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Using Nokia 3310 for Tama Ps Patches?

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I recently bought an old Nokia 3310 to patch my Tamagotchi Ps into english, but the phone is saying I need a SIM card? Do I need to go out and purchase a SIM card in order to use this phone and patch my tama? Or is there a way around this?

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Yes- you will need to.

Do you think the patching will work with 4Us? My grandad has a nokia (he now has an IPhone 6s) so do you think so?

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It means it is sim locked. I think you can get away with using an used sim card if you can find one (one that doesn't have a data plan attached).


Yes- you will need to.
Do you think the patching will work with 4Us? My grandad has a nokia (he now has an IPhone 6s) so do you think so?

Not at all... 4U uses NFC, not IRDA.

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