rice and got out of bed, since it was already past 10.


I spent some time taking pictures of him, as he was close to evolving and it was my last chance to capture him as a little blob.




For example, here you see him dancing with a poop. :P





And here he is hanging out with the other saplings - the baby peppers me and my boyfriend planted the other day on the balcony.


I played some games with him and mastered spelling T A M A G O T C H I by catching the letters. It's not that difficult, and after spelling it twice, the game ends with a happy tama. But if you do badly (like, catch only one or two letters), the tama looks sad. After some time of being left in my bag, I checked on him again. 24 hours since his hatching had already passed.


I was super happy to see that, because I love Kutchipatchi, he's one of my favourites. So, from now on, Sky will be a Kutchipatchi. I missed his evolving animation cause I'm terrible at logging, sorry guys.




Isn't he cute? :wub:


I think this was very much to be expected. I didn't give him perfect care, as I let his hungry and happy meters empty twice and fed him quite a few snacks. But also I didn't give him bad care, as I didn't let him starve for a long time or become sick.


Later, he came with me to my mother's house, where I took another nap for a couple of hours (yes I slept way too much today) and found him hungry and with two poops by his side. This is a low maintenance tamagotchi, but not as much so to be forgotten in a bag. I'd say it's about as needy as a Connection adult. I fed him four meals and four snacks, even though he didn't look unhappy. I think he is a bit chubby by now. Bad thing is that, as there is no notification icon, I don't know how much time it passed since the missed beeping, and he is almost always muted in my bag, as I go out and around. But I have never seen him do the "downhearted" animation or become sick, so I think he doesn't have any care misses to this point.


He fell asleep at 10 o 'clock.



Goodnight! :wub:

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Day 3:


Today was a busy day, as I went to the beach and then took the bus to Athens. I didn't have much time to play or to take pictures of Sky, but I will do a quick update. He is still an adorable Kuchipatchi of course, and I love his animations, especially the face he does when he doesn't accept any more food. :D He spent most of the time on mute, but I was checking on him pretty regularly. I can say he pooped twice today and wasn't too needy. I don't know how much time he will stay with me, so I just take one day at a time, enjoying watching his cute looks and trying to take good care of him. I hope I will have him for many days to come. When I finally arrived home, I played a lot of games with him, cause I had fed him lots of snacks the whole morning and I think playing games counts as better care.


One strange thing happened though, and I will try to document it more precisely in the future: Sky beeped for no apparent reason. He was in my bag but I couldn't check at him at the time and I clearly heard the beeping. After some time, I checked at him but he was neither hungry nor unhappy. He had just pooped. Isn't it strange? I know he doesn't make a sound when he poops, so it wasn't because of that. And my bag was not on me, so I couldn't have pressed something accidentally. Maybe he needs some kind of discipline, or he does random beeps like the Tamagotchi Friends? Who knows? I'd read the instruction manual, but unfortunately it is in japanese. Tomorrow I will try to mute him less, to see if it happens again.


By the way, I managed to note down what time he wakes up: at 7. So he sleeps for 9 hours, which is normal for a cute chubby tama. ^_^


I've grown quite fond of this little tamagotchi, so much that I'm thinking about ordering a crochet case for it. I can't decide on the colours though, so if you wanna give me ideas, bring them on! I've thought of a dark blue one, with a little moon on the front flap, as I love moons and the night sky. Also anything nature themed, like a green one with some leaves? I don't know yet.


I'm closing this update with a picture of sleeping tama on my Snoopy lyrics and chords notebook. :D




See you tomorrow! :lol:

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Fuzzy and Chic has some cute chibi covers, and I think she does custom requests too. Or maybe crochet one yourself and whack a cute patch on the back? Or you could embroider in constellations like here.





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Fuzzy and Chic has some cute chibi covers, and I think she does custom requests too. Or maybe crochet one yourself and whack a cute patch on the back? Or you could embroider in constellations like here.

Oh my god, those are adorable, although a little too fuzzy for my taste. :D I love the constellations... Sometimes I embroider this kind of things on my bags.


Now, to the log!


Day 4:


It's morning here, so I'm writing about yesterday. ;)

So, my Kuchipatchi woke up happy as always, I fed him some rice bowls and played the game a few times too. Then we headed to some boring bureaucratic errands. He was hanging from my bag, but I quickly realized it wasn't a good way to carry him around, as the chain is very delicate and opens pretty easily, letting him fall on the floor. Fortunately, those little things are pretty tough and nothing happened. I'm gonna say it was a weird day, cause I almost had a panic attack and I had such a long time to have one. I forgot that the capital is full of my one and only trigger for them - wide open spaces. In my hometown I can almost forget about it, but walking around the capital can be a nightmare, depending on the route. Anyway, I was feeling silly and useless, and I can't say that having a happy tamagotchi around helps a lot, but well, I thought that playing with tamagotchis is another thing I feel self conscious about sometimes, being told that it's too childish etc, so afterwards I looked at the tama and thought "who cares". I kind of accepted myself more, I proudly hang him from my bag and said to myself that it's ok to have drawbacks and bad days and that it's not the end of the world. I went on with my day.


On the long walk home, I decided to take some pictures of Sky with flowers (don't ask why :P ), to show you some of the faces he does.




Kuchipatchi kisses!


Also the mystery of the random beeps was solved! I saw that when he is happy and full he randomly beeps and comes up to the screen to show happinesss, which is very cute indeed.




I spent the afternoon in the library, studying, with my little buddy hanging out in front of the screen of my laptop. He sits nicely there, but of course I mute him, just in case he decides to beep.




Looks like archaeology makes him happy. :P


On the more practical side, I think he pooped 3 times, could be 4. He makes another cute animation before pooping but I didn't manage to catch it on camera. Kind of like the connections do, but I don't think you can press the A button and send him to the toilet - this or I didn't manage to do it on time. I never let his hungry hearts drop to zero, basically because I love the "I don't need more food" animation.




However, I let his happy hearts deplete once, cause I don't know when they are full. He accepts candy even if they are full and I don't want to overfeed him with them, and the game, however fun, is time consuming. But he's fine. I still haven't seen the "downhearted" animation and I'm partially tempted to neglect him a bit, to see how it looks like.


That was all for yesterday! Have a nice day and see you soon!

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Sorry to hear about your bad day, it takes courage to go against convention so I think it's rather brave of you to wear your tama about. I really love the shots of Sky hanging out in different places.

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Very very short updates for yesterday and today, as I'm studying for tomorrow's exam and I don't have time to write long texts and take pics...


Day 5


I decided to neglect Sky to see if he'd make the "downhearted" animation, but it was already evening. He got his happy hearts empty but I couldn't just let him go to bed unhappy so I fed him some candies and played the game. Isn't it strange how one can get attached to an electronic pet... I was thinking about it lately. Anyway, I decided to make a care mistake deliberately, so I turned off the lights 30' late. In the morning, he looked just fine, so I don't even know if this counted as a care mistake.


Day 6


My first exam is tomorrow and I'm nervous. At noon I fed and played with Sky, who is a happy little Kuchipatchi as always, but then muted him and put him in my bag next to the couch where I'm studying. I won't feed or play with him, which makes me feel a bit bad, but he will suffer for science. :P I clean his poops, nevertheless. It's raining outside and I love the sounds. Usually I consider myself a summer person but those days I miss autumn and winter - and it's only the middle of June.

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Day 7


Good morning people!


I don't have much to update, as I'm trying to neglect poor little Sky for the purpose of seeing when he is going to do the "downhearted" (that's what tamagotchi wiki calls it) animation with the three lines next to his head. This has been going on since yesterday afternoon. I only clean poop, although at night I let him sleep with a poop next to the bed and lights on. I feel like a really bad tama mom, but I don't see anything changing. Tamagotchi wiki says that he should make this animation when a care mistake occurs, which is clearly not the case. The only thing I've noticed is that he has stopped beeping randomly to show happiness, but sometimes he beeps and turns his back to me with a bubble next to his head, to show me that he's upset, or makes a dizzy face to show me that he's hungry. That's a good feature, since there is no visible hungry or happy meter, so the tamagotchi notifies you more than once. So maybe the care mistakes also work differently than the Connections (where there is a care miss every time you don't respond within 15'). I have no clue, maybe it works like the ID, which I never owned or looked into. Most of the time, though, he is still going left and right on the screen, sometimes jumping around happily; I guess he is still trying to cope with the neglect and doesn't let it depress him too much. :P Honestly, I'm getting a bit bored, but I want to see if the neglect has any impact on his health or lifespan.


For the record, he is already 6 days old (with 3-4 hours of accidental pausing).




Sky making the dizzy face with wide-open beak, in front of my ukulele. I'm taking a break from studying to update the log and play some music. I'll take him with me to my exam for moral support. :P

Edited by Iza
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Try not turning the lights out at night, I usually get the downhearted animation on my gudetama nano from doing that.

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Try not turning the lights out at night, I usually get the downhearted animation on my gudetama nano from doing that.

I did that, still nothing. I'll do it again to see...

By the way, is it true that you have to neglect gudetama as part of the game? It sounds depressing. :P

Edited by Iza
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Not sure about that, but it has a pretty short lifespan (~13 days).

Edited by Eggiweg

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Day 7


The only thing I've noticed is that he has stopped beeping randomly to show happiness, but sometimes he beeps and turns his back to me with a bubble next to his head, to show me that he's upset, or makes a dizzy face to show me that he's hungry.


He just made a happy animation, that makes no sense. :huh: He makes sad, hungry AND happy animations. So, I guess that the happy animations are just standard, and the hungry and sad animations just add to them.

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Day 8


Hello there!


I passed the exams (yay :D ) so here's a more detailed (last) one:


Today I woke up really really early - boyfriend woke me up as he was going to work and I could't get back to sleep. So I waited for my little tama to wake up. I left him with lights turned on again, just to see if his animations would change. When he woke up, Sky looked just fine, as always, pooped and looked rather happy. He did some sad and hungry animations but that was it. But after around one hour he turned his back on me and four lines appeared next to his head: he was clearly upset.






He also made a couple sad and hungry faces and returned to his downhearted mood. I wanted to see if he'd also continue to do the happy animation every now and then, which would be really odd, considering that he looked really sad all the time, but I had to go out. I put him in the bag, not muting him, but I'm not sure I could hear him at all times, so I don't know if he did it; probably not. I also kind of wanted to see the leaving animation and the goodbye letter, to understand which letter was the "bad ending" and to see if you can bring a tama back when it's preparing the tiny suitcase so I continued being a sadist to him. I thought the "downhearted" phase would last longer, so I muted him when I entered my mother's workplace. However, as I was leaving I heard a familiar beep. I looked at the tama and saw the clock screen at setting mode. I thought "oh not again, he's accidentally paused" but when I set the correct time, I saw a new egg on the screen. The reset button couldn't have been pressed accidentally as it is set quite deep. So, the "downhearted" phase lasted roughly 4 hours, after 1,5 day of total neglect (besides cleaning poop), then Sky quickly decided to pack his stuff and leave forever, and I missed the leaving animation. Ahhhhh. Ok. I'm terrible at logging, once again. :P


I'm not sure if I want to hatch another egg on the nano now, or start up my V2 for the summer hatch. Or the nano for the summer hatch. I kinda want to experiment more with it, cause I didn't get to understand all the mechanics during Sky's short life. :P We will see!

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Hey there! I decided to hatch a second egg, since I wasn't done figuring out how the nanos work. So, here we go:


Day 1




Two eggs bouncing - I also hatched my V2, which is going to be the guest star of this log, I guess. And yes, I have a thing for night sky designs. ^_^ It was... I think 9 or 10 in the morning.




Those two boys hatched, and this picture has the sole purpose of showing off my pancake making abilities. :P The nano, I decided to name Cherry and the V2 June.




I decided to try and make Cherry evolve into Spacytchi, so I only feed him candy and I don't play with him. I don't know if playing or not makes a difference but I don't, just to be sure. I hope he doesn't die before the end of my experiment. After he evolves (to whatever he evolves into) I'm planning to try to keep him around for as long as I can.

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Day 2


Good morning!

So, the process of turning Cherry into a Spacytchi ended up in this:




Which probably means that you can't only feed a tamagotchi snacks during the toddler stage. The "only snacks" rule should probably mean that you have to not play any games with it, which makes sense because the rule to get Melodytchi when you have a girl, is to play many many (40+) games with her. However, I didn't put this in test, cause I pressed the "game" button accidentally, so my experiment was ruined. Instead, I hatched another egg, which turned to be a girl tama! I decided to try for Melodytchi this time, and I didn't name her at all, cause I knew I didn't like this character that much... However, in the name of tamagotchi science, I spent a lot of time playing (and finishing) 40 whole games with her.


And voila!




It works! Otherwise, I think she had received average care. Not perfect, but not bad either. Let her hearts dropped once, but tended her fairly quickly, then she was in my bag and I was checking on her sparsely.




I don't really like how she looks like a tiny human. Too many accessories, even earrings and a hat. I don't get how the earrings are on her cheeks though, the ears are on top of her head. :P Or is this just a cat hat? And she makes a blinking animation, eh reminds me of a posh female Mametchi or something. Maybe I'm preoccupied, lol




(Bad gif, I know, but videos from my phone turn out like that. -_- )


I think I'm gonna reset it.


Meanwhile, June is enjoying life:



Edited by Iza
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No pictures today, I'm busy as always with exams. I'm still running both the V2 and the nano, trying to figure out how to get Spacytchi. I've tried two methods: 1) I didn't play any games but fed both meals and snacks normally. Forgot to turn off the lights. Got Kuchipatchi. 2) Didn't play any games, didn't feed any meals, only gave snacks, cured sickness and turned the lights off on time. Got Kikitchi. The rule for Spacytchi is supposed to be "feed only snacks", but apparently that's not the (only) requirement. Anyway, I don't care that much, I enjoy taking care of tamagotchis more than figuring out how to get specific characters, so I try to take good care of them and bringing them around with me. If I get Spacytchi by accident, it will be a nice surprize. ;) For now though, I have a baby girl ;)

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      Yellow Lost Desert Aisha Pocket Neopet. Female, amed Angel2 after my original toy, Angel, which was my very first digital pet and I lost it somewhere ;w;. Currently working on getting the last trophy, Copy Cat. Faerieland Deluxe Pocket Neopet. Currently only running the Shoyru, as I have learned from experience that trying to do all 3 WILL result in care misses and game over's. Also, Shoyru > Uni/Poogle, FITE ME. Female, named Mariel, I only have 1 trophy so far, for Cirrus Drop. I also have a account, golden_dragon_111, and a purkle Aisha, just as a footnote, if you want to neofriend me. Won't be mentioned here other than to transfer the trophy codes once obtained. THE OTHERS:
      Things without batteries for various reasons
      Series 2 NanoPuppy. Battery lid has cracked and I need to fix that. Also, it keeps dying because I can't figure out how to pause it? I guess the original version had a trick where you could go into the clock and just not set it and that would pause it but it doesn't seem to work on mine. Littlest Pet Shop Digital Bunny. This is a game more than a pet, you don't really take care of it. Not entertaining enough to get one of my limited rechargeable 2032's. Hot Pink My Meebas. BUYING THIS WAS A MISTAKE. It lives on a shelf. If I didn't have to jimmy it open with a butter knife maybe it would be used as a fancy snack holder. But it will never again have batteries.
    • By iTamannadi
      Hello everyone 
      And welcome to my first log! 
      I’ve been reading some amazing logs of the members and that got me excited to start one for my Tamas and show you all how I take care of them. 
      This log will include the Tamas I'm running, not necessarily one just so no one get confused 
      I will try and post daily, if not it’s going to be every two or three days.
      I hope you guys enjoy and if there’s anything you would like to add or say please leave a comment